The Angry Pancreas - Part II

By Rossanna Massey, D.C., EFT Cert-I

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With every week that passed she started to feel more comfortable, and started recognizing her issues about her own parents without feeling like she was dishonoring them.  As in the case of most angry people, she felt that she had already “dealt” with that part of her life, but I knew better.    She admitted that her mother was bossy and controlling who “picked on” her father, who never defended himself.  The guilt behind the anger at her own parents, who are both deceased, kept her from ever expressing it. I assured her that you can love someone very deeply and still be angry at them.  It is about finding clarity, and forgiveness of ones self, and of them. 

What happened at our last session the day before her CAT scan was truly amazing, and it still gives me chills whenever I think about it.  All the while I worked on Karen I knew the culmination of our work together was to be the issue of forgiveness.  So we began;

“Even though I put my anger in the head of my pancreas, so I could clear my own head, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself, and I honor my pancreas for working so hard to protect me.” 
Reminder phrase; “Gratitude for my pancreas, and all that it’s done for me, it’s safe to let go now.”

 “Even though I’ve held a grudge for his family for so long now it’s killing me, I deeply love and accept myself, and for my own sake I want to release it.”  Reminder phrases; “They could never feel my anger only I did now I’m paying for it,” “I only hurt myself.”

We hadn’t even finished the tapping sequence when Karen said, “I feel sorry for Mrs. Dexter, she was critical of me because maybe she didn’t like herself.  It must have made her feel better to find fault with me.  I’m sure she was critical of her own children too. Maybe that’s why they listened to her, and went along with it.   What child doesn’t want their parent’s approval?”

My last set-up phrase was the key that unlocked the door to her pancreatic head, and allowed the release of its anger in a most unexpected way.
“In spite of all the years they caused me anguish and pain, on a cellular level, I forgive them all with every fiber of my being.” Reminder phrase;  I forgive them with every fiber of my being, I forgive them on a deep cellular level,  I forgive them with all my heart and soul,  it feels wonderful to feel true forgiveness and really mean it.”

Karen stopped tapping and declared she felt a very sharp pain at the left upper quadrant of her abdomen.  And then said; “This is embarrassing but I just passed the most horrible gas that is so foul smelling, it’s like something died inside of me!  I never in my life had gas like this before, and it’s so bad I have to leave the room!  I told her to call me back after the “smoke cleared,” and waited for her call. 

Karen called back about ten minutes later to tell me she had to ventilate the room before entering it so she could call me back.  “My whole body feels like it’s tingling, and I’m so relaxed.”  I asked her to close her eyes and describe what color her pancreas was, and she said that it was pink and shinny.   When asked about the texture, she proclaimed that it was smooth.  If she could smell it, how would it smell?  She replied, “Just like fresh air.”
If it had an emotion, what would it be? “It’s happy, and the face on the head is smiling, and so am I!”

We ended our call with her thanking me profusely for all of my efforts, and assured me that no matter the outcome, she would forever be grateful for the EFT sessions.  She promised to call me after her doctor’s appointment to let me know the results of all the testing and her date of surgery.   

The next day Karen called me and asked me to tap her for fear as they were driving to meet with the Oncologist and the surgeon.
“Even though both of these doctors intimidate me, and have pressured me in the past about this surgery, I love and accept who I am, and I honor and trust my own inner wisdom to know what is best for me.”  “Even though these doctors threaten me and make me feel stupid for not listening to them, I deeply love and forgive myself for feeling stupid, and I forgive them because they’re only doing what they think is right.”

For fear of adding extra pressure on Karen and her family, I refrained from calling her and kept my distance hoping for the best possible outcome.  Two weeks later I received a call from a mutual friend who said, “Did you hear about Karen?”  My heart leaped to my throat as I asked “No, why?”  “Well, they can’t find any trace of cancer in her pancreas, and whatever mass there was in the first scan, was completely gone in the second one!”

I felt elated for the outcome yet kind of sad, and puzzled that she didn’t tell me the good news herself.   I picked up the phone and called her.  She was glad to hear from me, and apologized for not calling.  She and her whole family, including his relatives, were celebrating her profound recovery.  She told me that her blood work and CAT scan findings were all normal, and quite a contrast to the first time they were taken.   Her doctors were completely dumbfounded by their findings, and said that in all the years they’ve treated patients, neither one of them have ever experienced a spontaneous healing.  The mass at the head of her pancreas was completely gone and she was deemed cancer-free.  

Now, before you conclude that this was one of the most blatant examples of the apex effect, she whispered into the telephone; “I know this is all because of EFT, but my husband doesn’t believe it.  He thinks it’s because of all the special prayers he said for me.  You know how deeply religious he is.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help. God and EFT saved my life.”

Upon a one year follow up appointment with her doctors, still not a trace of anything wrong, and she’s clean as a whistle. 

Emotional freedom can only bring you peace, and it’s never been about the battle with cancer, it’s all in the surrender.


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My primary specialty is serious diseases, though I am experienced in a wide variety of problems and issues. Trained as a Chiropractic Physician, my background in the healing arts gives me an advantage in working with physical manifestations of illness. I never hesitate to confront the emotional underpinnings of even the most serious of health problems, including pancreatic cancer.

I can be reached for private consults and phone sessions at

1-888-287-0989 toll free or visit my website, www.EFTHelp.com


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Suzanne Zacharia
Posted May 08, 2010 02:41 PM

Thank you so much, Rossana, for such a wonderful and encouraging article. It is now permanently imprinted in my mind to use when needed.


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