Supercharging EFT

Persistent pain resolved

By Louis Nel, quantum touch practitioner, EFT practitioner

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Hi all,  I'm a tourist guide living close to Cape Town, South Africa, and have been practicing EFT with amazing resolution for other people over the last eighteen months.

My own aches and pains and issues have always proved very stubborn and difficult to resolve. On Friday morning, 19 March 2010, I woke quite early with a severe pain in the heel of my left foot.  It was so bad that I could hardly stand.

My first reaction was to apply EFT, of course.  After several rounds of EFT, the pain decreased from a nine to a six.  I picked up my guests and completed the full day tour - the pain remaining at a level of six despite numerous rounds of EFT throughout the day.

Saturday was the same -  level only down to a six all day.

This afternoon, Sunday 21 March 2010, I dropped my guests at Cape Town airport and drove the 20 minutes back home.

The pain persisted and increased to at least a seven. I got extremely frustrated!  Eventually I could take it no longer, rubbed the sore spot  and screamed the set-up phrase several times at the top of my voice, damning the pain and  screaming that I refused to accept it a moment longer. I was very vehement and recall using language that I would not normally use, (I won't repeat the words here).  This all while I was driving home - other passing motorists watching must have thought I was completely off my rocker. I kept this tirade up all the way home, parked the car and went into the house.

At that stage I realised that I was walking reasonably comfortably - the pain was almost gone - down to a two! - but I'm working on the leftover bit, as well as some other remnants

I've learnt something today - Stubborn issues and levels of pain sometimes need a "supercharged" approach.  I have decided that, by the Grace of God, I will never again allow completely unresolved issues and pain to rule my life, even a little bit of pain is no longer acceptable!

I trust that my experience will be of use to some of you.

regards, Louis




Posted April 16, 2010 03:46 PM

Hi Louis! Good to meet fellow SA EFT'er!
Please visit my site www.healwithheather.com and let's keep in touch.
By the way, I also tap in traffic! I am in Joburg so I spend a lot of time in the car!


Jean Beardsall
Posted February 25, 2017 09:05 PM

This rings a bell with me. Years ago I had been intolerant of wheat for a very long time. One day I was totally fed up - didnt know about EFT but like you I screamed to the sky that I had no need of this condition and absolutely refused to have it any more. By the next day I was completely cured and started eating bread which I have been doing ever since. Previously it wouldve made me black out. Makes me realise we have to attach strong emotions to our desire for change for it to work!


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