Using EFT to relieve injuries

Five points to follow

By Helen P Bressler

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I recently relieved the pain resulting from a wrist injury due to riding a bicycle. This event also revealed five points that I found valuable when addressing injuries (I share them below). 

When I was working in clinical settings I would witness a variety of falls and injuries resulting from different activities among a wide range of client groups.  Again and again I see the same emotion emerge at the time of and after the fall - embarrassment.  

In my experience, embarrassment is the first issue to address regarding falls and injuries in adults (unless there are other more pressing clinical emergencies to be dealt with).  Regarding my own incident, I was riding my racing bike to a cycle store one chilly morning, all kitted out and looking like a professional cyclist, and thoroughly enjoying speeding through the streets.

As I neared the store, I had to scoot down a one way street where the road narrowed considerably and the cycle path became part of the sidewalk.  A road I had to cross was clear of traffic, but had angular speed bumps to transverse which I was confident I could easily ride across.  Unfortunately the drop to the road from the sidewalk at this point was much higher than I had anticipated and I jolted abruptly down, managing to keep the bike upright, but jarring my wrist in the process.

Yes, this was exceedingly painful but, more than that, I was embarrassed. Here I was in my professional-looking biking gear atop a slick racing bike, yet plummeting down a high curb. My immediate thought was whether anyone witnessed that - whether the guys in the cycle store saw it.

I left my bike in the store, as it was due for a full service, and then walked home, rubbing my wrist. 

Later that evening I decided to use EFT on my throbbing wrist and tapped on the pain, which reduced from a level of intensity of 9 out of 10 to 4 out of 10. The following day, the pain was still nagging at me although it was less severe.  I used several rounds of EFT on the pain in particular areas of the wrist to no avail.

Then it struck me to tap on the emotion that I had immediately felt - embarrassment.  I tapped on the embarrassment at riding into the steep gutter, and the embarrassment at the possibility of being observed by the employees and clients in the bike store.  I also tapped for feeling like an idiot.  Within three rounds my wrist pain was down to a zero out of 10 and full range of movement was regained.

I have read a number of articles regarding the use of EFT/MTT with injuries, especially concerning falls or near falls; this together with my clinical experience prompt me to sum up my observations in five points:

1. Remember to use EFT on everything – it took me a few hours before I used EFT in this instance.  Had I have tapped immediately or as soon as I had reached home, I would have saved myself several hours of discomfort.  Also, by visualizing the EFT sequence, which is often as effective as the physical tapping, I could have done EFT immediately after my near fall, either whilst reaching the cycle shop or during the walk home.

2. With every instance of falls or near falls and injuries in adults that I have come across there seems to be a high level of embarrassment. I noticed remarkable improvement in addressing this emotion.

3. Once the initial embarrassment is addressed, consider further aspects of this emotion or other thoughts that arose from the incident.  I felt like an idiot for cycling straight into the gutter between the sidewalk and speed block, and so tapped on that.

4. Another emotion I seem to witness following a fall or near fall in adults is trepidation or reluctance to continue with the same or similar activity.  I suggest addressing the issue of fear, reluctance or future limitations when dealing with injuries.

5. A final consideration is to explore the thoughts or emotions occurring directly prior to the incident.  This may give insight into a core issue that may remain after the fall has been dealt with. In my own case, I had been thinking about the academic work I wanted to get done that day; this was accompanied by impatience regarding the time it would take to walk back from the cycle store.  This impatience may well have remained hidden or considered inconsequential, yet I recognized that this was at the root of the bike incident and other past events.  Hence a core issue had been uncovered and addressed, thus breaking a potential cycle and facilitating a deeper self awareness in the process.

In Brief:

1) Use EFT on everything.

2) Address the embarrassment.

3) Address accompanying aspects or emotions.

4) Consider any trepidation, reluctance, fear, ideas of limitation regarding future activity.

5) Review thoughts or feelings immediately prior to the event.

Helen P Bressler


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Author's Bio:

Helen holds a bachelor’s degree with suma cum laude honors from Oxford Brookes University and is certified in EFT, Z Point and Professional Coaching. Helen is also a registered nurse and ordained minister. She has over two decades of experience in the area of self-development; and works with individuals, groups and couples with great success.

Her wealth of experience and knowledge make her invaluable in the area of self-development. She is widely renowned as a self development expert and transformational coach and has helped hundreds transform their lives.

Helen uses EFT and Z Point to diminish trauma, blocks and isempowering beliefs which get in the way of discovering  or achieving what we really want. Furthermore, she optimizes growth and facilitates direction. She helps people improve relationships and health, clear emotional baggage, reduce stress and unleash potential. She creates tailor-made sessions that perfectly suit the needs of her clients.

Clients have reported feeling happier, healthier, more peaceful and more aware of their life purpose as a result of working with Helen.

Helen co-authored '101 Ways to Enhance Your Career' and has had countless articles published both electronically and in paper form. As part of her own continuing development she is currently working towards her license in marriage and family therapy.

Helen is available for individual, group, family and couples sessions. Visit her website for further information and details of how to contact Helen: www.optimumevolution.com


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