Marva the Horse

No More Grieving After Piggy

By Angela Treat Lyon

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Last year, a feral piglet appeared in Peg's pasture, and one of her horses, Marva, "adopted" it - taking it under hoof and seeing that it was protected from anyone - including the other horses.

Peg came to visit me for the 4th of July weekend. During our time together, I taught her how to use EFT for the persistent feelings of anxiety she experienced.

On Sunday, she said, "I better go home - I want to protect my horses in case someone gets the bright idea to light firecrackers near my pasture." Go home she did - to a disaster - Piggie was gone! She looked all over for it, but no piggie.

Peg tapped and tapped about fearing the worst, and how sad she was about her boarlet disappearing. She told me she had never been able to calm down so fast or so completely, and was oohing and ahhing about EFT.

The next morning, Peg noticed that Marva was very agitated, and kept returning to, and pawing on, one particular spot over by the neighbor's side of the fence (the other 3 sides go to the road and gov property). The alpha horse, upon seeing Marva do this, went over to herd her away from the spot, but Marva immediately veered and went back again.

Peg went over to the spot, and sure enough, there were Piggie's tracks and some scuffle marks.

I had told Peg it was possible to tap for horses, so she decided to tap on Marva. Peg is a horse doc, and was very open to using EFT on them. I also suggested that she try what my acupuncturist and I were working on - tapping right next to the spine, and then the meridians about an inch or two out from the spine that connect to different sets of organs.

Peg told me she really didn't have words for a setup - she felt re-devastated about Piggie being gone, and couldn't think of anything to say.

So she made pictures in her mind of her horse being calm and peaceful, and of forgetting about being worried about Piggie. She cried and hummed as she tapped. Marva calmed down immediately. Peg continued tapping on the horse's face, shoulders, and down her spine. Within minutes, the horse was completely calmed, pushing her head into Peg's chest, her "I'm OK and I love you, Mom" spot.

When Peg released her, she bent her front legs and laid down, then proceeded to roll in the dirt. She was no longer interested in the scuffle spot.

Peg also tapped on the other horses, especially the alpha male, who was still worried if Marva was OK, hovering over her and nudging her. Neither he nor the other horse needed extensive treatment. They are all fine still.

Cool, eh? That Peg could learn basic EFT - only doing some basic rounds with me - then turn around and not only use it for herself, but on the horses! How I love this!

aloha -
Angela Treat Lyon


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