How to Do Cascade Tapping

Why Not Tap in Between?

By Angela Treat Lyon

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I thought you'd be interested in a new way I've been taking people through EFT. It's powerful, sublime, and very effective. I'm calling it Cascade Tapping, because it feels like standing under a waterfall.

You know how some people are stuck in their thoughts and have a hard time feeling or saying what's going on with them? I've used it for hundreds of people now (both in live sessions and in my teleclasses), and I've found that this way of tapping helps take them from thought to feeling in seconds.

It's really very simple. Instead of jumping from one point to the next and tapping on each one 5 - 7 times, you move gently and gradually in little half-inch increments from one point to the next, only tapping on the incremental spots once (see diagram).

So you start at the eyebrow point and tap over to the side-eye in about 8 little steps, then down around and under the eye in about 6 or 7, and so on down the side of the face to the under-nose, over the lips and down the chin and throat, and so on.

When you get to the collarbone points, you tap down diagonally to the under-arm point, and circle down to the liver point on the ribs. Then jump over to the inside-wrists and up to the top of the head and down again if appropriate or needed.

Many EFT Practitioners have created new variations and ideas about where to start, but I usually start at the top of the head with very gentle circle of tapping, then trek on down to the third eye, and on down. No hard fast rules.

I'm finding that there's an almost instant yawn or sigh factor for anxiety and fear, in particular. I do it while I'm driving in heavy weather and am calm almost immediately.

I'm including below a part of one my Wealth Maverick teleclasses where we were tapping with M___ , who felt that "everyone can 'do it' (market themselves, have abundance, success, etc.) but me."

The teleclass was Rebonding with Abundance, bonding with the Mother Principle - both for those who never bonded with their mothers and for those who wanted to strengthen their bond  (not just to their own mothers but the Archetypal energy that makes it possible to be open to receive abundance). Here's some of the tapping we did:

On the Karate Chop Point:
Even though:
  •  I feel like everybody else able to make it when I can’t
  •  I feel like I’m missing something
  •  and I can’t stand selling myself
  •  because I have so many doubts about my self worth
  •  I haven’t been able to sell myself
  •  I doubt myself
  •  on the other hand,
  •  I feel special
  •  but other people don’t see it.
  •  because I don’t sell myself
  •  but that’s OK, I still want to love and accept myself

Even though:
  •  I haven’t been able to sell myself
  •  because I haven’t known what to say
  •  or get across how much I love what I do
  •  without feeling like a pushy salesman
  •  I’m going to change that today
  •  because what I’m going to do
  •  is continue my connection with my Mother (the Archetype)
  •  so that I can feel like I’m receiving
  •  and be able to talk from a space of fulfillment
  •  rather than being needy
  •  BECAUSE I love and accept myself

Even though:
  •  sometimes I’ve felt really stupid
  •  but I know I’m intelligent
  •  how come they’ve got it and I don’t?
  •  I have tried and tried and tried
  •  I’ve done all the same things they do
  •  but they succeed and I fall short
  •  I feel like there’s a wall between me and life
  •  I work and work and work and what do I get?
  •  Nothing!
  •  And it makes me so mad!
  •  I’ve got this reversed energy all the way through my system
  •  all the way from birth and maybe before!
  •  But I know I can reverse it
  •  this EFT stuff is pretty handy.
  •  I know that I can reverse things that I never knew about
  •  today I’m using this energy
  •  to reverse the non-bonding with my Mother
  •  so that I can open up every one of my cells
  •  my entire body
  •  and my entire energy system
  •  to the bond with my Mother that I never had before
  •  and when I do this
  •  it’s an opening to the Mother Principle
  •  so even if I don’t like my Mother
  •  that’s alright, it’s not about her
  •  it’s about the receiving principle
  •  I'm choosing to open up myself fully today
  •  right now, right this moment
  •  BECAUSE I believe in me.

Cascade Tap from the top of the head, just saying each phrase one after the other at your own pace, no where your tapping hand is:
  •  I believe in me
  •  I believe in this bond
  •  I’ve never had it before
  •  I never knew that I was even missing it
  •  today, I’m opening up my ability to receive
  •  because in the past
  •  I just didn’t know where to turn
  •  I didn’t even know what was missing
  •  I tried and tried and tried
  •  and I always fell short
  •  I never could reach my own expectations
  •  so I always ended up so disappointed
  •  I wanted and wanted and wanted
  •  and always fell short
  •  and got so mad
  •  and so sad
  •  and disappointed
  •  and depressed
  •  all that energy sitting there in my system
  •  that I’ve used for anger and sadness
  •  disappointment and depression
  •  I’m flipping it on it’s back right now
  •  so that I can use it for creativity instead
  •  and it’s jumping up and down
  •  and saying it’s about time!
  •  where have you been all these years!
  •  I’ve been trying to help you!
  •  and I just couldn’t get through
  •  I’m so happy to be connected.
  •  I can see a pipeline
  •  from me to my mother
  •  and the abundance that she carried in her body
  •  all the way back to my original ancestor
  •  from my grandmother to my great-grandmother
  •  great great grandmother all the way back through the ages
  •  all the way back, sending a line of light
  •  to all the grandmothers
  •  all the way back to the beginning
  •  and coming back to me
  •  a solid line of being connected
  •  to the Mother principle
  •  of love, and abundance
  •  and prosperity
  •  I’m now taking that same line
  •  and shooting it forward
  •  through all my family members
  •  and my descendants, whoever they are
  •  opening up that line of receptivity
  •  so they don’t have to suffer being closed off
  •  this is how I can share my abundance
  •  because I truly do love and accept myself
  •  and today I’m removing the wall,
  •  and turning it into a river
  •  of abundance and prosperity
  •  I’m creating new pathways of safety and prosperity

OK, take a deep breath, in and out. How’s that feel?

M_____ says: "It feels wonderful There were times that I just wanted to stop tapping and open my arms to the receiving. It felt like I want to open my hands, my palms, my fingers, the inside of my arms...all the front of my body, to that receiving mode! My body is just open to all that abundance that I knew was there!"

EFT Master Dr. Patricia Carrington, who created the Choices Method, was a participant on my teleclass call, too, and here's what she said about the Cascade Tapping:

"Oh, it felt beautiful. It’s very freeing, Angela. I felt set free! It felt like flowing water...it was refreshing, too. I felt cleaner, like I had just had a shower, very much like that. It’s very interesting because it is less confining. I feel like somebody’s let me free.

"It’s interesting, when I was cascading it was a little difficult to keep tapping, so I just was gliding my fingers along the points.
"It felt very very smooth and wonderful. You can’t really think very much while you’re doing it, which is good. It just loosens up your mind. In the ordinary EFT we think a lot. With this, we don’t have the time to stop and think at each place."

If anyone wants a chart illustrating the Cascade Tapping, they can get it at

much aloha -
Angela Treat Lyon


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Posted March 10, 2010 04:01 PM

I've been tapping for a few days now, and sharing it with my friends & family. My daughter called last night, she'd been working round the clock, little sleep with the new stepdaughter, hysterical with her new husband harping at her. So I did this cascade tapping and when I got to the "Mother" part and the "Grandmother" part, I had to quit tapping because I burst into genuine tears of grief & despair at not having recognized that I'd loved my mother but never felt this connection. And so does my daughter. She loves me intensely as I do her, but we don't have a strong bond because of her abusive father that I'd left ~20 yrs ago. And now she's suffered all these years because he never loved her, further separating us. THANK YOU for a lovely tapping script. This one really did the trick on my emotions & energy!!!! I can't wait to share it with my children.


Angela Treat Lyon
Posted March 10, 2010 04:10 PM

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us - it's exciting and inspiring. I'm so glad and so grateful you could use this simple tool to help yourself and your family!

Isn't it cool that now you have the Key to the rest of your life? Every time you recognize that you don't like how you feel, that you want to feel better, now you can tap - and know you'll get some kind of resolution! It's an awesome thing.

Thanks again, and if you need anything more just let me know.

aloha -


Suzanne Zacharia
Posted May 21, 2010 01:57 PM

Hi Angela,

That sounds lovely. Although I do a version of this when I tap on my clients myself, it never occurred to me to have them tap in this way on themselves. I will do that now with some very nervous clients and see what happens :-)


Angela Treat Lyon
Posted May 21, 2010 03:08 PM

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for your note - Yes, this is great for people who are very nervous - somehow stringing all the points together really helps them relax. The other thing that helps them is, instead of tapping from point to point, carressing from oint to point. One gal I worked with was nearly in tears at the end of the session because, in her words, "I've never felt so loved." And she got to do it all herself.

aloha -


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