Cleared Lifelong Allergies

By Katz Delauney-Leija

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I would like to share another amazing EFT story with the readers as it might help others. I love this I get to see miracles everyday!

A client of mine, we will call her April, came to see me for her first visit to work on life issues. She came with several allergy pills in her pocket as she is highly allergic to animals and I usually have my little five-pound dog with me in the office. I had no idea before this session she was allergic to animals and promptly moved the dog to another room. Before she took her pills, I asked her if we could start with doing some EFT for her allergy symptoms.  We did three rounds to release the allergies starting with:

Even though I have these terrible allergy attacks and I don’t know where they come from, I completely love and accept myself.

Even though I am afraid to be in this office where there is dog dander I love and accept myself and how I feel.

Even though I am afraid I will react like I usually do and have an attack I accept myself and how I feel.

She said she had always been allergic, didn’t know when it started, and it was just a way of life for her we did several rounds of general clearing the allergies from her system. By the end of the rounds she was clear of all symptoms, and we went on to work on her other issues.

April shared at her next appointment that she had suddenly remembered when she was five her Dad giving her a puppy that she adored. After a few months her Mom made her give the puppy away. April remembers she was broken hearted. April’s Mom explained she couldn’t have a dog in the apartment dogs belonged outside and (Mom) didn’t have time to train the puppy. April just seemed to remember being allergic after that incident. We had some specific emotional issues to work with this time and did several rounds to clear her allergy starting with:

Even though my Mom made me give my dog away and I was really sad…

Even though I thought it was my fault the puppy had to go because I didn’t train him… 

Even though it didn’t feel safe to be angry with Mom…

We did several rounds when April had an enlightened moment and realized she developed the allergy because she was afraid to blame her mom, it was much safer and easier to blame an allergy. We did several rounds working through those emotions. 

Afterwards April said she felt great and we tested the tapping by letting my little dog sit in her lap the rest of the session with no reaction.

April came to my office for six more sessions with the dog in her lap each time and was still allergy free. It has been six months and there have been no recurrent allergy symptoms to dogs or cats.


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Author's Bio:

Katz Delaney-Leija MSW, EFT CC, Psych-K, Energy Medicine                     

Practice in Columbia, SC  29016

Katz Delauney-Leija is an MSW who has changed her focus from conventional talk therapy to Energy Psychology because “where conventional therapies fail to make lasting changes Energy Therapy can truly transform your life.” Katz works with clients to help them find their own power for transformation. She is certified in several Energy Psychology modalities including EFT, Psych-K, Energy Medicine, and Quantum Touch.




Posted April 06, 2010 11:08 AM

Thank you. It is valuable to know that blame and presumably other misplaced emotions are causes of allergies.


Posted November 29, 2010 11:13 AM

I worked with Katz on a similar issue with animals and got the same results. I could not believe it;...but it is true.


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