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By Bennie Naude

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Your Weight and You

 ·Do you ever wonder why some people seem to be able to eat whatever they want and remain slim? 

·Have you ever lost weight…only to put it all back on?

·Do you feel nervous around food, or eating? Do you sometimes eat in secret, or binge eat?

·Do you experience uncontrollable food cravings that destroy all your hard work and good intentions in a matter of minutes?

·Are you blaming your body, your genetics, your glands, metabolism rate, parents or partner for being overweight?

·Are you ready to address the problem at its very root, where it really matters?

Your Emotional State
The most important factor in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight is your emotional state.

Food cravings and an inability to lose weight is often caused by unresolved emotional issues, stress, anxiety, guilt, anger, shame or depression.

That’s why you may be able to force yourself to follow a diet or exercise program for a while before you relapse into old behaviours, piling back on the pounds, starting what becomes, for some, a never ending cycle!

The only natural way to move towards your ideal weight and then maintain it is to resolve the unresolved unconscious issues that is leading you to overeat or hold on to your excess weight in the first place.

Some people don’t lose weight because...

·Their excess weight keeps them safe and protects them from harm and/or unwelcome advances.

·They are so identified as an overweight person that they simply cannot see themselves as anything else.

·They are concerned about the reaction of those people around them if they lose weight.

·They use food as a substitute for love or comfort, or to suppress unwelcome feelings like boredom, anger, sadness, blame (self or others), guilt or shame.

·They don’t believe that it is possible for them to, or that they deserve to be at their ideal body weight.

·They have lost weight in the past – only to put it all back on again; and they’re simply not going down that route again!

You are Unique
It’s important to realize that your particular reasons for being overweight are usually totally unconscious which means that you may not have any conscious awareness of them.  That is why the techniques that I use are so effective.

The techniques work even if your reasons don’t fit with the previous examples – we are all unique, and that includes you!

EFT, NLP and Hypnosis
EFT is one of the most sophisticated Energy Therapies known to us today.  Add in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis and you get a powerful blend of hugely transformational techniques that work, as shown on TV by Paul McKenna recently.

The meridian points in our body are like the electrical outlets in our homes and the meridian lines are like the wiring that connects them.  If the wires in your home got cut or blocked then electricity couldn’t flow through them and your electrical appliances or lights won’t work.  It’s the same with us – if the energy flows in our bodies get disrupted or blocked in any way then we start feeling unwell and this could manifest as physical disease or pain, or emotional discomfort such as fears, phobias, anxiety, stress and depression.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a technique that uses our body’s natural ability to heal itself by (literally) tapping into the body’s energy system to release ‘energetic blocks’.  It combines body/Mind science with acupuncture (without needles).

By tapping on some of the meridian points on our bodies while using language in a specific way EFT releases these blocks, allowing the energy to flow freely, allowing ourselves to get well again – often very quickly and when nothing else will.

NLP is a very effective way to interrupt unhealthy or unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour and replace them with more healthy and helpful thoughts and actions so that you can move ahead in your life powerfully. 

NLP utilises a variety of techniques including the purposeful use of language, anchoring positive emotional states into your body so that you have access to them any time you want and actively using your imagination to create the change you want in your life.

Hypnosis is simply a way to communicate with our unconscious minds and make the changes at the deepest levels where it matters.  Used in this context it is nothing like ‘stage hypnosis’, you are not ‘put under’ and certainly cannot be made to do anything against your will.

Quite often it’s like being told a story and most people find it quite relaxing.


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Author's Bio:

Read more about NLP and Hypnosis at http://deepliving.com/faq/what-is-nlp.

Bennie Naude is uniquely qualified to work with clients who want to transform problems into possibilities. Through his own journey, he has travelled the path experienced by many of his clients. He has invested in his own personal transformation and learned the tools to help others do the same.

Bennie spent 20 years travelling all over the world, implementing IT solutions in Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and the USA. As he implemented projects in far-flung places, he gained experience working with diverse cultures. He approaches each client with a keen understanding of different value systems and an appreciation of each individual's family and organizational culture.

He also experienced first-hand the stress of a corporate career: politics, promotions, long hours, last-minute changes and more. As the 21st century dawned, he realized he needed to make a change. Like many of his clients today, he felt stuck and dead-ended. He knew he wanted a new life, but he did not know how to get started.

As a logical, scientifically trained manager, Bennie explored several approaches to personal growth. He didn't find an answer until someone suggested EFT Tapping.

“I had always been a left-brained, analytical type of person. And I had always believed that healing takes a long time, requires a lot of work, and needs an expert who’s always frowning. I was completely blown away by my first experience with tapping. I got results and the technique was fast, easy and enjoyable." - Bennie Naude

Bennie then saw the results of EFT in his public speaking career. As he was speaking to groups as large as 70 people, he would get so anxious that his neck would get blotchy; even the audience noticed! With just two tapping sessions, he became a calm, relaxed speaker. 

Bennie realized he could use this technique to open up possibilities in his own life. More importantly, he realized he could build a new career by sharing what he had experienced. He immediately went into EFT practitioner training and started building his professional practice while continuing in the corporate world.

Bennie now has made a complete transition, turning his own problems into possibilities. He has become a full-time EFT practitioner, leaving the corporate world far behind.

Besides EFT, Bennie gained experience with other transformational tools, including NLP, Hypnosis, ShadowWork, Byron Katie, and The Sedona Method. He chooses a unique blend of techniques to work with each individual client and group of clients. 

Bennie lives in London, England, where he enjoys swimming and running. He continues to be surprised by the benefits of tapping and other practices in his own life and work.

“Surprised to find myself smiling during our sessions…”

I called Bennie after a friend recommended EFT.    During each individual session, I found Bennie to be a good listener who applied his experience and intuition to understand my situation very well.  He identified on some issues that I had not realized where relevant to the challenges we were addressing.  I felt safe, which was important as Bennie's tools and methods were completely new to me. - Nigel


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