Premature Cognitive Commitment and Reversals

By Alina Frank, EFT-ADV, EFT CERT-I

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In India, trainers tie baby elephants to trees in order to keep them fromrunning off. Over the course of their growth, they make the tree smaller and smaller until at adulthood the elephants will stay put even if they are tied to the smallest sapling.Workers in aquariums will attest to the fact that fish who are contained by a glass partition will only test to see if the partition is still there for a brief period of time.If they remove the partition after a certain amount of time the fish can move free throughout the tank, but they won't even try. You can do the same experiment at home. Place a bunch of flies or fleas in a jar with a lid for a short period of time. Open the lidand only a few daring souls will attempt an exit from the top of the jar. The elephants, flies, and the fish are three perfect examples of a premature cognitive commitment.

When I was eleven I learned to ski. Immediately after mastering the bunny hill I ventured to the chair lift where I unfortunately witnessed a relative fall off the lift and break his arm. I decided then and there that this was a dangerous sport and had made a premature cognitive commitment.  I didn't take up skiing again until I released that memory and consequent decisions with EFT.

How often in your life do you simply write off adventures, opportunities, new ways of being, expansion or growth because you are stuck in the past? You say things like,"That's just not me"or "That doesn't feel okay to me" or "I'll do it some other time" We've all had difficulties in our lives. Most of us have had our hearts' broken, some of us have been financially broken. We've all had a good scare or a bad fall that then led to decisions about the way the world works that we have probably outgrown.Limiting beliefs, safety blocks, and procrastination are all ways that we stop ourselves from getting hurt or from struggling again. But what if these conscious and subconscious assistants really curtail our joy, our life force energy, or hopes and desires?

Here's a list that I routinely (modified from the work of Fred Gallo, Ph.D) use with clients to uncover hidden and not so hidden barriers. The trick is to get specific about how these show up in your life and tap further to release their origins.

I deeply and profoundly accept myself even if.....................

I want to keep this problem I continue to have this problem

I dont deserve to get over this problem it isnt safe for me to get over this problem

 it isnt safe for others for me to get over this problem it isn’t possible for me to get over this problem

I wont allow myself to get over this problem

 I wont do what is necessary getting over this problem

it wont be good for me getting over this problem

it wont be good for others I have a unique block to getting over my problem

I may have a fear of how my life will change if I get over this problem

You will notice that the 4 major themes are:

1.Loss of Identity i.e. who will I be, how will I feel, how will I act? 2.Deservedness                                                                  3. Safety                                                                               4. Resistance or Fear of Change

Loss of identity is what some practitioners call the Void. The emptiness that may result after extensive tapping and releasing can be frightening to some especially if those issues have been around since childhood. The best way to counteract the Void is to simply create and focus on the new possibilities for one's future now that the blocks are gone.

Deservedness and lack of self-worth or self-esteem need to be teased out. Otherwise, even the statement "I deeply and completely love and accept myself" can become a reversal or block.

Safety is the most common of the blocks. If expressing feelings and emotions were unacceptable in one way or another in your family of origin then sharing some or any emotions with another is nearly impossible. A creative, empathic, skilled EFT practitioner will recognize what is happening and be able to slowly nurture and coax those feelings out to process.

Fear of change can be as obvious as snack amnesia when you are trying to lose weight or as subtle as a lack of libido. For real permanent change to occur you must have your subconscious mind engaged with the program or directives you place in your life.

Simply stating aloud that you are ready to stop smoking, forgive your mother, manifest more money, or align your soul to figure out your life's purpose, won't get you far at all. This is when EFT can really work it's magic.


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Author's Bio:

Alina Frank, CERT-I is an EFT instructor, mentor, EFT coach, Matrix Energetics certified practitioner and host of Love Tap Radio. She specializes in women's issues. Alina has assisted thousands around the world in phone, in-person, and Skype sessions, workshops, and teleclasses. For further information please see www.tapyourpower.net




Posted April 09, 2011 11:27 AM

You're right, Alina. I need to do more of this kind of tapping and so do my (practice) clients. Thanks for the article.


Ebru Giritligil
Posted April 12, 2011 07:34 AM

Hi Alina:

You said "Deservedness and lack of self-worth or self-esteem need to be teased out." How do you go by doing that. Can you elaborate on that please?

I think the article has potential and power to clarify things for many people including me. I wish you have explained it more and with examples for newbies like me.



Alina Frank
Posted April 17, 2011 02:31 PM

Hi Ebru,

It's all about uncovering the psychological reversals is the key to healing serious issues permanently using EFT. You can try tapping on "Even though I don't know why I don't feel I deserve better" and then ask yourself where you 1st learned not to love yourself, that it wasn't okay to honor yourself, or ....
These beliefs all start in childhood. Tapping will shift it.



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