If You Have Anxiety Or Depression

How to Manage Your EFT Sessions

By Suzanne Zacharia

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If you have anxiety or depression kind of feelings, or both, you may wonder about progress in your EFT sessions with your practitioner.  For example, you may wonder how you will know that you are progressing, or how you will  know that the feelings has left and will not return.  It is good to  ask these questions at the beginning, so that you can start your sessions in the right positive frame of mind regarding progress.

This is how anxiety makes you think:
Well, the numbers went in this session from 10 to 0 (or a Large to a Small) on this aspect but I don´t trust those numbers, they have tricked me before and made me panic, so now I am panicking about them again, because I can suddenly get anxious just like that, and what if I have an anxiety attack in the next day when I least expect it, oh no, this is a disaster, oh no, I am panicking, oh no, I must try something else, I must go on the Internet and look up different phrases to use, because my practitioner must be doing the wrong thing, oh no, what do I do, oh no, I am so anxious, I still have anxiety, how am I going to cope, what is happening to me, I am so anxious, this is really scary, I am so scared what will happen to me.

This is how depression makes you think:

Well, the numbers went in this session from 10 to 0 (or a Large to a Small) on this aspect but I I don´t believe it, it´s a trick of my mind, as always, nothing ever works.  What´s the point of even trying.  Why bother.  It´s always the same.  I´ll never get better.  This is terrible.  Maybe I am just not suitable for treatment.  Other people can get better, but surely I never will.  It´s impossible.  I must be too resistant to treatment.  I will look up resistance on the Internet and tell my practitioner that we have to work on my resistance, because surely that is my problem.  I don´t think either of us knows how to deal with my resistance.  I am hopeless, and my practitioner will eventually realize this and give up on me.  It´s so depressing.  What´s the point.  The depression will always come back again, as always.  This EFT is not working.  Nothing works. 

This is how you could think if you had neither anxiety nor depression:
Wow, the numbers went in this session from 10 to 0 (or a Large to a Small) on this aspect.  It is only one aspect, but I am very encouraged by that.  I am optimistic that I will get rid of all the aspects in this way and be free very soon.  I am so excited that I have gotten so far already.  I am doing my homework enthusiastically.  If I get any problems, I will email my practitioner for support asap and eagerly await her answer, so that I can move forward even faster.  My practitioner did explain that we needed the six sessions, so I trust that I will get the negative feelings from time to time, and that there will be less of them from one session to the next.  I trust that I have to walk the road to success, and that I cannot get immediately from the first session straight to the sixth, otherwise my practitioner would have suggested only one session.  I am glad I have started on the road to success.  There is still some way to go, and I am confident that I will walk it with ease and get to the other end.  I am delighted and calmed by my progress so far.

So, when you get a thought typical to anxiety or depression type conditions, the best thing you can do is to recognize it.  Say to yourself that this thought is the thought that you were told will occur.  Look at the thought; simply observe it, almost with a calm curiosity.  Be comforted by this thought, as it is only part of the process.  Tap as directed.  For example, if you have predominantly anxious thoughts, I may give you the homework of ¨Even though I get anxiety about anxiety, I accept myself anyway.¨  I usually give this homework to be tapped first thing in the morning, as well as at other times, to pre-empt the negative thoughts.  What homework you will get depends on the outcome of each individual session and contact, as well as your practitioner´s individual style.   And that is perfectly OK.


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