The Angry Pancreas - Part I

By Rossanna Massey, D.C., EFT Cert-I

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Since the beginning of my EFT career I’ve been fascinated by the many layers of emotion behind serious diseases.  Many of my patients who came to me for spinal related problems were also under their medical doctor’s care for a variety of different illnesses.  Intuitively I always suspected specific emotions related to their chronic illnesses, yet I was careful not to approach the subject with them.   My patients would tell you that I am not a shy person but I was mindful not to get too personal while working on them.  I did notice, however, the “trends” of emotions that went along with their particular illnesses.  In the many thousands of patients I’ve seen in my seventeen year career as a Chiropractor, I’ve yet to meet a cancer patient who wasn’t angry.  Here is a cancer story that not is only miraculous, but a real testimony of how EFT heals people on a cellular, energetic level.  Before I begin I’d like to add that since this experience, I now cringe when I hear other people describe their “battle” with cancer, or their “fight” with it.  Why not approach cancer by waving the white flag, honoring what your body is trying to tell you, and make peace with it?

A year ago I found out that a dear friend of mine, Karen, who lives in Texas was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and had a very grim prognosis.  She had been seeking alternative methods of treatment because the consequences of the medical “slash and burn” techniques were in her opinion, unacceptable.  She knew I had been studying EFT for quite a while, and an advanced practitioner. Karen wanted to leave nothing out of her holistic regimen, so gave me a call and asked for my help.  Finally, I thought, this was my first experience with treating the emotions behind cancer, and I jumped at the opportunity.  We arranged our weekly phone sessions, and I advised her to come up with her own “personal peace” list. 

I must admit that in the back of my mind I was insecure about the outcome of our sessions, and of disappointing her as well.  So I tapped on myself accordingly; “Even though I’m afraid she’ll die anyway because this is incurable, I deeply love and respect myself.”  “Even though I feel guilty that she trusts me to help her, and I may fail, I deeply love and accept myself”  “Even though I have no business dealing with this serious illness, I choose to be calm and relaxed about it,”  “Even though she may be too far gone, at the very least, she can die in peace.”  And most importantly to me, “Even though I need to save her, I love myself, and understand where this is coming from.”   Once I got myself sufficiently out of the way, I was ready for our first phone session.

I was not surprised by the short length of her personal peace list.  She was always one to “gloss over” painful events and pretend things didn’t bother her. By choosing not to engage in confrontations, or defend herself over the years with her critical in laws, she ended up stuffing down large amounts of anger that even she was surprised she still had, in spite of her passive “adult” way of handling things.  I’ve always thought that anger is such a difficult emotion to deal with due to the very thick shell of denial that is wrapped around it. Since I already knew most of her issues through the years, I decided not to approach any of them directly, and instead get right to the sick pancreas to ask it for its painful priority. Her medical doctor told her that her CAT scan showed she had a large mass at the head of her pancreas consistent with malignancy, and that it was putting pressure on her surrounding organs making her jaundiced.  She had lost a lot of weight, and had no appetite.

 The first corridor to go through was her lack of self acceptance.  I like to have my clients first say aloud “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.” I ask how it feels intellectually, and I get one answer, then ask how it feels emotionally and get quite another. After three rounds of “Even though I can’t love or accept myself, I choose to try,” I moved to the next barrier, and asked her what she imagined her sick pancreas looked like.  What color is it?  She replied, “It’s definitely black.”  Then I asked her what texture it was, and she described it as lumpy. What would it smell like?  And she said “foul, like something died.”   If it had an emotion, what would it be?  “It would be angry.”  Because Karen was so dissociated with her anger we began with the long version of the tapping sequence to leave no stone unturned. “Even though I have anger in my ‘head’, and there’s so much of it, I don’t know where to begin, I deeply love myself.”  The first round of tapping was enough to shake loose her first subconscious priority of painful memories.  “My mother in law never liked me, and let me know how disappointed she was that my husband didn’t marry his ex-girlfriend Sandra instead.” 

I want everyone to know that this healing experience didn’t happen over night.  It took one and a half months which, in itself, still amazing.   Adding to the urgency of the situation was that her husband and daughters were pressuring her into returning to the medical doctors for another CAT scan, and schedule the proposed surgery to remove her pancreas, (slash) and have chemo with radiation (burn.)  Working against the clock, we stepped up our sessions to twice weekly.  Since I didn’t have the luxury of time to politely step around her issues, I developed my own “Massey Emotional Trigger Point Technique” which directly addresses the abject negativity of her thoughts and is “pressed” on it until it’s cleared (this is similar to the deep tissue-work technique which is quite painful, but very effective in releasing “trapped” physical tensions). I also encouraged her to use “spicy” language to step up her pancreatic purge.  Our set-up phrases were as follows:

“Even though I was taught to show respect for my elders, I still hate Mrs. Dexter, and I refuse to forgive her.”  Reminder phrase; “I hate her g.d. guts, I refuse to forgive her!”

In spite of the fact that her mother in law was now deceased, I knew it would be a good idea for Karen to finally tell her off out loud instead of doing it in her “head.” Here’s how that went; “Even though I didn’t have the courage to tell you then, I deeply love and accept myself, and you’re a vicious, and jealous old hag, and I can’t stand you either!  At each tapping point I had her plug in all the things she could never say, and even yell it out!
She was exhausted after that round of tapping, but said she felt warm and relaxed.  We resumed our next session later on in the week.

“Even though I wasn’t good enough to please her,”
“Even though I could never hurt my husband by saying it, your mama is a B*!*#!”
Reminder phrase was; “She’s a B*!*#!”  She’s such a damn B*!*#!”
“Even though his whole family thinks he could have done better”
“Even though it matters to me what they think.”
“Even though I’m stupid for letting their opinions get to me”
“Even though he’s stupid for taking all their abuse”
“Even though I hate myself for staying with him for so long and putting up with this s*!t”
“Even though the best years of my life were spent swimming against the sewage of his family”
“Even though I’m pissed at him for not defending me against his mother”
“Even though my daughters got snubbed by them when they were little and innocent”
“Even though they hate my daughters for having my inferior blood in them”
“Even though I should have punched them all in the face for punishing my daughters too”

The first week after our initial session Karen reported her that appetite was returning, and that she felt more peaceful.  In two weeks, she was no longer jaundiced. 

            To be continued in Part II of The Angry Pancreas


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Author's Bio:

My primary specialty is serious diseases, though I am experienced in a wide variety of problems and issues. Trained as a Chiropractic Physician, my background in the healing arts gives me an advantage in working with physical manifestations of illness. I never hesitate to confront the emotional underpinnings of even the most serious of health problems, including pancreatic cancer.

I can be reached for private consults and phone sessions at

1-888-287-0989 toll free or visit my website, WWW.EFTHelp.com


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Posted August 14, 2010 02:23 AM

Wow- this article gives me desperately needed hope and sample scripts to help me deal with my mother's breast and brain cancer. I've been doing EFT for about four years and had great success with my self but facing her illness is a huge challenge. She has a great EFT therapist but we've been trying to do some tapping together, too, with some luck. This article confirms my suspicions that her repressed anger (at a whole lot of people and situations!) might be a big part of her triple negative, extremely aggressive cancer.

Thank you very much for this! I look forward very much to the next installment.


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