Am I a failure at EFT if there is no miracle?

By Jan Luther, EFT Master

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EFT so often provides such astounding miracles that I can understand the new practitioner’s intimidation and hesitation about pursuing EFT because of the many one minute wonders that do occur "for everyone else."

Because I have had several practitioners email me with similar questions in the past few months, I thought I might write this article with my thoughts. As you will read, I think the miracles and wonders that EFT brings are far deeper and more profound than we mere mortals might be able to “see” or comprehend.


Hey Jan--- Just had a realization recently that part of the reason I have not pursued EFT with more vigor -- or perhaps as a career choice is a lack of confidence in myself.  I realized that I am looking for miracles every time I tap with someone and after 20 minutes if they're not "cured" I tell myself I am a failure at this stuff.  After all in the EFT newsletters people cure people in a matter of moments. Anyway I wanted some feedback from you on this -- and obviously I need to do some tapping on it -- also wondered what's happening with your mentoring program --

Great to hear you got in touch with some new – deep understandings.

Know that you are not alone in this perception that every EFT session should be a one minute wonder.  I hear that more often than you might imagine.  EFT is so powerful and does elicit so many “miracles” that it is easy for us – in our human ego perception – to begin to think that anything less than the blind seeing and the lame walking just isn’t enough.

From my own perspective, while I always look for and expect miracles … I take the position that I cannot always “see” the miracle.  In fact if I am intent on seeing a change that I can witness with my mortal eyes… I am getting myself (my ego little self) in the way of allowing what may be a higher yet “invisible” healing.

I truly believe that every EFT session where the level of intensity drops is a healing and miraculous experience.  As my tag line says “One change of heart changes everything!” We cannot always see a change of heart.  The person that has the change of heart may not even “see” it.  When there is a true change however, little things begin to shift. 

Sometimes the change is as gentle as the person finding patience when in the past they would have been indignant.  Or they may actually remember to inquire within (of their God) and ask if there is another way to perceive what is happening to them in a distressful moment.  Healing is much more than seeing a physical symptom disappear or change.

I believe that it is an honor being an EFT practitioner.  When we allow EFT to work and our intuition from our higher Self (Our God connection) to lead the way, we too are healed. Some sessions are blatantly mirror healings where the practitioner and the client “get” the same new insights.  Other times the healings are like opposites. 

Once I had a session where the client was working out a parental issue and the insights that came through healed their grievance toward their parent and I felt peace and forgiveness toward one of my children.  Another time the client was unforgiving toward someone that had “done her wrong” and I got a very clear new understanding of how to direct a portion of my next Teleclass.  LOL

What I might suggest you do is to meditate upon IF you are meant to be a practitioner and once you are clear about that you can ask “what is the next right step”?  Often times as humans we want the entire path to show itself so we know who, what, when and how. 

By asking, “what is the next right step?” you are essentially confirming to yourself that you can only take one step at a time and one RIGHT step done well is very satisfying. If you try to rush ahead and take the next three steps you will inevitably end up feeling frazzled and overwhelmed anyway.

Getting ourselves out of the way is a healing process.  Learning to suspend the ego thoughts and patterns even for an hour as you appreciate and support your client without judgment builds “mind muscle”.  

This mind muscle then translates into the mental strength to overcome ego temptations in your day to day life allowing you to be more forgiving in your own relationships.  Imagine if millions of people could learn to have true charity for one another’s journey and not feel the need to judge it.  That is the miracle I am looking forward to! Here are some suggested tapping phrases ….

Even though I am afraid of failure- and in my book failure is anything short of providing a miracle…

Even though I am not sure who gets to decide what IS a miracle healing with EFT… I must have some beliefs about that

I would tap for every one of those beliefs by the way.  You can uncover them by asking yourself this question and then silence your mind to see what thought pops up: I believe EFT is done right when… Then ask yourself the same question again and again… and then tap for each of the “pop-up” beliefs.

Even though no one has every claimed that EFT will heal the blind or raise the dead… (giggling here)

Even though I may be resisting accepting the client as they are and therefore wanting to FORCE some “change”…

Even though in the past I may have expected the miracles to be physical changes… perhaps the real miracle is the gift of peace when turmoil was presented first.

I think you get the idea. Thank again for the question, I appreciate the opportunity to remind you that… you know what is right for you!



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