Not 100% Well???? Where Do You Start?.....You Can Muscle Test for that

By Pamela Powers, CCHT, EFTadv, Reiki Master Teacher, Touch for Health

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Many times in EFT, we're asked : "Where do I start?" "What do I say to start the tapping process?"  Fortunately for me, I have a basis in Touch for Health and the emotions which are connected with the meridians, so I have key words  I access which speeds up the tapping process. Over the years I've added new ones, and one of these days I'm going to publish a Meridian Dictionary....but in the meantime...back to 'where to start':

Recently, I hit upon a surprisingly simple statement:"I am 100% well".....tap that around. 

Now, most of us aren't 100% well, so the next step is, "I am 100% committed to being 100% well". 

If we aren't well, we're not 100% committed.  There are parts of us that find it useful.  Unfortunately, there are perks to being sick.....it allows you to take a day off...or allows you to not being pressured to do what you don't want to....or it's how you got attention as a child....or being hurt by someone and not wanting to let it go which expresses in your body......not risking judgment...yes, there are perks to not being 100% well.

So then tap:"Even tho I'm not 100% well, I deeply and completely love and accept myself". tap that around at each point...

If you know how to muscle test, you can muscle test the statement, "I am 100% committed to being 100% well."

Most of us aren't 100% well, so we're not 100% committed to being so. Start by muscle testing, "I am at least 50% committed to being 100% well." Always make a statement when muscle testing, don't ask questions.

If you aren't really that sick, you should test strong for that statement. Then, work your way up in 5-10 percent increments..."I am 60% committed to being 100% well...70%...etc...and then when the muscle testing 'gives', 'goes weak', 'releases', whichever terminology you use, and you're now in the not committed area, go back to your last strong test and move up in 1 percent increments...i.e., when I did it, the muscle testing was strong at 80%, but 'gave', etc. at 90%. So then I went back to 80 and tested..81...82...83...84...at 84 it 'went', 'gave way', whatever. So, I went back to the last strong test which was 83%..."83% of me is committed to being 100% well."

So my statement is:"Even tho I'm not 100% well, I deeply and completely love and accept myself...."

"Even tho I'm only 83% committed to being 100% well, I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

tap around: "only 83%, committed to being 100% well"

In 2001, I had endocarditis; a bacterial, staph infection that goes to the heart and more or less makes swiss cheese out of it.  By modern medical terms, it was expected I would have 2-3 valves repaired or replaced. Fortunately, with EFT and Regenesis, that didn't happen and I'm pretty nigh healed now.

But, as I was writing this script for being 100% well, I decided to go back and test what my commitment to health was then. My muscle testing statement was:

"In 2001, when I was diagnosed with endocarditis, I was at least 50% committed to 100% health"......yes ...60% .....no ...51...52 ...53 ....54 ...55 .....56 ...no ...so I was 55% committed to perfect health. At the time, my kids were told by the doctors they gave me a 50-50 chance to live....gives real credence to actually muscle test that....fortunately, I was 5% over!

So, when was you worst health challenge, and what was your commitment to health at the time? Test and adapt the script...

Tap that around:

"Even tho I'm not 100% well, I deeply and completely love and accept myself..."

"Even tho I'm only __% committed to being 100% well....." etc"

"Even tho at the time of my biggest health challenge, I was only __% committed to perfect health, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. I love myself for being over 50! I love myself for building back up to __%. "tap around....

"only __% committed to being 100% well at the time" at each point.

"Even tho I was only __% committed at the time, I love and appreciate the fact I was __% over 50 and I hung in there to get well..."

Do you want some more advanced techniques? The next step would be: why am I only __% committed?

We tap on the meridians, or channels of energy going up and down the body, which acupuncturists use to place their needles to release blockages. Each meridian is named after an organ, and each organ/meridian responds to specific emotions...when you know the meridian that's charged, you can zero in on the emotions surrounding it. In my case, the muscle testing 'gave' at 84%, so I'm only 83% committed (which is actually pretty good, but I want 100%).

Then, you set that intent by  muscle testing "83%" yes, strong....84% no, weak. and then you state: "The meridian and its emotion(s) that is keeping me from 100% is:_____ and go down the list, muscle testing with the intent that all will be strong except for the one that's emotionally charged over this statement: Gall Bladder, Liver, Lung, Lg. Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Sm. Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Circ-sex, Triple Warmer...One of those will 'give' (indicating that's where the charge is).  Sometimes, if it's really charged, it'll 'blow' the whole thing and they'll all 'give'...but that's more advanced yet.There are key emotions the Chinese attributed to each meridian, and I have added to that as I work with clients.

So my testing 'gave' at Urinary Bladder. The archetypal animal is the Monkey, the element is Water, the sound is to Cry, the astrological sign is Sagittarius and the planet is Jupiter. The emotions run the gamut from Trust and Faith and non-interference in the most positive, to control, domination and interference in the negative. So, by not being 100%, it says that there is 17% of me that is caught up in the negative emotions; that somehow I want to control my life thru illness. ...somehow, I'm interfering.

On top of that, Bladder is part of the trauma pattern, where we go into denial and stonewall and vow we'll never be victimized again, and create a world we can cope within and won't venture outside those walls. Instead of a lithe little Monkey, swinging thru the trees with Trust and Faith, that part of me has become a gorilla who throws his weight around, won't budge, and in the extreme, won't even muscle test accurately.  The gorilla digs in its heels, is in control, and goes against the natural order of things. The muscle connected to the Bladder, the peroneous, is the only muscle that won't test accurately if it doesn't want you to know the truth. It has its own truth and that's all anyone needs to know.

My next step then, is to tap on: "Even tho 17% of me likes being ill, likes fretting over what's wrong with me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

"Even tho I am somehow in control when I'm not well, I deeply...etc..."

"Even tho I can't be a success if I'm not at my best and risk judgement, I deeply...etc..."

"Even tho people won't expect as much of me if I'm not completely well, I deeply...etc."

"Even tho having 'always something going on' that isn't right keeps me distracted from getting to the heart of what I'm in denial about, I deeply...etc."

"Even tho being sick is the only way I got attention when I was small, and that pattern keeps repeating itself, I deeply...etc."

"I change my mind, I change my mind, I change my mind." tap at every point

"I choose again, I choose again, I choose again," tap at every point

"I am the game changer", x3 at every point

"I choose to be the lithe little Monkey, swinging from tree to tree, full of Faith and Trust, practicing non interference....."  tap at every point

"practicing non interference" at each point x3

"I let go and trust" at each point

"I let go and have faith" at each point

"I am always at choice" at each point

"Everything is possible; miracles are happening now" at each point.

Actually, the Monkey/Bladder is probably the hardest to break, because it's so dedicated to a vice-like grip on control; the other ones are much easier.  Maybe yours would be the Rooster/Kidney, which is about fear seeking peace, or the Rat/Gall Bladder, betrayal seeking unconditional love. Each meridian runs the gamut from negative to positive, and so our quest is to move out of the negative emotions we're resonating to and get in to the positive energy for health.

I started playing around with this, sometimes just tapping on "Even tho I'm not 100% healthy, I deeply and completely love and accept myself" when I'm at a stop light, etc...if that's all the time I had...

Within days, I started to get answers to what has been bugging me of late. Sometimes tapping simply releases and heals, and sometimes it opens a connection to the Source, which sends the answer in a new way of thinking, or something is said on a tv show, or you read something, or a friend says something that's right on and gives you a new path to explore for health and healing. Just by writing this article and practicing what "I'm preaching" here, my score went up to 90%.   90% of me is 100% committed to being well...yay! I'm almost there!

© 2011, Pamela Leigh Powers, all rights reserved


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Author's Bio:

Pamela Leigh Powers, EFT-adv, CCHT, Reiki Master Teacher, Touch For Health teacher thru ELB, Regenesis Intern, has been working in the metaphysical field for over 40 years.  Thirty years ago she was told by an intuitive, "you will do something new with astrology".....she thought "me?  something new?  hardly." But what it was was synthesizing the astrology wheel with the 5 element wheel, showing where the meridian/organs are strongest for a two hour period of the day.  From that came "Chinese Power Animals - Archetypes of Transformation" published in 2000, with a second printing in May of 2007.  Utilizing the animals as archetypes, and seeing what emotions are evoked when intense experience happens, allows her to zero in on the area and its basics more quickly, picking up on core emotions that will lead to answers. Email: plp@acumindeft.com. Website: www.acumindeft.com.




Posted June 03, 2011 04:55 PM

I find the connections and links in this article brilliant. The information about the peroneous muscle not testing accurately amazing -where can I read more about this? It is so useful to link emotions, planets etc to organs it gives a really holistic picture. Thanks for sharing. I just have to get your book


Pamela Powers
Posted June 03, 2011 07:09 PM

Hi Jayne - thanks so much for your positive feedback! I am in the process of writing a book, providing EFT statements for the 12 Chinese Animals, using the core emotions associated with each meridian/organ/animal.

The information I write about is more or less the critical mass from a lifetime of inquiry into the nature of things. I started with astrology, then Touch for Health, then Hypnotherapy, then Reiki, then Chinese astrology, then EFT, with probably a dozen smaller ones thrown in over that time. At some point it all 'jelled'. I need to write it all down at some point!

Email me directly and we'll talk more. Best, Pam


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