EFT for Pregnancy Discomforts: Sore Breasts

By Monika Benoit, BA Psychology, HHP, EFT-ADV

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There are volumes of pregnancy books on the market that describe to you what your body does during every stage of your pregnancy.  Unfortunately, very few (if any) mention the effects of pregnancy on one of the most important system in your body – your energy system.

Your body has a complex system of energy circuits known as energy meridians (Chi or Qi). These meridians run across your entire body and have powerful influence on your thoughts and emotions. If the energy in these meridians is flowing correctly, in a balanced manner,  your body will work flawlessly.  Blockages and imbalances, on the other hand, can invite a host of pregnancy ailments, sore breasts being one of them.  Practitioners who use meridian therapy point out that physical discomforts during pregnancy, including tender, achy-feeling breasts, can often-times be completely alleviated when the energy in a woman’s body is balanced.

EFT is an emotional healing technique that also stimulates your body's meridians; this means that EFT not only addresses the stress-related and emotional issues that stand in the way of a comfortable  pregnancy but also addresses the root cause of physical issues, like breast soreness, at their energetic source.

To apply EFT to an issue like tender breasts, you would use your fingertips to tap on a specific series of pressure points that correspond to meridian energy channels on your face, torso and hands.  You repeat words and phrases as you tap to help you stay focused on your problem (the way your breasts feel, for instance). Your fingertips send kinetic energy down your energy system as you tap, gently restoring your body's energy back to normal and effectively balancing your energy system.  For many women, the balancing process alleviates physical soreness, in particular breast soreness (as long as that is what one focuses on as the tapping is done).

The tapping process used during EFT releases energy blockages, stimulating the body's creation of endorphins – the body's natural pain-relievers, and because EFT is a drug-free treatment it can be used much more often than a pain reliever like Tylenol.   

Furthermore, EFT works on an emotional level, significantly bringing down the emotional charge of pregnancy-related fears, phobias and worries.  Those who have experienced EFT say that a successful session can help you to approach the challenging parts of your pregnancy with an optimistic state of mind.  Using EFT to relieve pregnancy discomforts, like sore breasts, will allow you to remain healthy and  happy as you approach your due date comfortably!


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Author's Bio:

Monika Benoit is a holistic practitioner specializing in the application of EFT for fertility issues, pregnancy-related discomfort, childbirth and parenting.  To learn more about EFT, including step by step instructions on how to successfully apply it for yourself, download a free copy of Monika's newest book “EFT for Pregnancy and Birth”: http://www.fertilitypregnancybirth.com.



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