Doorways to deeper healing

Using the finger points to access core issues

By Sejual Shah, AAMET Level 3 Practitioner

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The finger points are not used so much in EFT these days.  Working with them can still provide a doorway into healing a complicated issue.  Here’s an example of where starting with a particular finger point provided my client and me with the quickest way in.

“Hilary” came to me with a list of issues we could work on.  We spent the first 40 minutes exploring the various issues we might deal with.  This was great for rapport building, but my normal approach is to get clarity within the first 20 minutes.  This way we can work efficiently and start to make progress. 

The problems Hillary raised were inter-connected in some ways, but also separate.  After some discussion we settled to work on an irregular heart beat issue that Hilary has been troubled with all her life.  It helped that Hilary is very self aware and familiar with therapeutic techniques.  As a result she was open to going with the flow of the energy. 

As our conversation had given us many doorways, I went for the unobvious.  The tapping point on the little finger of each hand is connected to the heart meridian.  I felt drawn to tap there very gently and asked her what she felt.  That one action launched Hilary into a huge emotional wave of sadness.  The change was dramatic, accompanied by lethargy and coughing. 

We continued at a gentle but constant rate of tapping to soothe down the reaction.  It helped that Hilary understood what her body’s reaction meant – she’s experienced it before.  From experience I also understood that the intense reaction that came on meant that we had touched a core issue quickly. 

There were multiple issues to the sadness that came up to deal with which we tapped on.  We tapped through many rounds on different aspects for the following issues:

  • Sadness at being rejected by her church for asking questions when a teenager; and
  • Hurt and guilt at losing her sibling twin whilst in the womb.

Moving to the positive, through tapping, we:

  • Brought in sunny energy into her solar plexus;
  • Improved the energy channel between heart and solar plexus so that she could feel joy in expressing herself; and
  • Brought in more divine energy and self acceptance.

Her irregular heart rhythm went from 7 at the start of our session to a zero by the end.  Talking with Hillary 7 weeks later, she reported feeling calmer and able to open up from the heart to give more love to others as a result of our work. 

Whilst Hilary recognises that she has more tapping to do on heart-related issues she felt she got a tremendous benefit from our joint work.  That’s because there were two minds and two intents focussed on the one problem.

Below is a helpful list for those interested in exploring the EFT point connections with the relevant meridian.  These connections are NOT intended as being prescriptive, e.g. if you have a heart condition then tapping on one point alone is unlikely to resolve the issue by itself.  The connections are best worked with as a possible doorway  to finding and working on the underlying core issues. 

Eye Brow – Bladder 2
Side of Eye – Gall Bladder 1
Under Eye – Stomach 1
Under Nose – Governing Vessel 27
Chin – Central Vessel 27
Collar Bone – Kidney 27
Under Arm – Spleen 17
Under Chest – Liver 14

Thumb – Lung 11
Index Finger – Large Intestine 1
Middle Finger – Pericardium 9
Gamut spot – Triple Warmer 3
Baby Finger – Heart 9
Karate Chop – Small Intestine 3


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Sejual specialises in helping clients resolve depression and anxiety issues so that they can achieve their goals.  She works by phone and in person in Hertfordshire, UK. 

She blends EFT with Law of Attraction knowledge, and finds inspiration in the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Sejual has also pioneered EFT training courses for staff upto director level in multi-national companies in the UK and abroad.  These have included Stress Management and Time Management courses.


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