Using the Power of Unconscious Mind w/EFT

What You Need to Know About This Internal Resource

By Alina Frank, EFT-ADV, EFT CERT-I

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There is so much being said these days about the value of engaging your unconscious mind in permanent change and transformation.  There are some very important tenets of the subconscious/unconscious mind that you need to understand in order to effectively tame it and allow it to work for you instead of against you through self sabotage.

1. Its the domain of the emotions and your hidden beliefs will create a pleasurable feeling or a painful one on things occurring in your life.

2. It organizes memories in a sequential manner. The first time you experience a disturbing negative emotion is the most important because of the gestalt that was formed each time that same negative emotion was experienced.

3. It is the Akashic record keeper of the mind. When we an event that was too painful to process then the subconscious holds it for us often affecting our daily lives without our knowledge.     

4. Often some these unresolved memories will suddenly show up out of thin air. This often happens with EFT. I wish I had a dime for every time I heard,"Wow, I haven't thought of that in years" or "I'd completely forgotten about that" It's almost like the mind says, "Finally, let's get down to business with this crap"

5. It is responsible for managing our autonomic nervous system. It breathes for us, directs our heart rate, or digestive system, etc. Is it any wonder then that since it almost tied up with emotions, it's influence can affect health?

6. It preserves the integrity of the body. Around sexual issues I see this all the time. Self sabotage happens in order to do this even though consciously we want to lose weight, heal, go after better situations in our lives.

7. It is the high priest center. These are your highest morals and ethics usually imprinted in childhood. Would you take the advice about who you should marry from a 5 year old's morals? Or any major decision for that matter. Hmm? Maybe yes, maybe no. That's is indeed what you do on a subconscious level.

8. Takes very clear messages and listens 24/7 to your conscious thoughts. Are you mostly a negative or positive person? You are constantly programming your mind with your consistent thoughts.

9. Controls and maintains all perceptions. That hunch or gut feeling is really your subconscious.

10. Is responsible for our good and bad habits. That's why its so important to use it when changing behaviour.

11. It want to grow and expand constantly. Lessons are learned this way.

12. Works best as a whole unit and not in conflict with a competing concept. This is what EFTers mean by congruence.

13. It likes symbols and metaphors. This is why many of us use it often in our work. Thinking in pictures accesses this part of our brains easily.

14. Projects everything onto "other" or outer circumstances.

15. It's lazy! It wants what it wants without effort. If you aren't motivated then this concept will drive you to inertia.

16. Won't take no for an answer. We all know that affirmations shouldn't include negative statements and this is why. In EFT we address this by saying we love ourselves in spite of our failures.


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After an exhaustive search to find something that would help her with a
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Alina is a co-founder of the Western Washington EFT Practitioners’ Group, and the EFT for Vets Associates which provides free sessions for veterans suffering from PTSD.  Alina has served a moderator on EFT founder Gary Craig’s EFT WomenWise Forum. Her work is recommended by many traditional allopathic health practitioners in the Seattle metro area. She has assisted over 2000 clients around the world on Skype, phone, and in person sessions. Through the combined used of quantum physics as a certified Matrix Energetics practitioner and a certified EFT practitioner/trainer Alina is  provides each and every person with an experience of healing for their highest good through her skills and intuitive gifts.

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