The baby that stopped breathing

By Adi Assodri, EFT practitioner

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The case I want to share with you is about a 1 month old baby. I was at my sister's home where she had friends over for dinner. A young couple with their new baby were upstairs, when suddenly the guy screamed, “the baby is not breathing, help!"

I ran up the stairs with a bunch of others, entered the room and saw the mother of the baby holding it in front of her while crying! I took the baby immediately and looked at it. It wasn't moving but wasn't blue. I held it upright close to my chest while whispering calming words into her ear and doing the EFT points up and down the spine as I saw on one of the DVDs.

Suddenly the baby took a breath but it was kind of stuck. I continued doing the back, always checking its colour. After a while she started breathing normally. I took her to a bed, took her pants off in order to give her a sense of freedom (I am a certified coach for baby massage), and started to do the points in the face and the KC point that I felt the baby really enjoyed; she even smiled at me and that felt like a million dollars (I suppose?)

I can't tell you how glad I am that I have this wonderful tool. I don't know if it really was a matter of life and death but the confidence to have a tool that can help instantly, gave me the power to act instead of being paralyzed in this stressful situation. I urged the parents of the baby to go to the doctor as soon as possible to check her breathing pattern.

Adi Assodri


Author's Bio:

I am an active EFT practitioner since 2008 and love guiding people through the process. Over twenty years of experience in holistic approaches led me to this wonderful technique and today I use EFT ,exclusively. I like to blend in some humor since it helps people realize that they often take themselves too seriously and it doesn't necessarily help them in coping with their problems. My contact address: adi.eft@gmail.com


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