Three Views of Stress:

How to Find Your Tappable Issues

By Lisabeth Gutierrez, AAMET Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner

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EFT can offer some relief by reducing your stress on three levels:

Daily stress from your environment including relationship stress, work stress, financial concerns, and health issues can be overwhelming. Since EFT reduces excessive emotional reactions to stress, a daily practice, tapping 5-10 minutes a day, allows you to face your daily stress with a sense of calm.

External stress no longer pushes your buttons. You find yourself relaxed and confident in the face of whatever comes your way. EFT is an amazing tool for dealing with stress from the past. These stressors are the early negative experiences from growing up, traumatic experiences and memories, and ideas you were taught by others that no longer help you to live the life you want for yourself. These experiences, memories, and beliefs are held in the body mind system.

EFT can clear them, reducing the emotional charge and liberating you from the burden you have carried for so long. Unlike psychotherapy, which helps you talk about and analyze your experiences, EFT works by directly addressing the body/mind and reprogramming the way you create negative memories. You don’t lose the memory, you simply experience it free of all the overwhelming emotion that used to be there, giving you a new perspective.

Self-imposed stress is the least recognized factor in the pursuit of wellness. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to the demands we make on ourselves to be perfect, to do everything for everybody, to care for everyone’s needs above our own. These demands are based on beliefs about ourselves and the way the world works. They often help us to be successful in life, but when they lead to feelings of being overwhelmed or chronic pain and illness something must be done.

EFT can neutralize these overwhelming expectations you place on yourself. The best part is that, once you are free of unrealistic expectations, you become more capable, more energetic, ready to succeed with greater ease.

In all my EFT workshops there is the same basic homework assignment. It takes only 2-3 minutes. Try it every night before going to sleep. Check out the EFT Basic Recipe post if you are not already familiar with EFT or the tapping points.

Setup - "Even though I have this stress, I deeply and completely accept myself."
Reminder - "Today's stress."

Keep it simple. There's no need to elaborate, your unconscious mind knows what you are talking about :), besides this is meant to be relaxing, not intense. Do two or three rounds until you feel the shift. Then roll over for a good night's sleep!


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Author's Bio:

Lisabeth Gutiérrez is an EFT practitioner and stress educator with over twenty years of experience in adult education and personal development.  A graduate of Rutgers University and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, she has lived and taught in Latin America, Asia, and the US. Lisabeth holds certificates from two multi-disciplinary health programs: Harvard Medical School’s Certificate in the Clinical Training in Mind Body Medicine and the University of Rhode Island/RI Geriatric Education Center’s Certificate in the Interdisciplinary Practice of Geriatrics.


She received AAMET Advanced EFT Practitioner Certification under the training of two EFT masters, Judy Byrne and Jaqui Crooks. She maintains a private practice and offers workshops for organizations including the National Fibromyalgia Association, South County Hospital, and other non-profit groups. A perpetual learner, Lisabeth continues to further her study of the psychosocial aspects of stress, health and wellbeing through coursework and participation in professional organizations including Integrative Medicine at Brown Medical School. She is also an active volunteer with Home and Hospice Care of Rhode Island.


Lisabeth lives in Wakefield, Rhode Island, with her husband, two daughters, and six - yes, it’s true – six dogs.


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