Surrogate EFT for Tom Cat

He's a good cat and Cathryn loves him very much

By Suzanne Zacharia

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Surrogate tapping may seem strange at first. And the thought of tapping itself may seem strange in the first place! But if it works, surely that is all that matters.

I recently presented an EFT workshop where we had a lovely experience with surrogate tapping. I was explaining the wonders of EFT and its many varied uses. I explained that you can surrogate tap on your body for a child or animal, and illustrated with the story of Pookie the cat who used to always overeat and was helped with distance tapping. One attendee, Cathryn, said that this is exactly what her cat did, and can we tap for him.

Cathryn explained that Tom Cat was a stray that she fed her cats' leftovers to over the years. After some years, the opportunity came to adopt him and take him on properly. He got taken to the vets, had everything taken care of and given a good home. He had everything he wanted. But after having his food, he would always ask Cathryn for seconds. And Cathryn lovingly obliged. He was wormed twice but still always ate all his food and asked for more. Not only was this becoming expensive, but he was also becoming rather rotund.

I explained to Cathryn that this is probably because Tom Cat needed to eat as much as he could fit in his belly when he was living in the wild. I said that he was probably still feeling deprived and trying to stuff as much food in as possible, even though food was plentiful in his new home. Cathryn stated that he ate too much, so I used her wording to start with as we all tapped together as follows using the Basic Recipe with the addition of the Top of Head point.

"I allow my body to surrogate for Tom Cat's healing. I am Tom Cat. Even though I eat too much, I'm a good cat."
"I eat too much."

Then we carried on tapping as I opened my mind and heart to Tom Cat's Energy. I started with saying on the Karate Chop “Even though I eat too much” and then changed it to “Even though I don't eat enough”. At this point Cathryn corrected me. I explained to her that these were the words coming to me, and that she should not take it personally. We kept tapping on the Karate Chop as I explained that in Tom Cat's mind, he was not eating enough, and this was probably due to those deprived years in the wild. It is important that we get our own feelings out of the way, and this was just such an example. Cathryn totally understood and we carried on tapping as follows.

“Even though I don't eat enough, I'm a good cat, and Cathryn loves me very much.”
“I don't eat enough”

Then we tapped for times when Tom Cat did not have enough and that he now does have enough, so he now does not need to eat more food for later, that food was plentiful now. We tapped all over this and ended up with a reminder like “There is food in my house now”. This is how I got the message from Tom cat, that there was not enough food in his home before and wanted to communicate to him that there was plenty of food in his house now. After a few rounds of the Basic Recipe, I felt that we were finished for now.

The next day, I got this text SMS message from Cathryn:
“Big Tom Cat has left some of his food tonight”!

And this was followed by another message the day after:
“Tonight he's not wolfing it down as before. Have given him a little less, he's quite happy”.

I love this work and look forward to actually meeting Tom Cat one day!


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© Suzanne Zacharia 2010.  My name is Suzanne Zacharia and I am committed to spreading the word about health options. I believe that the more and better options one has, the more choice there is. 

A virus caught along with 5 other students at university at the end of 1986, plus medical negligence, meant that I got smokers lung at a relatively young age.  In desperation for help with my symptoms and quality of life, I turned to complementary therapy, and I have outlived one doctor's prognosis by many years now.

I am now a complementary therapist, author and trainer specializing in energy healing.  Want to use this article?  You can, as long as you credit me with it and invite your readers to get my FREE book "EFT How-To For You" at http://www.EFT-Scripts.com and my popular FREE online course "5 Days to Change Your Life" at http://www.NewAgeInternationalTraining.com


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