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By Pamela Powers, CCHT, EFTadv, Reiki Master Teacher, Touch for Health

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Our family has issues around money.  It's a Family pattern that has come down thrugh the centuries; the lack of it, the scrambling for it, never having quite enough. I look back now and realize that I did have the support of the Universe.....just not quite enough.  I'd always say if I needed $2.45 I'd get $2.43.  This has gone down to my kids....a frustration and an intensity about having money, getting money, and spending money. 


Last year, my adult son was in a contentious situation with a roommate.  He decided he had to get out as soon as possible.  He had been working part time, and most new landlords wanted their tenants to earn at least 2 1/2 times the rent.  He knew he was making enough for the rent and more, and he had savings so he could handle it....but tell that to prospective landlord. 


Fortunately, we knew a friend who had rentals, and managed to get in to one.  But that was $1,000 deposit and $1,000 for the first months rent......$2,0000 right off the bat.....ca-ching!


BUT, he was leaving in mid month, with a 45 day agreed upon notice.  He knew he was going to lose about a half month's rent, and the deposit there was in contention.  He knew that landlord from where he worked so they had a slight relationship.  


My son called him and asked if he could apply the deposit to the rent owed.....the guy said no. That was between the two tenants and all he wanted was the full next month's rent. They got into a shouting match and the landlord hung up on him..........it was getting stressful to say the least.  My son had the potential of dishing out $4000 in one month in a poor economy with only a moderate amount of money coming in and no real guarantee he would get his deposit back. . 


Fortunately, he's interested in EFT.  We started out tapping for the situation. 


"Even tho I'm in this contentious situation with my roommate, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, honor and respect her...." etc. 


"Even tho I don't know where I'm going next under these conditions, I deeply and completely love and accept myself"....etc.  


We were making some headway. But then he had that phone call with the landlord who wasn't going to help at all and that was discouraging. 


About that time, we went to a movie and in the midst of it, it hit me....."it's the family money pattern....He needs to accept the fact that he might indeed have to shell out $4,000 this month. and be ok with it to take the charge out of it"...so I wrote this script:



Even tho in the extreme, if I got hosed for the whole thing and don’t get reimbursed, I’d be out about $2,000.  and I’d have to spend $4000 this month in the month of Aug 2010


Even if that were to happen, I accept it.  


I accept it, I accept it, I accept it. 


Even if I am out $2,000K to get out of there, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and accept it. 


 “I accept it....the possibility that I don’t get any of it back....I accept it”


Tap  “I accept it” at all points x3


Money has always been part of the Family Matrix Pattern.  Being charged about money and being important, maybe more important than it should be. 


This may just be a dream...life may just be a dream


Money may be just play money


It’s just a barter system


It doesn’t make me or break me


I am just grateful I have the money to wheel and deal, and by moving forward and letting it go, I put myself in the position of replacing it with alacrity and putting it all behind me, having learned a valuable lesson. 


Let go and flow, let go and flow, let go and flow. 


I am the game changer x9 I change the rules.


I change the family matrix pattern for myself and all.  I release the charge money has on us all. 


I am where I’m suppose to be doing what I’m suppose to do....living out my life’s purpose of being happy.....healthy, well and free. 


Everything is possible; miracles are happening now. 




I tapped surrogately for him, and he tapped for himself.  Acceptance is a big part of EFT and when we accept the potential, and take the charge out of, the scenario plays itself out in a different fashion. 


The first of the month arrived, and he had to come up with rent at two places.  Off in the distance I heard his phone ring and he was carrying on a pleasant conversation.  At its conclusion he came up to me and gave me a high 5 and said the old landlord had called him and said that he would take the rent owed out of his deposit and send him the balance.  


Crisis averted....harmony restored......money issue handled the best way it could have worked out.  Thank you EFT....and thank you, Gary Craig, for developing this wonderful tool.


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Author's Bio:

©Pamela Leigh Powers, CCHT, EFT-adv, Reiki Master Teacher, Regenesis practitioner in training,  is the author of "Chinese Power Animals - Archetypes of Transformation" relating the Chinese animals to the meridian system.  She lives in Benicia, California, north of San Francisco. email  plp@acumindeft.com, and website: www.acumindeft.com


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Posted November 02, 2010 05:53 AM

Thanks Pamela, fantastic.
I really appreciated the line "what if it's really play money" and "I release the charge money has over me" I'd like to do the same with Titles. What if they are just Monopoly titles.


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