Depression, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and Baby Blues

Anatomy of Despair

By Alina Frank, EFT-ADV, EFT CERT-I

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Looks like science is looking at mood disorders in a way that makes complete sense to me especially after all my experience with clients who suffered from them. Several studies have shown that people in the midst of a bout of depression actually have greater complex problem solving skills. Other research suggests that one effective treatment includes ruminating on one's problems. It's also been shown that those people that distract themselves, evade the problem, or medicate themselves through drugs (legal or otherwise) and/or alcohol end up with longer episodes of depression.

The first thing I like to ask my clients with these conditions to do is to change how they feel first about these conditions. EFT changes this rather quickly. Secondly, I ask them to imagine depression as a gift. If there is one area in your life that doesn't work what would that be? Depression then can be seen as a spotlight  that allows you the time and energy to determine what needs your attention and analysis. Social dilemmas or conscious conflicts are some of the most challenging problems to solve in one's life and using EFT aids in coming up with solutions.

Take for example a man who has a wife whom he loves but who is an alcoholic. She is also happens to be the mother of their  young child. He has tried everything to get her to clean up.  She has gone through recovery programs and yet she finds it impossible to remain sober. His depression then forced him to seek help for himself. Through the use of EFT he was able to tease apart a spiderweb of issues, problems, and guilt he was feeling that were at the core of his depressed state.

The same can be said of S.A.D. One factor may include anniversary disturbance which is the subconscious or conscious associations you make at an anniversary of a traumatic event(s). Many people have negative associations with the holidays and they could be simply feeling the dark undercurrents of painful unresolved memories in mid winter. Another factor is that we are indoors during the grey cold days and we are in forced confinement with members of our families who really know how to push our buttons!

With postpartum depression the core issues can be related to a traumatic birth, unprocessed emotional scar tissue from own mothers, feelings of not being supported by our partner, etc. Anything that related to the birth, pregnancy, or your baby that didn't meet your expectations can lead to the baby blues.

Luckily all of these feelings are effectively resolved with EFT. One note of clarification however must be mentioned. Often times I have seen that the conservative use of anti-depressants when one is really low or suicidal is the best course of action if you want EFT to work for maximum benefit. I believe strongly that EFT practitioners can work beautifully alongside traditional counselors and therapists in this area.


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