EFT for First Trimester in Pregnancy

By Annie Bathgate, EFT-ADV

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A client contacted me for EFT phone sessions after discovering she was pregnant. “Beth” wished to remain anonymous but was happy for me to share her story with others. In the beginning of her pregnancy, she was starting to have significant breast tenderness as well as nausea symptoms.  She wondered if the EFT would be helpful and safe for her symptoms.  I encouraged her that it was worth looking into, especially if she is trying to stay away from taking pain medication during her pregnancy.

First we looked at her issue of pain in her breasts.  She described the pain as aching and at times “needle sharp”.  When asked how painful it is on a scale of one to ten, she rated it about an 8 currently, sometimes as bad as a 10.  We discussed her issues a bit more, how she feels about being a first time mother, how her husband and she planned this pregnancy and how easy it was for her to become pregnant while other women struggle for years.  We tapped on the following issues, since she had lots of feelings up.  I asked her level of discomfort on the following statements, which ranged from 6-9.

Even though my breasts hurt, I choose to accept myself.

Even though my nipples are tender, I choose to accept myself.

Even though I’m scared of being a mother, I choose to accept myself.

Even though I’m scared I won’t be a good mother, I choose to accept myself.

Even though I feel guilty it was so easy to become pregnant, I choose to accept myself.

We tapped on each of these statements until they were each down to a 1 or 0.  After tapping, I asked how her breast tenderness was.  She said the pain was down to a 2.  I encouraged her to continue tapping daily with the statements above.

Next we looked at her nausea issue.  She noticed that the nausea started around 11am and stopped around 2pm.  I asked her how uncomfortable it was, on a scale of one to ten.  She said during that time period that it can get to a 7.   We tapped on the following statements, even though she didn’t have any nausea during our session time:

Even though I feel nauseous between 11am-2pm, I choose to accept myself.

Even though I’m nervous I’ll feel nauseous today, I choose to accept myself.


Beth promised to keep me updated on her progress with her breast tenderness and nausea, but said she was feeling very relaxed and hopeful at the end of our phone session.

Beth called me a week later, after her first visit with her doctor. The doctor was pleased with her process and said her pregnancy was normal and she was progressing well.

She was excited.  She has had minimal nausea and the breast discomfort has stayed below a 2.  Everything looked great according to the doctor and she even got to see her baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound.  She set up future appointments with me as new symptoms emerge with her pregnancy, as well as preparing her mentally and emotionally for her labor and delivery.


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Annie Bathgate is an EFT Practitioner who has completed the Advanced Certificate of Completion. You can learn more about EFT and how this can help you through her website at www.ReturnToHarmony.com.


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