Heart Connection

Finding your truth

By Sue Beer

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Sue Beer
Can you explain the heart connection hand on your head and the other hand on your chest?  And when do you use it?
Self Discovery and the Heart
Working with the heart's energy is an important part of my work with EFT and is a feature of the workshops 'Opening to Love' and 'Healing the Addicted Heart'. One of the principles of OTL is that the heart (literally) knows the truth and can teach us a new way to think. Our true nature has infinite patience and simply waits for the time when we begin to turn inwards and hear and trust our heart-truth. Heart-truth is the subtler, gentler polarity of mind that gets drowned out by the shrieking of ego-intellect or fear mind. ”. When we lose our connection to our truth we suffer - we feel stressed, uncomfortable,  desperate – our energy system is disrupting. As we learn to challenge our thoughts and clear the energy disruptions that result from them, we release our authentic power and our lives change. 
It is important to realise that this work with the heart is not just a metaphor. Fascinating research coming out of The Heartmath Institute and from others in the new field of neuro-cardiology is showing how the heart mediates between external perception of reality and our inner, physiological and emotional experience. It has constant dialogue with the emotional brain and influences every organ and system in the body. Using the Heart Anchor to set our intention for love no matter, to re-mind ourselves of our truth is not just a nice idea it has actual physiological consequences. 
Opening to Love uses ‘Heart Anchors’ to develop our connection to heart-truth. 
The Heart Anchor 
The Heart Anchor uses two new points making a pathway between the heart and the emotional brain. The purpose is to set our intention to Re–mind ourselves of who we really are, Love completely unchanged by anything that was ever said or thought or done, by us…or to us.

Set up your personal Heart Anchor and continue to develop a conscious connection between yourself and Love or your true power, and bypass psychological reversal. It only takes a minute or less to do, and when you have done it a few times you will start to feel a positive surge as soon as you put your hand to your heart, and after a while just by thinking of it. You can do this instead of a standard Set Up, as well as, or on its own:
The points
1. Place one hand on the Top of the Head point.
2. Place your other hand mid chest, in the heart chakra area.
Rub both points lightly at the same time.
Close your eyes and focus on the physical sensations coming from
the centre, your heart… radiating out into those tiny fine
channels….opening the heart area…connecting heart to mind…
…And, if you like, zoom in to the very heart centre.. and as you
do.maybe you can remember the last time you felt really loving…or
you were surprisingly successful at something…
Practise this – at first if you notice any interference to doing the
process stop and tap to clear it before coming back to it. Play with
it. You can build a home to bring all your fears to and dissolve in to
and, above all else – enjoy!
1) When a client accesses a strong positive state ie to enhance.
2) At point of choice (processing).
3) After asking 'is that really true!?'…(eg in response to statement such as "I'll never be good enough". Like a form of meditation, this allows us to reach deeper into our own truth and wisdom.


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Author's Bio:

EFT Masters, Sue Beer and Emma Roberts are the co-founders of The iEFT Centre as well as the originators and pioneers of Integrated Energy Techniques (IET), bringing together energy psychology and the very best ways of working with Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, Cognitive Psychotherapy and Psycho-spiritual approaches.

If you are interested in this work you can find out more about 'Opening to Love' and 'Healing the Addicted Heart' Workshops at www.theeftcentre.com.


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Natalie Hill
Posted June 01, 2010 10:28 AM

Sue, what a wonderful process! I'm going to stop and do it right now!

I especially love the way we can use this with clients using the "Is that really true?" question. So often clients get convinced by the strong emotion of that wounded part.



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