Messages from an Oven

By Christine Metawati CCHT, RMT, EFTCert-I

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Try EFT on everything, right?

I have an oven that sometimes turns on rather sluggishly or, occasionally, not at all. Yes, I could get this oven fixed and be done with it. But since the oven often works beautifully, I've taken it as a personal challenge to heal the problem energetically before I cave in and call a repairman.

So, I tapped:
"Even though, my oven is not turning on and I am frustrated now, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Then, after a round of that, the wordings organically changed and, intuitively, I started tapping from the oven's perspective and let the words just flow through:

"Even though I don't want to turn on,..."
"Even though I am afraid to combust,..."
"Even though I feel stifled here, and really would like to light up, I feel afraid..."
"Even though there's so much pressure mounting here, I am just about to explode but, nope, I am not going to combust because it'd hurt Christine..."
"Even though, I won't light up because I have promised Christine that I won't..."

Whoa!!! Where were these thoughts from? I think I have just gotten in touch with a shadow part of me that has felt stifled and concerned about expressing itself "explosively." And my oven was a personification of that energy. Who would have thought? I certainly didn't.

I tapped some more using the choices method (thanks to Dr. Pat Carrington) and I let myself know it's OK to combust, especially if my combustion help me cook a delicious meal for my family. (Grin.)

Guess what? The oven turned on less than 1 minute afterwards!

Am I done with this oven episode? I don't know. But I certainly gained valuable insights into myself and am grateful for the messages from my oven.



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Author's Bio:

Christine Metawati offers EFT with a spiritual bend. She believes that healing comes from within and that life challenges guide each person to align himself/herself with the best that she/he can be. Christine uses EFT to help clients improve their relationship with themselves, and reconnect with the amazing guidance and resources within them. Besides seeing clients in her Oakland office, she offers phone EFT sessions, teaches EFT workshops and hold teleclasses on various topics.

Specialties: Children's Issues, General EFT Practitioner, Self Image, Spiritual matters, Stress & Anxiety, Women's Issues


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