Internet Marketing for EFT Practitioners: Killer Article Ideas

Articles to Take Your EFT Practice to the Next Level

By Monika Benoit, BA Psy, HHP, EFT-ADV

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Most EFT Practitioners are now using the internet, in some way or another, to entice potential clients, build up massive mailing lists, and position themselves as experts in their niches. There are, however, countless ways to take advantage of internet marketing tactics, so many in fact, that even the most techno-savvy can become overwhelmed! One of the easiest and most straight forward ways to get started is to write and distribute articles. A well-written article not only drives traffic to your website but can also help you establish yourself as an authority within your EFT specialty. Of course every good article starts the same way - with a killer topic! Arm yourself with the following article topic ideas and you'll never find yourself "stuck" again!

Who's Your Article Talking To?

Before you do anything else ask yourself: What is my speciality or niche? Who is my audience? Your article should appeal directly to a very specific population. If you haven't yet narrowed your focus down to any one niche in particular simply identify your favorite type of client, or type of issue you have the most experience working with.

What Are Your Keywords?

You must consider which keywords your potential clients and site visitors might use to find you and then incorporate those words into your article titles and article body. For example, a pet groomer would use key phrases like: dog grooming, pet grooming, dog bathing, grooming and boarding, etc... Your keywords need to be those that most people would think of when searching the Internet for information on services such as yours. How do you figure out the most effective keywords? Put yourself in your client's shoes... If your ideal client were to do an internet search, what key words would they use to describe the services they are looking for? Strategically using keywords in your article titles and body will increase your articles' chances of being found on the internet by a potential client.

Some Article Suggestion to Get You Started

Alternatives - Either one, two, or several ways of doing things, or courses of action, to choose between.

Write an article about your special approach to doing EFT and explain how it is different from Original EFT. Explain to your readers what your alternatives are a substitute for, i.e. "3 Alternatives to Original EFT."

Benefits - Advantages, something that has a good effect or promotes well-being.

Your article can teach your readers about the benefits of using EFT to address a certain type of issue or it can detail the benefits of doing EFT a certain way, or a certain frequency, i.e. "The 5 Benefits of Daily Tapping."

Challenges - Difficulties that arouse or stimulate interest.

Address common EFT pitfalls that may make it seem like EFT "isn't working" and provide insight into how such challenges can be overcome, i.e. "3 Common EFT Challenges Explored."

Internet marketing can seem intimidating at first, but have no fear - article writing is one of the simplest and most rewarding ways to market yourself, and your EFT practice, on the web. Remember, a few simple words can be all the inspiration you need to get writing!


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