Hot Fat Burn On My Hand

Gone in Ten Minutes....

By Angela Treat Lyon

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If you've ever gotten burned, you know how painful it can be - especially if it was a burn from hot fat - and this will help you if in future it happens to you.  I wish I had had EFT when my oldest boy was 12 - a whole pan of boiling soup spilled on his arm, and he suffered for months with it, and it took years for the scar to mellow out.

Recently, I heated a pan and threw in a little butter, then a fillet of fish.  I had been really busy all day and was a little off-kilter - enough so that when I placed the fish in the pan, the side of my ring finger got immersed in the sizzling butter.

Man, I'd forgotten how much burns hurt!  Yeow!  Out of a 0 to 10 intensity I'd have said it was an 111.  I got a piece of ice from the freezer and put it on the burn, took the fish off the stove, then just stood there and tapped:

Even though:
this hurts like a SOB
I feel like an idiot for not paying attention
Man this hurts
I'm so dumb!
I still love and accept myself.

I tapped all through each 7 points:
This hurts like a SOB
I feel like an idiot for not paying attention
Man this hurts
I can do such stupid things!
I'm choosing to ask and allow it to heal fast
I'm choosing to let the pain just go.
I did a dumb thing but don't have to hang onto it

By the time I got through that one round, the pain was almost gone, but an enormous pink blister was emerging, so I tapped again:

Even though:
now there's a stupid blister and it's all full of lymph
My body is helping me
I shouldn't complain
Thank you body
It still hurts a little
I'm asking and allowing my body to heal fast and without major scarring
BECAUSE I love and accept myself.

At the end of having tapped through all the points, the pain was completely gone.  It took a total of maybe 10 minutes at the outside.

The next day I drained the blister.

The third day it had completely dried up and peeled off.  There's only a little pink line there now.  Three days.  No scar.  Before EFT, my son suffered for MONTHS and had (finally grew out of) a huge painful brown scar on his arm 6 inches wide!

Someone might say that it didn't get bad because I actually had the presence of mind to put ice on it, but I've had other burns where ice was used and they took days and days to not just heal, but to become painless again in that spot.

Usually the skin stays sensitive, even weeks afterwards, and you need to protect it from the sun to keep it from burning or scarring badly.

I have had absolutely no pain at all since that second round, and can use the finger as if it had never been injured - no pain, no over-sensitivity, no pain-memory in the skin, even when I poke at it or rub it.

I have been putting a bandage over it to keep the sun off it, though, just because that seems to me like the right thing to do.

I'm so grateful to have this tool in my life!

aloha -
Angela Treat Lyon


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© Angela Treat Lyon 2006.

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