Fear of Public Speaking - Client File: Janice

By Linda Fisher-Piccolo, EFT Specialist, Spiritual Counselor, Workshop Presenter

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“Janice” came to see me to help her heal her fear of public speaking. Her bosses at work were adding a task to her job description, and she was now being called upon to stand in front of large groups of her co-workers and subordinates to give a weekly report. Janice was so fearful and full of anxiety about performing this task that she thought she would have to quit her job, which she otherwise liked.

Because it was obvious to me that Janice was extremely nervous just sitting in the chair in my office (meeting me and discussing her concerns), I quickly began to introduce her to the tapping sequence, telling her that I wanted to give her a quick overview of what we’d be doing.

I made my usual comical remarks as I kidded her about the aspects of the routine that may look a little silly, and after just one full round of our “overview,” Janice was visibly calmer.

Then I began my inquiry in the usual manner, asking Janice if she knew when her “fear of public speaking” began, or if she had any idea of what may be at the root of her anxiety.

Janice said that she didn’t really know when it all started, she just knew that she had been fearful about “getting up in front of everyone” for as long as she could remember. So, we started with some of her boldest memories of unpleasant experiences that involved “getting up in front of everyone.”

Janice easily brought to mind a time in high school when she had to give a report in front of the class. She remembered bravely faltering through the experience – she’d hated having to get up in front of everyone, but she knew she had to do it to get the grade, so she just forced herself to torture through it. She remembered that her classmates could tell she was somewhat nervous, but she was sure that no one had any idea of how traumatic this experience really was for her – she kept the enormity of her anguish to herself.

And this was the same kind of feeling she was having at her current job with its new assignment of weekly reporting in front of the large groups. Her co-workers could tell that she was nervous getting up in front of everyone and giving the report, but she was sure that no one knew how truly traumatic the entire experience was for her. And while she did force herself to go through the first of these job related speaking tasks, Janice knew that she could not keep it up on any kind of regular basis – she said she knew that she could not live through the ongoing anxiety, week after week…

So we did a few rounds on the high school memory, as well as a few other (school-age) related memories that easily came to Janice’s mind. We then did a few rounds for her most current experience at her current job.

I knew we weren’t yet dealing with the core wound or root of this issue, but it was very helpful to Janice for us to tap for these various memories and for her to experience and acknowledge the lessening degree of discomfort associated with each of them.

I then began my deeper investigating, allowing Janice to fill in the blanks and to finish my sentences as we tapped the KC point while I interjected various phrases:

“…and I felt ________…”

“…and I’m afraid that…”

“…and I remember feeling just like this when…”

And that’s when I saw it—the look on her face: the light goes on, the eyes widen, the jaw drops—we have just uncovered what may very well be the root…

Janice remembered an incident from kindergarten. Her class was putting on some kind of a pageant – she was in the choir – she was up on stage, in the front row – and she could see all of the parents, including her mom, in the audience. Her teacher, “Miss Reynolds,” was directing the choir, standing in front of the group of children, between them and the on-looking parents.

To this day, Janice does not know WHAT she was doing wrongwas she singing off key?… or was she singing too loud?… or was she singing the wrong words?… to this day she does not know, but she could still very clearly see the looks on the faces of her mom and her teacher – they looked embarrassed and upset with her – they were clearly uncomfortable with whatever it was that she was doing, and to this day she does not know what she was doing wrong

“Oh, I forgot all about that!” Janice exclaimed in a sort of astonished, but happy-we-found-it, kind of way.

We did some EFT rounds on the memory, her confusion, the looks on the faces, her “bad” feelings as she looked at them, and we quickly cleared the event for Janice.

After a short break, we worked further on future events, namely: getting up in front of everyone at work. Janice no longer had the anxiety and feelings of torture when thinking of (or imagining) these occurrences, and she left our 2-hr Session feeling much better about “public speaking.”

I instructed Janice to use EFT if she felt any anxiety returning as she prepared for any “getting up in front of everyone” or “public speaking” experiences, and to certainly let me know if I could be of further service.

Janice emailed me a couple of weeks after our session to let me know that she still feels no anxiety or otherwise negativity getting up in front of everyone and giving her reports. She is very grateful, and she told me that she is even happier at work than ever before. Janice occasionally refers a friend or family member to me for my EFT services, and I understand that she continues to do very well.


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Author's Bio:

Linda Fisher-Piccolo is an EFT / ECM Master and is internationally acclaimed for her Intuitive guidance. Linda passionately dedicates her private practice (Inner Light Services of Sterling Heights, Michigan) to assisting others to awaken to their total health and well-being.

 Message from Linda Fisher-Piccolo: I have been specializing in EFT since the year 2000, when I first discovered its tremendous power, despite its obvious simplicity. Even though I was already a Reiki Master and in the process of becoming a Yuen Method Master (two very good energy healing techniques that certainly have their place), it was EFT that I used to heal my dysfunctional childhood and beyond. So, even though my years of training and experience with other energy work is essential to all that I do, I must credit EFT (and later, EFT / ECM) for providing my self and my clients with the most effective emotional / mental / psychological healing that I have ever come across.

APRIL 2012:  NEW -- GROUP SESSIONS via FREE SKYPE! Open to everyone: newcomers and advanced students alike. Visit website: http://www.LindaFP.com/ecmapplied.htm to view upcoming dates and to register for EFT /ECM APPLIED. All registered students receive my free tapping guide: EFT / ECM on a Page.




Brian John Piccolo
Posted January 30, 2010 12:15 PM

A brillant article from a true healer. Thank you God for such a wonderfule healer as Linda Fisher-Piccolo.


Dona Bilangi
Posted January 30, 2010 01:02 PM

Linda .
This is a perfect article covering the power of EFT and how it can assist someone with debilitating fears that get in the way of living a full and complete life.

Keep up the good work.
Dona Bilangi


Linda F.P.
Posted January 30, 2010 02:17 PM

Thank you, Dona, for your continuing support of the work that I LOVE to do. And, of course, THANK YOU, again, for introducing me to EFT all those years ago -- YOU are a forever friend and colleague!

Love and Peace,


Linda F.P.
Posted January 30, 2010 02:20 PM

Ah, thank you dear Brian; ...it takes one to know one...

Love and Peace,


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