EFT for Weight Gain

By Puja Kanth Alfred, M.A (Psychology), EFT-CERT I , EFT-ADV

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EFT is such a versatile tool that it can be used for everything. 

Weight gain

People generally apply EFT for weight loss. However, EFT can also be used for weight gain. I had a client who came to me with alcohol addiction problem. He was also very unhappy with his thin body. He desperately wanted to gain weight. He had tried numerous ways to gain weight but nothing worked. He believed that he would never gain weight.

His alcohol addiction started after his dad's death as he felt very guilty about being a bad son. His dad was a strict disciplinarian due to which they fought over a lot of issues. He had also abused drugs when he was a teenager. He was drinking 8 bottles of beer daily when he first started the therapy sessions and was smoking one pack of cigarettes per day.

His self image was extremely low and he didn't socialize at all. He worked from home and it involved a lot of stress. He had paranoia and very low self confidence. We did all the sessions online over Skype. We dealt with all the significant negative events from the past and also addressed the core issues for alcohol addiction, possible reasons for drug abuse in the past, reasons for not socializing, low self image, withdrawal symptoms, betrayal over money matters by his friends etc. I am outlining the affirmations for a few issues -Guilt about dad's death:

Even though I had to face discipline at home...

Even though dad would get very angry when I would be home late...

Even though I was frustrated because I had to get back home before 8 o clock everyday...

Even though I feel guilty about my dad's death...

Even though I feel guilty because I have been a bad son...

Alcohol addiction

Even though I started taking alcohol to cope with the guilt...

Even though I took up alcohol to deal with my sadness after papa's death...

Even though I feel guilty for I am still drinking when I no longer have any serious problems to cope with as I had earlier like guilt... (This is after his guilt was completely resolved. It was a step by step process)

Even though I am scared of my addictive personality...

Even though I feel that my addictive personality is the road to ruin...


Even though my friend conned me with a lot of money...

Even though I was hurt that he conned me despite being my friend...

Even though I feel angry that he betrayed me...

His underweight problem was linked with self consciousness and low self image. He felt that everyone was making fun of him because he was so skinny. He was afraid to look into people's eyes because he believed that he would see mockery there. Since I combine counseling/ psychotherapy with EFT, I explained to him that what others think of him does not matter; what he thinks of himself is important. "You have to choose what you want for yourself otherwise others will choose it for you."

I used a two step EFT application process - Firstly, self acceptance for the way one is; using EFT for being comfortable with oneself. Secondly applying EFT to remove the blocks to achieving what one wants; these blocks are generally the specific beliefs that are hardwired since childhood. Some of the affirmations used for weight gain were:

Even though I am underweight...

Even though I believe that I will never gain weight...

Even though I believe that I will never gain weight because I have tried different techniques for weight gain and all of them have failed...

Even though since I was a kid my relatives have been telling me that I will never gain weight...

Even though I get self conscious because I think that the whole world is looking at my skinny self when I go out...

Even though I think and feel that the whole world is looking at me when I go out, I choose to stop caring about this that the whole world is looking at me.

Even though I have the image of people looking at my thin legs and getting shocked or making fun of me or talking about me...

Even though I have this image of people looking at me, I choose to change this image.

Even though I dislike my skinny self, I choose to appreciate my good looks (face).

Within a month of starting therapy his weight increased by 2 kg; this was the first weight gain in the past 2 years. He also gave up his alcohol addiction. It's been 3 weeks now without relapse.  He is able to meet people with very less anxiety now and is able to bring down his work related stress by doing EFT.

He sent a feedback recently saying that he had gained a couple of more kilos and was still addiction free.

EFT helps tremendously in achieving a positive transformation and can be used for anything. 


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Counseling Psychologist & Certified EFT Practitioner.


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