The Energy Exchange Photo Techniques

Tapping using Photographs

By Marie Holliday

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Photographs hold Memories

Memories are only memories to the conscious mind and current events to the unconscious mind.

I have been using Photographs with tapping for many years now with very powerful results and would like to share some of the techniques with you and hope you may want to try them out.

I introduce their varied application where the client brings a photo or photos to the session or on the phone or alternatively for your own use. This involves either

  • Tapping on the photograph itself
  • Interchanging with tapping on self in the normal way & tapping on the  photograph
  • Tapping on self and looking at the photograph of self or other people.
  • Introducing a few photographs to tap with e.g. family photo graphs

I have now used The Energy Exchange Photo Techniques for many client issues over the years and here are a few of the examples

  • Tapping on a photograph of self for not feeling loved
  • Tapping with inner child work & a photo of self when young
  • Tapping with Law of attraction/Abundance/Relationships
  • Tap on photo of self imagining a difficult dialogue/conversation or interview, low self esteem
  • Sending healing, love, forgiveness, gratitude
  • Ex pat community where many have left problems behind in another country
  • Divorce, splits in a family/friends, leaving home.
  • Arguments, disagreements
  • Grieving & bereavement
  • Health Comparison/contrast photographs for tapping with ill health now and previous photograph in good health
  • Children love trawling through photograph albums where tapping can be introduced
  • Photographs of pets with tapping
  • Photographs concerning weight issues, smoking, self image
  • Tap on a photograph/magazine cutting of a future aspiration or dream
  • Occasionally used with Movie Technique where a photograph has held an intense trauma and then tapped in normal way or a client tapped on a wedding photograph  just calling it 'The fight'.
  • Personal Peace Procedure where clients or Practitioners are encouraged to make a journal and  put photographs in to tap on.
  • Tapping with a Palace of Possibilities Affirmation and a photo or magazine cutting that represents the persons aspiration
  • Tapping by phone and using a photo

I find some of the benefits offered with the Energy Exchange Photo Techniques are

  • Useful for a situation where person cannot talk to another person or doesn't want to, they are too annoyed, hurt, upset, grieving
  • Cannot/doesn't want to see someone physically e.g. living in another country, someone in hospital, cannot face seeing someone, guilt issues
  • Takes the pressure off the individual by tapping on a photo of self
  • Offers a different perspective
  • May change a belief system, thoughts or a perception really quickly
  • Visual for the non visual person
  • Can raise intensity and get to core issue quickly
  • Photo is easy to check results with SUDs rating , relief, aspects when reviewing it or looking at it another day
  • Can be introduced if tapping doesn't seem to be getting anywhere
  • Photos are so evocative of a time, place, situation, family gatherings, childhood, teens, births, etc They hold memories of sights, sounds, smells, scenes, good memories & bad .
  • Surrogate and distance healing
  • Animals & babies/children

I really enjoy using Photographs in sessions because it makes a session definitely more focused and ‘ belongs’ to the client, it is very much client-led.

More recently, I have introduced the use of X- rays, images, photos for example of someone’ s house for financial issues, magazine cuttings. It is a really creative technique where visual images can be used that mean ‘ something’ to the client.

Interestingly, a Heartmath Institute Study ( www.heartmath.org ) using human DNA  in files showed that thinking the worse event ever in your life, damages DNA. Thinking the best event ever in your life, heals the damage.

DNA is non static and can bring destruction or healing to your cells, depending on your thoughts and beliefs.

Changing the picture you look at changes the frequency of the cells.

EFT is used to change pain & trauma pictures into healing or healed pictures because tapping changes the internal picture.

Perhaps if the vibrational frequency of a picture (photograph in this instance) is changed with tapping then a healthier positive frequency offers a different view, shift or belief with the self same photo.

I hope you may be encouraged to try these techniques out and let me know your progress.


Author's Bio:

Marie is an AAMET Practitioner, Trainer & Trainer of Trainers in Spain and teaches in both English & Spanish. She hosts the sister site of AAMET in Spain to help promote Practitioners. She worked with AAMET closely on the Lead Training Panel and won Company Women Business Award category ' Against all Odds' 2007-2008 in Spain with EFT Spain.

More recently she presented with the Masters at Tania Princes' Masterclass 2009 with one of the techniques she developed' The Energy Exchange Photo Techniques'.

This year she was priveleged to be invited by Gary Wiliams to contribute to Gary Craigs Tribute.




Posted March 26, 2010 07:06 PM

Do you need the other persons permission to tap on their photo?

I would like to tap on my granddaughters who are little and across the ocean.


Marie Holliday EFT AAMET Practitioner/Trainer
Posted March 28, 2010 12:33 PM

Dear Adiej,

This is a very interesting & often discussed question by Practitioners world wide alike, especially for children.
Gary Craig is quite happy to tap surrogately without permission but many Practitioners are not happy at all with this and always seek permission first.
A suggestion : Can you access permission from your grand daughter's parents ?
i actually worked with a photo and young child who I was not aquainted with and asked for the parents consent first which was given.
If possible, this could be the best option.
Hope this helps,
Kind regards


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