I Stepped on A Bee!

5 Minutes Tapping = No Swelling, No Pain

By Angela Treat Lyon

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A while ago, I was out watering my garden - barefoot, as usual - and stepped on a bee with the instep of my foot. I could feel the sharp sting and an immediate zinging in my foot as the venom circulated towards my big toe. It hurt like a son-of-a-gun, but after so many experiences with EFT working on the double, I felt totally comfortable that it could help me once again.

I was in a bit of a hurry because I had to go to a meeting as soon as I was done watering, so I started tapping on my collarbone points. It occurred to me to shoot the cold water at my foot for a bit, so I did that, too, but only for about a minute.

What interested me about it all, as I was tapping, was how relaxed and trusting I felt about EFT being able to completely take the whole thing and make it a non-event - and it did. I think in the past I'd have stopped watering and made a bigger deal of it.

I took out the little stinger, removed the bee to a safer part of the garden, and just tapped stream-of-consciousness like this:

Even though:
I'm so sorry, bee, I didn't mean to hurt you...
I'm so sorry I stepped on you...
my foot is beginning to swell...
it hurts like crazy...
I can feel the numbing pain spreading to my toe and up my instep...
I know it's going to swell up and I won't be able to walk or even put my shoe on that's OK,
I still love and accept myself anyway

Even though:
I'm still really sorry I stepped on you, bee...
I hope you'll forgive me...
there are few enough of you around nowadays...
my foot stings like crazy...
I feel a little crazy...
I feel a little light-headed...
I hope I won't react to this sting ... I might and then I'll waste three days getting back on my feet (!) again that's OK,
I still love and accept myself anyway

Even though:
I stepped on poor bee...
my foot still hurts...
this cold water is helping but not enough...
I feel pretty stupid...
I'm in a hurry...
I wish this hadn't happened...
I can feel the pain receding
BECAUSE I love and accept myself

I find that the Because phrase is really powerful - makes the love and accept part feel stronger, and provides kind of a pivotal statement about why I'm doing the tapping. Rather than tapping to take away a pain or belief, I'm tapping BECAUSE I love and accept myself. I came up with it when I was working with a particularly shy client, and it had the effect of actually jolting him out of his shy-mask in about two seconds (and it has held, too, I might add).

Then I just kept tapping on my collarbone points as I watered and spoke phrases, and felt the pain go down ... until there literally was nothing at all there except a tiny red spot where the stinger had gone in. The next day, there is not one trace of the sting. It never swelled up, the pain disappeared completely - and I went to my meeting with both shoes on!

This all took a grand total of maybe four or five minutes at the very most. It's happened a few times again, with me either bumping into bees or getting mosquito bites, and every single time tapping makes the whole thing disappear completely.

aloha -
Angela Treat Lyon


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© Angela Treat Lyon 2006.

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