EFT for Sensitive People

By Annie Bathgate, EFT-ADV

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Are you one of those people who have trouble watching scary movies?  Do you cry when a friend of yours starts to cry?  Do you easily find tears welling up in your eyes when that cute commercial comes on with the little boy and his dog?  Are you inconsolable at funerals, or even weddings?

There is a segment of the world today of people who can be defined as ‘sensitive’ or ‘energy sensitive’.  I know this because I am one of them.  We are an intuitive bunch.  You can find us typically in the healing arts of the world.  We are nurses, aides, massage therapists, reflexologists, intuitive readers and psychologists.  We are the ones who can, to some extent, physically feel others’ pain, physically and emotionally.  Because of this intuitive talent, we want to relieve others from this physical, mental and emotional pain that we feel.  We are the empaths, the intuitives of the world, and the feelers of the world. 

EFT has been a turning point in my healing journey, in empowering me and my sensitive clients to be able to handle life more effectively.  EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, truly provides “freedom” to those I call ‘sensitive’.  The EFT process, when applied on a daily basis, can assist all sensitive people in many ways.

Sensitive or Empathic people do struggle with common problems.  These include:

  1. Anxiety:  Sensitives will easily become anxious when placed in a new and unfamiliar situation.  They’ll feel new energies around them and will be unable to explain why they are overwhelmed or anxious.  They also easily pick up on the anxiety of others.  Unable to identify or correct the anxiety of others, they’ll become even more anxious.
  2. Burdened:  Sensitives will quickly feel ‘burdened’ with others unrepressed emotions or feelings.  Again, unable to identify where these feelings of anger, frustration or anxiety are coming from, they’ll feel burdened and unable to handle simple tasks at home or in the workplace.
  3. Sickness:  Unable to shake or guard themselves from feelings of anxiety, depression or anger, the Sensitive will have headaches or nightmares, being sick and staying home in bed more often than the average person.  Unable to understand why they feel so overwhelmed, the sensitive takes a much needed break from the world to regain their state of mind and peace.

EFT can free these people from feeling emotionally attacked in the world today.  Applying EFT principles, unwinding other people’s feelings and building up your confidence can help you function and succeed.  We are able to calm ourselves and be more present to stressful and emotional situations, such as giving a eulogy, addressing a doctor in a hospital or being present for an emotional client.

EFT can be utilized to unwind sickness stemming from these overwhelming feelings at home and in the workplace.  Using it daily can strengthen your stamina.  The sensitive starts to realize that they do not have to carry other people’s feelings around, or feel other people’s feelings.  They are able to now freely, thanks to Emotional Freedom Technique, to live the life they choose.


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Author's Bio:

Annie Bathgate is an EFT Practitioner who has completed the Advanced Certificate of Completion.  She is a Sensitive who loves to empower other Sensitive’s to use their natural empathic abilities, rather than feel burdened by them.

You can learn more about EFT and how this can help you through her website at www.ReturnToHarmony.com.


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