EFT for Emotional Issues

Releasing Anger, Guilt and Loneliness

By Marguerita Vorobioff is a Sound & Energy Healer, EFT Practitioner, Health Consultant, Success Coach

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is applicable for virtually any physical, emotional or mental imbalance.  This article will focus on the use of EFT for effectively treating 3 common emotions.


This is possibly one of the most widespread emotions in our community and many of us don’t even realise how it is controlling our lives.  We have road rage, sport rage, surf rage, computer rage, desk rage, web rage………….. and the list goes on.  It seems whatever activity you can participate in, there is rage associated with it.

The interesting thing is that it is not actually these activities that make us angry.  There is already a torrent of rage, tightly contained and bubbling fiercely beneath the surface. These particular situations are just the trigger for the eruption when it can no longer be contained.  Unfortunately, most of us do not associate our outbursts with anything deeper or more sinister and once that particular incident is over, and we have released the overflow, the lid goes back onto the melting pot to simmer away until the next episode that creates the volatility to again rear it’s ugly head.

Unfortunately we are discouraged from expressing anger from when we are very small because it is an unacceptable emotion.  If an emotion is not expressed it is suppressed.  It is merely stored until an appropriate moment or until no more can be stored and it has no choice but to emerge, often as an over reaction to what may seemingly be a relatively harmless moment.

It would be more appropriate, and so much better for our health, if the emotion was expressed fully and released at the time it surfaced in the first instance.  This expression would be a lot less volatile than the type of anger we have become so afraid of.  Anger has accumulated and become rage in our community to such the point where it is causing extreme illness and a lot of pain and suffering. There is significant evidence that shows chronic anger can lead to cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke.

While EFT can certainly reduce the intensity of anger immediately, it may take days or even weeks of tapping to uncover all the layers to really release anger at its very core.  This depends on how quickly the person can get to the core issue where it all started.  It also depends on how willing the person is to experience their anger and admit just how deep it runs.  Of course, theoretically, EFT can eliminate all the anger in a very short period of time, it all depends on the persons willingness to ‘go there’.


Guilt is another common emotion, particularly for women. Under normal circumstances our guilt system is triggered if we violate a closely held belief or value.  Guilt is our consciences way of telling us we have done something wrong and change our behaviour for the better.  However, today many of us feel guilty for unreasonable issues of responsibility such as letting our family down because we can’t do everything, or because we are not perfect, or not meeting somebody else’s expectations, or even because somebody has violated us and made us feel like it was our fault.  There is also evidence that particular medications, including some blood pressure medications, can cause feelings of guilt when we are actually quite innocent.

EFT is not designed to vanquish emotions that are appropriate or necessary, such as releasing guilt so a person can behave irresponsibly with no sense of consequence toward others.  Instead, EFT is designed to release negative emotions that are unreasonable and causing long term distress for the sufferer.
Guilt is a very destructive emotion and, like anger, should be allowed to unravel in a time frame that is right for the person who is suffering it.  Again this could be a matter of minutes, or it could be weeks or even months.  If the core issue is particularly traumatic, the unconscious mind may protect the sufferer from it’s full depth until he or she is mentally and emotionally able to deal with it appropriately.


Human connection is essential for most individuals to experience true happiness.  A large majority of our society are living in loneliness.  This may seem a contradiction as our cities are growing exponentially and overpopulation could be a very real problem in the foreseeable future.  It is important to note that a person can be surrounded by family and friends and yet still feel incredibly lonely.  It is the connection of the human spirit that is most important and this is only gained through intimate connection with another.

As our community grows, so we are isolating ourselves more and more.  Building fortresses for homes and protecting ourselves from personal pain by becoming withdrawn and insular, even from members of our own family.  This is also exacerbated by our thirst to be distracted from our everyday lives by TV’s, computers, digital games, mp3 players, or any one of the multitude of technological gadgets designed for our entertainment. 

For this reason, loneliness is in fact a very complex issue and it is important to become aware of the pain that has caused you to disconnect from the people around you, or to even isolate yourself from society completely, e.g. those who spend most of their time on a computer rather than in direct personal communication.

Once the direct causes of the isolation are being dealt with, a person can begin to feel comfortable in re-establishing a heart to heart communication with the people around them.  Pain is an inevitable part of our journey, but it shouldn’t control our lives and prevent us from living with open hearts, able to experience joy. Unfortunately, if we shut ourselves away from pain, we cannot fully experience the range of all other emotions either.

By understanding the complexity of the human mind, EFT can be used to effectively eliminate these emotions, but patience should be exercised as it may not be safe for an individual to fully realise the extent of deep emotions.  It is important to note, however, that even though EFT may take a little time to completely eradicate all aspects of some negative emotions, not only is it extremely effective in reducing the intensity of these feelings within a matter of minutes, it can reduce treatment times with conventional talk therapy by years. 


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