Severe Neck Pain

An EFT Textbook "Wonder"

By Jeanne Ranger, Practitioner EFT-Adv,CH,RM

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The beauty of EFT is in it’s simplicity. This is the story of a very simple “two minute wonder” with a client who had a serious neck pain that had just come over her a week or so prior to our meeting. On a scale of zero to ten, the pain was a seven and a half and she was really bothered by it. I was a relatively new practitioner at the time and I really wanted to bring Nora some relief.

I asked Nora to tell me everything she could about this pain, what it looked like, how big it was, what color it was, etc. She explained that it felt as big as a small tree trunk, and just as rough, it was very dark, almost black, but she didn’t know how it got there or why. So we started tapping:

Even thought I have this neck pain the size and feel of a tree trunk, and I don’t know how it got there…

Even thought I have this very dark neck pain, and I don’t know who put it there…

Even though I have this very rough, dark neck pain, and I don’t know what’s causing it…

We then tapped on: this neck pain,
this very rough neck pain,
 this dark neck pain,
this tree trunk in my neck,
I just don’t know what put it there,
how it got there,
what’s causing it,
but it really hurts me,
it’s keeping me from participating in my life,
 it’s got to go,
this neck pain has got to go.

After two rounds, we stopped to evaluate if there was any change. The intensity had come down to a 5 from a 7 1/2, so we were making good progress. I asked her to tell me what the pain was like at that moment, she said the pain was no longer the size of a tree trunk, nor as rough, and the color was much lighter.

I then asked her, “if there was an emotional name or reason for your neck pain, what would it be?” She immediately answered, “Guilt”.

“When did this guilt feeling start”, I asked. Nora explained that her daughter was expecting company to come visit the following month, and had asked Nora to come to “help her” with her guests. Nora had already made plans for a small vacation during that same time frame and felt her daughter had extended the invitation so Nora wouldn’t feel left out, and said so to her daughter.

Nora felt guilty for saying “No” to her daughter, and was going to cancel her vacation. Now I knew exactly what to work on.

Even though I have this guilt stored in my neck causing me pain…
Even though this neck pain, which represent my feelings of guilt for saying “no” to my daughter still remains in my neck…
Even though this guilt in my neck is taking too much space it has to go…

This guilt in my neck
What if she really needs me there
This guilt in my neck
I should be there for her
But I’ve already made my plans for vacation
This guilt in my neck
I should be there for my daughter
What’s the matter with me, I should be there for her

After two rounds I stopped to evaluate her progress again. The pain was now a 1 ½ or 2, so we tapped:

This remaining 2 neck pain
This remaining 2 guilt is useless to me
This remaining 2 guilt in my neck
This 2 guilt pain in my neck is a choice
I choose to release it now
I choose to release this guilt
I choose to release the pain
I let it go completely

By this time the pain was completely gone and no matter what she did, she could not bring any trace of it back. Nora went on vacation free of guilt and free of any neck pain.

The beauty of EFT to me is indeed in its simplicity. You can use the same process for any presented issues or problems. Since this particular group workshop, I’ve continued to give a variety of workshops in many different locations, as well as private sessions, and I’ve come to the conclusion that every healing that occurs is truly a miracle. EFT never ceases to amaze me.

Keep tapping,

Jeanne “J.R.” Ranger


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