Law of Attraction & the Yellow Couch

By Linda Fisher-Piccolo, EFT Specialist, Spiritual Counselor, Workshop Presenter

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I was presenting a Saturday Workshop on the Basics of EFT at a local church, and one of the attendees was a woman, whom I’ll call “Mary.”

Mary has attended other classes I’ve taught at the church, including a 7-week series entitled “The Art of Deliberate Creation,” which focuses on working in harmony with the Law of Attraction (LOA). I know that EFT and the LOA are a powerful combination, and you will often hear me say that EFT is a necessary tool for working consciously with the universal laws of co-creation.

The Saturday Basic EFT Workshops include a “Borrowing Benefits” (BB) segment in the afternoon, and this is where Mary requested to be a subject volunteer so that I (and the group energy) could help her with a current LOA minor dilemma she was having.

Mary explained that ever since she took my Deliberate Creation class, she felt that she was applying all the principles of conscious co-creation properly, and was, in fact, acknowledging many very positive changes in her life and the things / people / circumstances she was now attracting.

She did, however, have one particular object that she could not seem to manifest, which puzzled her considerably, and she wondered if EFT could bring about the change in energy (vibration) that she knew, of course, was needed in order to manifest her desired goal.

Mary conveyed to us that she had a very nice living room in her home, and that she desired to manifest a beautiful couch to adorn the area. In her mind’s eye, her beautiful couch was a brilliant yellow color, and as she explained in detail how the vibrant hue would compliment the other furnishings in her room, we joined Mary in thought and feeling, envisioning her chosen sofa perfectly decorating her living space.

Mary went on to tell us of the fun she was having visiting local furniture sellers, in search of the beautiful yellow couch that she just KNEW was waiting for her.

She was having fun as she shopped, but she hadn’t yet been able to find what she was shopping for. And although all of the salespersons that Mary came in contact with were eager to assist her, they each ultimately surrendered their hope of making a sale, as they grimly informed her: “They really don’t make them in that color anymore…”, “Well, you’re not going to find one in that color…”

In each of these occurrences, Mary politely thanked them for their time as she exited their store, knowing this was not the place for her…

She would not join them in their limited thinking. She held fast to the KNOWING that she could have the couch of her heart’s desire. And even though she was standing her ground firmly, she was beginning to wonder if somehow she was blocking her own success.

So, at our Saturday workshop, Mary was looking to EFT to provide her with whatever it was that she might be missing.

And after just a couple of rounds of BB tapping for this issue, it was evident to me that Mary was experiencing an insight. She began to depict that familiar-to-me look of a client who is allowing a new awareness to rise to the surface of their consciousness:  the clients’ head tilts to the side, their jaw drops a bit, and they get that faraway look in their eyes as their focus seems to fade off into another world of thought… in another time and place…

This is usually where I will ask the client: “Okay, where’d you go? Where are you now? What are you thinking about?” So these are the types of questions I was posing to Mary then, and she began to slowly nod her head as she articulated her surfacing realization:


Mary recalled growing up in her childhood home, how the living room – and especially the couch – was OFF LIMITS to the children. She could see vivid images in her mind’s eye of her mother strictly forbidding her and her siblings into the room that was predominantly saved for company.

In our Workshop, after having this epiphany, Mary reported being able to really get in touch with her feelings (which had been buried and hidden from her conscious mind) of how having a beautiful couch, at some deep level, actually felt “OFF LIMITS” to her!

This is a fitting example of how our sub-conscious beliefs can be blocking the fruition of the desires we are working to manifest.

So, of course, at our Workshop, we tapped for Mary’s feelings associated with the memory and the issue. At the Reminder Phrase points, I interjected some related, but comical phraseology, just to lighten things up a bit for Mary and the rest of the Workshop attendees. While healing work can be an earnest matter, we don’t always have to be so serious about it. It’s helpful to add a bit of humor, now and then, when appropriate.

After several minutes of applying EFT to Mary’s freshly surfaced, self-sabotaging beliefs about “beautiful couches,” Mary reported feeling much better, much lighter, and significantly more allowing on the subject.

Later that next week, I saw Mary at another class, and she gleefully reported that she had come in contact with her beautiful yellow couch!

Mary told me that the very next day after our Saturday Workshop, she met a woman at church, and in the course of their initial conversation while getting to know one another, her new friend told her of the beautiful yellow couch that she owned and was looking to relinquish!

Mary’s new friend explained that she had been storing the couch in one of her spare rooms, just waiting for the perfect place for it to go next. She even had a photo of the couch in her purse (!), and Mary reports that the picture is very similar to the one Mary had in mind – not exactly like what she had been picturing, but close enough. The two women were to meet at church again the following week to confirm the arrangements for transporting the beautiful yellow couch to its new home in Mary’s living room.

You will often hear me say that EFT is a necessary tool for working consciously with the universal laws of co-creation.


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Author's Bio:

Linda Fisher-Piccolo is an EFT / ECM Master and is internationally acclaimed for her Intuitive guidance. Linda passionately dedicates her private practice (Inner Light Services of Sterling Heights, Michigan) to assisting others to awaken to their total health and well-being.

Message from Linda Fisher-Piccolo: I have been specializing in EFT since the year 2000, when I first discovered its tremendous power, despite its obvious simplicity. Even though I was already a Reiki Master and in the process of becoming a Yuen Method Master (two very good energy healing techniques that certainly have their place), it was EFT that I used to heal my dysfunctional childhood and beyond. So, even though my years of training and experience with other energy work is essential to all that I do, I must credit EFT (and later, EFT / ECM) for providing my self and my clients with the most effective emotional / mental / psychological healing that I have ever come across.

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