EFT for Fever, Muscle and Joint Pain, Tiredness, and Being Physically Ill

Helping your body heal itself from within

By Suzanne Zacharia

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I am old enough to remember being encouraged to sweat a fever out. When feverish with cold or flu, we were encouraged to wear lots of layers and bedcovers to help the body recover quickly from the pathogen. Of course, if a certain temperature was reached where the body started to get too hot, that was different matter. And a doctor was always consulted, to make sure everything was safely under control and under medical supervision.

But people these days take a pill to reduce temperature as soon as they get a fever. Dr Mercola published an article with advice about fever and when you should call a doctor. Of course, I am not a doctor, just a holistic healer who has benefited from age-old wisdom; so take from this article what you feel is useful, and as always, make sure you consult your doctor with anything physical in nature. For example, if your doctor advises that you take a pill to reduce temperature, aches and pains, you can ask him or her if you will be safe not doing so, and take his or her advice accordingly. People who shun pills often expect a healing method to do exactly what the pill would have done. But, although natural energy healing does sometimes work this way, do not expect it to do so necessarily.

A fever is the body´s way of getting rid of pathogens. Unless the fever gets out of hand, in holistic healing, it is seen as a good thing. People often panic and ask me for help with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Reiki when they have fever, aches, and pains. EFT is particularly effective in relieving backache and headache, for example, as well as helping the body to heal from many physical conditions, and so people turn to it when ill with flu, colds, etc. It is important to understand that EFT is not a mind-control or a body-control method.  It is an energy-balancing method.  After applying EFT, you body can heal itself better.  If your body can heal itself better with a fever than without, the EFT will help your body keep the fever. I borrow wisdom from Reiki here. Healing knows where to go in your body; we can ask it where to go, but we cannot tell it what to do. It is best to let the healing happen in whatever way is needed for the Highest Good.

This is like once when I had flu which affected my tummy. I felt nauseous and tapped for it - and had to rush to the toilet and be violently sick! But that was a good thing. Clearly, my body needed to purge what was inside.
A headache or bodily ache, such as aching joints, could be your body fighting, or it could be due to toxins from the pathogen or from the hard work your body is beautifully putting in to fight it. It is best with EFT to tap for the cause. Tap without numbers at least once an hour on the hour, or for 15 minutes continuously, say, before you go to bed, this Setup and Reminder:  ¨Even though I have this pathogen, I fight the pathogen and accept myself¨. Better still, put the name of the pathogen in the statement, as diagnosed by your doctor, for example flu, bacterium, parasite, etc. Specific tapping for pathogens seems to somehow get the body to defend itself more, and that leads to tiredness (even more tiredness) after this tapping. It is not uncommon to lie down and sleep after this tapping, and that is a good thing.

Remember, your problem is not the fever, nausea, or tiredness; it is the pathogen!

Some pathogens also make us unhappy, lowering our mood. An example is Candida, which makes us depressed and craving sugary foods in order to help it thrive. One statement you can use is as follows: ¨Even though this pathogen is making me feel depressed, I recognize that it is a great survivor, that it has adapted to control its host, and that it is making me feel down in order to weaken my immunity or feed it. I forgive myself for feeling down, and even though this pathogen is trying to take over my body, it is not welcome here. I fight this pathogen and deeply love and accept myself¨. Again, tap once an hour or 15 minutes continuously before bed.

Emotions are there to help us, and I include in this physical as well as psychological ways that our mind-body uses in order to communicate with us and restore us to balance. Negative emotions go away when we have dealt with the cause. An emotion, be it a psychological emotion or a physical pain, is like an alarm. It rings so you can deal with the cause. Once you do, the alarm is silenced and no longer needed.


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© Suzanne Zacharia 2010.  My name is Suzanne Zacharia and I am committed to spreading the word about health options. I believe that the more and better options one has, the more choice there is. And of course, you are advised to consult with your medical practitioner before embarking on any course of alternative, complementary, or beauty therapy. Want to use this article?  You can, as long as you credit me with it and invite your readers to get my FREE "EFT How-to for You" and regular free EFT Tapping script samples in my newsletter at http://www.EFT-Scripts.com - New to EFT? No worries, just get your own copy of "EFT How-to for You" and start EFTing with ease very soon!


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