EFT and Addictions

By Sue Beer

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Sue Beer
Q) Where do I begin using EFT with Addictions?
A) There are 3 important things about beginning to work with addictions.
1) Addictions are 'context bound'. That is, there is always a  context (internal or external) within which the problem behaviour or pattern takes place - a place, a person, a mood, a thought, a particular time. When addiction has a grip it can appear to happen to us, on autopilot, or against our normal will and a first step in its undoing is to become really aware of it through questions such as these:
What exactly are you doing?
Who with?
What for?
And then what?
Each of these questions will give information, thoughts, feelings and possibly physical sensations to begin tapping on. For example;
Even though it always happens when I'm with Lucy…I deeply and completely love and accept myself…"
Even though its somehow connected with that strange feeling in the pit of my stomach…
Even though I have to eat as soon as I get home…
2) Addictions have a purpose. When we are beyond our threshold to cope they are an attempt at a solution to the pain of thoughts such as:
’I am not ok/safe/valuable/loveable/confident enough as I am’…
The problem is that the hope for a solution gets disconnected from the negative consequences - we have to temporarily 'forget' or we wouldn't be able to do the addictive thing again!
Filling in the blanks to the following statement will give you very useful responses to tap on, often an Ahha moment!
Exercise: I have to…..(what?) to…. (feel/be/have what?), and then… (the negative consequence).
For example, a binge drinker might respond like this:
I have to…(drink) to… (feel confident socially)……, and then…..(I feel guilt and remorse)
3) A client needs to know they have a tool  to use between sessions for cravings (check the word "craving" is meaningful, for some it is not and they may prefer a word like "anxiety"). Teach the short cut version for this, using a simple setup:
Even though I have this craving (anxiety/fear/irritation)…I deeply and completely love and accept myself
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Author's Bio:

EFT Masters, Sue Beer and Emma Roberts are the co-founders of The iEFT Centre as well as the originators and pioneers of Integrated Energy Techniques (IET), bringing together energy psychology and the very best ways of working with Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, Cognitive Psychotherapy and Psycho-spiritual approaches.

Sue Beer offers intensive 3 day workshops - 'Healing the Addicted Heart: the 5 Stages of Transformation' and is the author of the soon to be released book with the same title.


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