Angel Protection 101

By Anne Presuel, Rev.

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"I don't feel safe," Jenny said.  "I'm worried about not only myself, but my family too."  After the gas explosion in San Bruno, California, Jenny's sister had called her to share that their aunt and uncle's home had been among those destroyed by the fire.  Tears ran down Jenny's cheeks as we began to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping on her trauma.

Jenny felt vulnerable.  We tapped on the situation and the feelings of vulnerability for some time, but nothing I said made any difference.  Then she began to share another traumatic memory where she had felt very vulnerable.  On 9/10/2001 she was in New York.  She and her friend had visited the Twin Towers that day, but it was raining and visibility was awful.  They decided to return the next morning -- 9/11.  Somehow they overslept.  As they were leaving their hotel to head over to the Twin Towers, they heard about the airplanes flying into the buildings.  More vulnerability.

And then Jenny remembered another, even larger trauma.  From 15 years ago.  One that she hadn't thought about in quite some time.  And the one that marked the beginning of her feelings of vulnerability.  As we continued to talk through her memories and tap (using EFT), Jenny began to feel more and more as if she could finally relax and begin to trust again.  The tapping was softening her intense feelings of vulnerability.  She began to realize that she had been protected during each situation she related.  In every one of these shocking events in her life, she -- and her loved ones -- had been protected.

I shared with her that I too used to feel very vulnerable in my home.  Growing up, I never truly felt safe.  I would jump from my bed to a nearby throw rug because I thought that the wood floors were water filled with alligators ready to get me.  I always wondered if there were people outside peering in my windows.

In 2001, before 9/11, I trained with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., as an Angel Therapy Practitioner.  What I learned with Doreen was that we can ask the angels to protect us.  We can ask them to stand guard at our doors and windows.  We can ask them to ride on the bumpers of our cars to protect us as we drive.  We can ask them to fly along with an airplane and guide the pilots' hands as well as protect the airplane.

When I learned this, I began to feel safe in my skin.  I also began to realize how many times I had been protected.  And as I noticed close calls being nothing more than that, I began to thank the angels for guiding and protecting me.

Jenny decided right then and there to begin to use angel protection to help her feel safer.  This act of asking the angels for guidance and protection is good not only for yourself, but you can also ask for the protection of your loved ones.  You can even ask the angels to protect your business, your bank accounts, your computers, and your clients.  Asking for and allowing the angles to offer their love and light of protection is a beautiful thing.  When you begin to use this lovely tool, you'll find yourself feeling safer and safer as you move through your day . . . whatever it is you are doing.


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Rev. Anne Presuel, Interfaith Minister, Divine Intuitive, and master energy therapist, coaches conscious, heart-centered entrepreneurs to tune into their 6th sense while building 6-figure businesses.  Her approach uses Law of Attraction principles, affirmations, and subtle energy techniques.  For a free MP3 download report, "The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon", go to http://divinelyintuitive business.com.


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