What is Energy Modality Psych-K?

By Katz Delauney-Leija

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Human beings continually try to improve and refine ourselves to live fully and experience all the love, peace, joy and happiness that is ours by Divine right. Yet in our search for personal fulfillment we are blindsided by life and it’s twists and turns, high expectations, and our own perceived inabilities to measure up. In today’s fast paced society we often compare ourselves to others and are left feeling disappointed, not good enough, with nowhere to turn. We look outward for help and answers.

Therapy, as a tool in our struggle to help ourselves, has been a part of our society from before Freud. Most traditional therapies work on a subtle level by speaking to the conscious mind and inviting shifts in thinking on that level. The traditional therapist can help develop insights into the problem, its causes and help create new strategies for improving life. This can be a frustrating, lengthy process that may or may not give any insight or help into implementing those elusive new strategies. Even when the problem is known, change is sincerely sought, combined with action and willpower; it is seldom enough to cause lasting changes. Even after all is said and done, more was said than done. 

We lose touch with the fact that we are energy beings and are able to connect to our own spiritual core and energy meridians for self-healing. Jean Houston, a renowned philosopher and teacher, writes in “The Possible Human:”

Our very nature is in transition.... We find ourselves, I believe, in the midst of the most massive shift of perspective that humankind has ever known.   The scope of change is calling for patterns and potentials in the human brain that, as far as I know, were never needed before.  Knowings that were relegated to the unconscious are becoming conscious, and experiences that belonged to extraordinary reality are becoming ordinary.

PSYCH-K, short for psychological kinesiology, is one of several popular healing modalities grouped into an area known as Energy Psychology. These modalities combine the principles of humans as energetic beings with the concepts of how our conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds control our perceptions of reality. PSYCH-K is one of the new modalities that quickly and easily communicate directly with our subconscious mind, and while using whole brain integration techniques, change old self-limiting beliefs into new self-enhancing ones that support us and the way we want to act and feel. 

Many of us have heard the expression, “You create your own reality”. Our reality is created by our beliefs. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are often a result of our life experiences. Studies in neuroscience indicate that as much as 95% of our daily life function is actually subconscious. It’s the subconscious mind that is the storehouse for our attitudes, values, and beliefs. It is from our beliefs that we form perceptions about the world and ourselves. We develop our behavior from these perceptions. Our beliefs are the foundation of our personality. They define us as worthy or worthless, powerful or powerless, competent or incompetent, loved or not loved, and so on. Our beliefs have far reaching consequences, both positive and negative, in our daily lives. These beliefs are formed often before the age of six and have been habitually replaying in our lives, every minute of every day. This is why we've sometimes felt like our own worst enemy, sabotaging ourselves.  The subconscious mind has no filters, distinctions, or discernment. It programmed in everything we heard, saw and felt as beliefs, with the intention of keeping us happy and healthy. These beliefs, right or wrong, continue to amass permanently all of our lives. This system becomes our programming, or our actions and reactions to life’s challenges.  This is why talk therapy, which engages the conscious mind, has been shown to have such a low percentage of lasting improvement. It would make sense that the most effective way to make lasting changes would be to change the self sabotaging beliefs in our subconscious mind to beliefs that support and help us achieve our full potential.

PSYCH-K™ was originated in 1988 by Robert M. Williams, M.A. It was a response to the frustration that came with the realization that typical counseling techniques, which rely almost exclusively on "insight" and "motivation," seldom create real and lasting changes. Like many innovations in the world, PSYCH-K™ was the result of a "blinding flash of the obvious" generated by 14 years of research and thousands of sessions with individuals and groups by Robert Williams. The process for PSYCH-K™ is based on years of split-brain research and Brain Dominance Theory. It employs a unique blend of various tools for change and personal growth, such as, Educational Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), acupressure, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, and various psycho-spiritual healing systems. It creates a receptive state of mind that dramatically reduces resistance to changing or replacing old concepts and beliefs with new ones at the subconscious level. The subconscious mind can be accessed in a way similar to a personal computer. PSYCH-K™ works like a "mental keyboard" – a user-friendly method of communicating with the subconscious mind that is simple, direct and verifiable.

PSYCH-K™ has emerged as a major force in the current spiritual reawakening and healing sweeping the Western world. The simple, effective methods of this energy modality combine the best of ancient energy modalities with the most current understandings of modern science and energy. The process allows the individual to enter the realms of the subconscious and discover inner sources of power and wisdom while releasing old beliefs that no longer serve. Muscle testing is used to establish a convenient communication system with the subconscious mind, and when used properly, can be an accurate detector of subconscious truths. Because the subconscious mind controls motor functions in the body, such as muscle movement, we can use this "built in" biofeedback mechanism to find out when the subconscious agrees or disagrees with a given statement of belief. Communication is established with the subconscious mind, asking that guidance be given on what belief patterns most need to change. These beliefs – usually subconscious – are the cumulative effect of storing life-long concepts. As a result, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways because the subconscious mind acts as a saboteur to the conscious mind. Brain exercises are then used to increase “cross talk” between the two brain hemispheres thereby achieving a more whole brained state. In addition, when right and left hemispheres of the brain are in simultaneous communication, the qualities and characteristics of both hemispheres are available to maximize your "full response potential" to life's challenges.

Commitment is asked for from the unconscious, and all cells of one's bodymind to go along with the process allowed by the Superconscious Mind. The subconscious aspects of the unconscious mind include the inner child that was imprinted with thousands of questionable messages before we reached the age of reason, the inner parent, the recalcitrant inner teen, the inner addict, the inner artist; in fact, all inner aspects of the self. When each of these aspects of one is ready to go along with the change, it is known there is a genuine commitment and can proceed to integrate the new goal within the total ecology of the individual. This is similar to a company's board of directors, the Higher Self, making a decision to change the production of a product, and then inviting the workers to go along. If the board decides, but the workers rebel, no product will be made. On the other hand, alignment between the administration and the workforce can catapult creativity and productivity to a new level of excellence.

"When you rewrite the 'software' of your mind, you change the 'printout' of your life." Robert M. Williams, M.A. the originator of PSYCH-K™

PSYCH-K™ is a unique and direct way to identify and change subconscious beliefs. It is a simple process that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind so you can change beliefs that sabotage self-esteem, relationships, job performance and even physical health. It is a safe, non-invasive, and effective way to change outdated perceptions. The person is always in control and determines what beliefs they wish to convert to be positive and life enhancing. The inner wisdom and Higher Self of the person is the ultimate authority in utilizing PSYCH-K™. 

Every symptom, fear, and disease is a message to return to the balance that is natural to our lives. Nature wants us to succeed. All we have to do is listen and learn to speak to the Superconscious and unconscious mind in its own language.  PSYCH-K™ is a light, a torch on the path, and a method of reading or measuring the intelligence of the soul and learning what unique direction our deepest selves want us to take.  It is an empowering self-care tool that puts the ability to clear our path toward inner peace literally into our own hands. However, it is best to get started by working with an accomplished practitioner for a time to get experience and a sense of how to use these techniques creatively for greatest effectiveness. From there, we can heal our own life. We can truly improve and refine ourselves to live fully and experience all the love, peace, joy and happiness that is ours by Divine right. 

Article was printed in the Magazine 11:11 Believe, January/February issue.


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Author's Bio:

Katz Delauney-Leija attended Eastern Washington University where she earned a Masters Degree in Social Work in 1993. She is an MSW who has changed her focus from conventional talk therapy to Energy Psychology because “where conventional therapies fail to make lasting changes Energy Psychology can truly transform your life.” Katz works with clients to help them find their own power for transformation. She is certified in several Energy Psychology modalities including PSYCH-K, EFT, Energy Medicine, and Quantum Touch. She has recently relocated to NE Columbia, South Carolina. Her joy is in being a part of helping others create the life they truly desire for themselves.




Virginia Voigt
Posted March 27, 2010 11:46 AM

I have been curious about PSYCH-K for some time and would like to learn more about it. Can you refer me to a comprehensive source?

I enjoyed your article very much because it helped me focus on what PSYCH-K does. I have long looked for better ways to communicate with my subconscious; this sounds like a most useful approach.


Posted March 28, 2010 09:52 AM

Try Psych-K.com there you will find a list of trainings.



Tracey Dean
Posted June 29, 2016 07:58 AM

Hi Virginia,

I am also curious about this technique but wanted to know what are the benefits compared to EFT and Matrix Reprinting? Ive heard alot more about these techniques and wondered why they have more coverage compared to Psych-K?

Many thanks,


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