My Top Five Tapping Tips

Help increase between-session tapping

By Sandra Kumskov, Dip HSc (Holistic Counselling), CEC, NLP, EFT Adv

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I noticed an interesting trend in my counselling and coaching practice, and I know many other practitioners of trapping therapies notice this as well. I'm sure that people who are tapping their way through their own issues probably notice it too! It is this:

In session, the client gets great results from tapping. The therapist gives the client a diagram and suggests a couple of areas where they could do more tapping between sessions, and the client goes away with the full intention to do that tapping and continue transforming!

But next session, nothing has moved, because the client hasn't tapped at all.

Now much has been written elsewhere about this resistance to tapping, and I think it's all valid. However I have found that a short conversation with my clients about the mechanics of tapping, have improved between-session tapping quite significantly.

What is significant? I consider that if someone goes from never tapping between sessions to tapping once or twice, that is really significant. This hasn't turned people into tapping maniacs, just set their minds at rest and allowed them to use tapping when they remember.

The conversation I have with clients goes like this:

  1. You can’t do it wrong – just do it
  2. It doesn’t matter what order you tap in. We use the order in the diagram because it’s easy to remember and ensures you get all the meridians. But you can tap in any order you like; the body doesn't know the difference between ordered and random, as long as you're putting the energy into your meridian system, and focussing on the issue at hand.
  3. Any tapping is better than no tapping, and all tapping is useful
  4. If you're not sure what words to use, or can't put a label on the feeling in your chest, stomach, or big toe, just focus on the body sensation. The words are useful when we're working with a therapist, but when we're tapping alone, putting attention on the body can often be enough.
  5. You can’t do it wrong. Yes, it bears repeating :)

I hope these tips help feel a little more confident about your own tapping, and with your clients.


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Author's Bio:

Sandy Kumskov works with women who want to get anxiety out of their lives, live in their calm powerful center, and create the lives they love!




Posted February 10, 2010 01:23 AM

Hello MaM,
I am happy that your views clarified my enxiety.
I wonder if as a BENEFACTOR if I could Tap on my own meridians
for Good Effect expected/imparted on to my subject/s,
such as my Wife,
who is not open to my experiments to help her to TAP for self.

Another question is if TAT is also used with EFT will it hamper or add on with results. I trust you welcome all forms of self help techniques.

Pl. note that I run an NGO and helping others is my First love rather than looking for Self Help.

Many times I observed my feelings that if I may succeed to impart desired results to opposite person, without his/her knowledge, to negate/dilute negativity of opposite person..... without a word from my end ...
it could be a huge contribution from my end.

The Fact that People coming in contact with Me... go back with happy notes aquired with or without my counselling, gives me a possibility to help others
where I do the Tapping for others without their knowledge...Is it feasible?

0093430 01821
Bio Activated Energy Mission(NGO)
Bangalore INDIA


Posted February 11, 2010 02:38 AM

Hi Kashore
You can certainly tap on your own meridians, and can easily get good results.

When it comes to tapping on or for others without their permission, I think this gets a little more tricky, because I think we cannot know what other people really want and need, no matter how much we love them, and think we know them - because we cannot know their soul's purpose. However, you can do surrogate tapping and ask for permission to do the tapping from their higher self - and if the answer you get is NO then you must respect, or I think the tapping will not work anyway.

One thing that always works, in my opinion, is to tap for our own reactions to the issues in the people around us - so if your wife is not open to EFT and that upsets you, then tap for yourself being upset about your wife disliking the tapping. It is truly amazing to see and experiences the transformations that are possible for ourselves.

As for using TAT, go for it! I use TAT at times, and PSYCH-K, and Z-Point, and NLP techniques - whatever works, I reckon! It sounds like you've done a lot of study already, so you'll develop your own combinations of techniques, depending on who you work with - and if you do surrogate tapping with the highest intention and the permission of the higher self, I think you could continute to get excellent results. Thank you for posting a comment :)

Warm wishes



Posted February 11, 2010 02:41 AM

HI again Kashore
It occurs to me to mention that I often use ho'oponopono, which is a Hawaiian energy cleansing technique that one uses on oneself - and I frequently do it when I am working with other people, and of course it is without their knowledge, because it is my own energy I am cleansing, but it has a profound impact on the other person too - while my intention is to cleanse only myself.

It would be worth looking into that I think?



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