Weighty Projects

Understanding why our thinking holds on and shows up as the weight we want to be free of

By Ranjana Appoo

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Below is a list of the common issues I have encountered with Weight Projects.


If you find more reasons can you please leave a comment below so that I can add it to this list. I always remind my clients that all body projects or weight projects did not appear overnight, it was a gradual process and the body appreciates our respect and support while it finds graceful balance and harmony.

1. Protection. Our body hangs onto weight when it thinks we need protection from something or someone. It might store fat to keep us safe from threats or intimidation

2. Habit. Sometimes we just have a habit of feeling we are fat and our body just settles into this image.

3. Ancestral Starvation memories, this can show up as feelings of uneasiness when the fridge or larder is empty.

4. Comfort. Sometimes our bodies’ need the comfort the extra padding brings.

5. Hiding, for some this is a great place to hide, behind a wall of fat.

6. Organ trauma. We store trauma in our organs and extra cushioning sometimes make them feel safer.

7. FEAR, Afraid of what will happen if you are slim? The consequences, unwanted attention ...disastrous consequences, death... Fear of what others may say or think

8. Memories of hunger in the cells that have been caused by dieting experiences or trauma. The body requires reassurance that there is no actual danger or famine.

9. Childhood deprivation (Love, food, nurturing) this can be the root of many weight issues

10. Food allergies. We seem to crave the very thing that is fattening.

11. Storing Fear, Guilt, Shame, Anger, Anxiety, Resentment, Sadness, Hurt, Betrayal, Unhappiness and other feelings of conflict that feel painful as weighty accumulation

12. Some carry the weight to feel Grounded, to be grounded in the Physical.

13. Need to be “Cuddly”, “Loveable” (Be Mother)

14. Belief systems about “fat” people (for e.g. ugly, greedy), belief systems about thin people (for e.g. wiry, strict, unloving)

15. Denial. This is incredibly common, facing and owning the body and mind’s present condition can be very painful and stressful

16. Taking on other people’s burdens and not letting go, this can pile up as accumulation; this tends to happen because of guilt about loving oneself

17. Unable to express, accumulation shows up here as undigested hurt, all the unexpressed, repressed (suppressed) emotion can turn into weight

18. Hormonal imbalance and issues around sexuality

19. The most common reason I encounter is “Fat / Heavy” thinking and a lack of SELF love

20. Arguing with reality, conflict can keep unwanted accumulation stuck, “what you resist persists”

Weight as Resistance

Sometimes working with body projects is similar to working with “Resistance to Acceptance, Healing and/or Change”. I have found that working with the energy of resistance opens many doors. Some of my clients have even put on body weight when processing “Weighty issues” before their weight stabilised and then started dissolving, releasing and clearing. What I found was that there can be very strong resistances, and anchors in the body and mind that hold onto the “weight” or “project” almost in fear of death. The notion of resistance is not new to energy psychology. Most if not all Energy Therapy practitioners know that resistance can show up in many many ways.

I like to give my clients who want to work with any project the following Liberating Sequence between our preliminary sessions, to help unravel (soften) the resistance that can show up as a wall along the way. I also ask all my EFT Level 3 students to use this process for a week or so as it helps them meet resistance in themselves and their clients with deep compassion and understanding. The results as always speak for themselves. The most noticeable result is the awareness (the aha) of resistance, and the understanding of hidden fears that creates the need for resistance. I have discovered that the reason resistance “works” so well is that most of the time we seem to be unconscious of it and our lack of awareness keeps resistance in place. I know I always feel lighter after using this.J You can play with this once a day for 7 to 10 days.

Setup Phrase to be repeated while stimulating the back of the head or by gently stimulating the thymus area

“Even though I feel stuck, heavy, blocked and unhappy with my body (life), I am willing to release the pattern with me – whatever it may be, that is creating this condition. I deeply and completely accept all of me”

1st Round of Touch or percussive stimulation with the Reminder Phrase:

I feel (fill in the blank with your words)

2nd Round of Touch or percussive stimulation with the Reminder Phrase:

I am willing to release the pattern with me – whatever it may be, that is creating this condition

Next Setup Phrase to be repeated while stimulating the back of the head or by gently stimulating the thymus area or by bilateral tapping

Even though my body (mind) is resisting me, I am resisting feeling good, and my thoughts about my body (my life) hurts, I am willing to release the Need for the Resistance I deeply and completely accept all of me

1st Round of Touch or percussive stimulation with the Reminder Phrase:

This Resistance, this energy of resistance

2nd Round of Touch or percussive stimulation with the Reminder Phrase:

I am willing to release the need for the resistance

3rd Round of Touch or percussive stimulation with the Reminder Phrase:

I open my heart to all my resistance; I choose to understand this pattern within me, exhaling conflict and confusion I inhale lightness, healing and peace

At some stage, in this journey to better physical health, we can touch (tap) on,

“I open myself to all the ways I may have created this, and I am willing to release the pattern in my consciousness that is responsible for this condition. I now choose to use my power consciously. I deeply and completely accept all of me.”

When I meet resistance with loving awareness it feels like i open a door of possibility. I invite you to get to know resistance and its many guises. For me resistance is now a gift, it is simply energy, an experience of attachment to a story of fear simply waiting to come into the light.

Once resistance is brought into your awareness it is easier to heal the reasons that keep the body too fat, too thin, heavy, weighty, inflexible etc. and your ability to live life with openness can grow.

We all have infinite gifts of wisdom and joy, imagine spending your life unwrapping them, everyday opening a “present” of discovery, innate serenity, a sweet embrace of precious knowing... imagine feeling that you are truly worthy, deserving and blessed... imagine knowing every time resistance shows up you can be present with it in complete awareness and experience the lightness of being all that you are.



Here are some further Setup statements my clients have used successfully with weight and body projects.

Simply Touch the Energy points while tuning into these thoughts:

“I am willing to release the need for weighty protection and am open to feeling intrinsically strong, safe and secure”

“I am willing to release old habits and am open to creating new habits of healthy flexibility.”

“I am willing to release ancestral starvation memories, I acknowledge the struggles of my ancestors, I am now open to creating new patterns of harmony and body mind balance for the generations that follow me.”

“I am willing to release my attachment to comfort; I am open to experiencing freedom and effortless transformation, I enjoy shifting gears, I am dynamic, moving, standing, sitting, walking, and resting with ease.”

“I am willing to acknowledge and respect my fear of vulnerability and exposure, I can come out of hiding and enjoy sharing the love and joy I am.”

 “I am willing to release any stored organ trauma safely and gently with Love and Truth.”

“I am willing to accept the consequences of being healthy and happy, and heal the fear of what others may say or think, I am open to Love”

“I am willing to release memories of hunger in the cells of this body and reassure the body that in this moment it feels really good, I love feeling contented.”

“I am willing to release feelings of deprivation and to nurture and nourish myself with love and joy.”

“I am willing to release anxious cravings with my breath and inhale pleasure and goodness”

“I am willing to release Fear, Guilt, Shame, Anger, Anxiety, Sadness, Resentment and Hurt and other feelings of conflict that stop me from being free to love and express myself.”

“I am open to feeling grounded and being present in the body, alive with nature’s vitality”

“I acknowledge my need to be “Be Mother”, I enjoy BEing free and spontaneous”

“I am willing to release Belief Systems about Fat People and Belief Systems about Thin People, it is wonderful experiencing Love for myself and others”

“I am willing to release the stress of looking in the mirror, I am open to discovering the real me, I face all my perceptions with love and compassion”

“I am willing to release other people’s burdens and let go, as I love myself I find that my love for others is deeper, kinder and honest.”

“I acknowledge all the unexpressed, repressed emotion in ways that are healing for me and the world around me.”

“I am willing to release the hormonal imbalances and challenges around femininity, masculinity and sexuality that have been stored by this body; I am open to the joy of feeing whole, content and unconditionally loved.”

“I let go and release the weight in my life, mind and body”

“I love being aware of my resistance, I love letting go, I love being and feeling liberated, loving and light”

Hope this lightens your load J



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Author's Bio:

Ranjana is an inspired and sensitive LiberatingTouch, Jin Shin Jyutsu, & EFT practitioner and AAMET certified trainer, workshop facilitator, artist and health researcher. She has devoted her life to experiencing and sharing peace, delight, beauty and harmony. She has travelled extensively and lectured in fine arts. Ranjana also succeeded in overcoming chronic health challenges and so dedicated herself since 1995 to the study of nutrition, complementary therapies and holistic health research. She is dedicated to the journey of self-realisation and meeting all of life with openness and love. She continues to paint and write.




Posted November 29, 2010 03:14 AM

Congratulations Ranjana.
I work with many of my clients with overweight issues, and with me too, but I find quiet new aspects to aproach it in your article.


Posted December 11, 2010 03:43 AM

Dear Ranjana,
Thankyou for posting this! I have been wanting to begin work with others on weight loss and have been putting together a program to do so. The word 'surrender' that you have used so wonderfully is one that I would like to use too and so I request permission since I read it here first :)
In fact, should you be in India (specially in Mumbai, where I am), I would love to chat up with you!

Sunshine and laughter,
mob: 9987050056


Posted April 21, 2011 04:29 PM

Hi Patricia, Hi Nidhu,

Thank you for your feedback and comments. Feel free to use this article in any way that helps you or your clients.

I have recently updated this article so hope the added insights are helpful.

Joy and Peace,


Perizat Hamdy
Posted September 06, 2011 04:18 PM

Dearest Ranjana,

Fantastic insights, thank you so much. I just tapped through all your statements extensively, and let me tell you there was a lot of yawning and some emotional spikes I was not even aware of.

I will repeat the whole thing for a few days, I am very optimistic!

Did you write any routine for resistance to exercise by any chance? :-)

Thank you, you have always been an inspiration to me, and many others I am sure.

Lots of love and God Bless you


Posted September 10, 2011 05:58 AM

Thank you Peri,

I have just uncovered 2 other common issues, one is to do with touch and the other to do with attractiveness.

Yes I did write the routine for resistance and it can be used for anything. I advise my level 3 students to use that sequence for 21+ days and the results speak for themselves.

Love and Joy,


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