Using EFT for Rehealing

By Nancy Polites, LCSW, EFT CERT-1

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Rehealing.  What does that mean?  For those of us who are continuously on paths toward self-healing, self-awareness and personal growth, healing is just a way of life.  There are many toxins in our environment and in our culture that have us caught up in places where we would prefer not to be.

Even movies can hold us hostage with their overly negative, gratuitous and violent scenes and actions.  (Maybe we don't even go to them--I don't--but the trailers nab us - and scare us, too!)  Newspapers and news channels are another example of how we can be caught up in negativity.  Notice how many times topics of conversation with work colleagues, grocery checkers, sales people might be about a morbid local murder, a tragic airline accident or celebrities who cheat on one another.  This is typical human behavior and we all do it to some extent.  We gravitate to the negative that has been conditioned in us to do since we were young.  And what about the inside negativity that sometimes invades our emotions and even our behaviors?  These sorts of feelings creep up on us - and can be manifested by being grouchy or having a reaction that tends to be out of character from our usual sunny selves.  We might even have a headache or sore back or some other body ache that often develops from our stress.

Being self-aware can help, or kindly trusted feedback from a friend who notices we are out of kilter, maybe on edge.

So, being aware is Step #1.  And then acknowledging that you are indeed of out of harmony with yourself is Step #2. Once these two steps take place for you, all is needed is your favorite practice that realigns you to re-heal yourself and gets you back on track. For some it may be chiropractic realignment, a massage, maybe exercising to release tension, or yoga, or a good long walk.

For a speedy remedy or for a more intense type of negativity, my suggestion and recommendation is EFT - Step #3. Sometimes you might not realize just what it is that is annoying you or causing you to feel the negativity that is showing up.  EFT doesn't ask you to verbalize those things at the beginning.  You can begin globally, starting with "these negative feelings that I can't identify" for instance.  Eventually you will zoom into more specific emotions once you begin to peel away the outer edges.

EFT is such an elegant, pain-free, easy, inexpensive, cutting-edge technique that you can learn quickly.  Begin to serve yourself immediately.  You will feel safer than you have ever felt once you begin to use and make a habit of using this exciting tool.

Here is a Nancy's Tapalong for you to try:

Tapping on karate chop place or rubbing sore spot, say:

--Even though I'm agitated, annoyed, or have negative feelings going on that I can't identify, I accept myself, my feelings and all of me!

--Even though I am having a hard time accepting me because I'm cranky and annoyed, I accept that I'm having a hard time being self-accepting, because that is the truth!

--Even though it is hard to figure out just what is bothering me, I accept that I'm annoyed and that I have these negative feelings.

Round 1 (inner eye, outer eye, under eye, under nose, middle of chin, collarbone, under arm, top of head)

--I'm really bothered right now.

--I don't even know why!

--Maybe I don't have to know why.

--Maybe I can just let myself be irritated and accept that

--It's hard to walk around being so grumpy.

--But it is just the way I feel right now and I can allow myself to accept me - and my feelings - anyway.

--I choose to begin to release and let go a little  here.

--Okay, I give myself permission just to be who I am, as I am.

Round 2

--It feels pretty good that I  can just be who I am

--I like the idea of accepting myself - maybe it is easier than I thought it would  be.

--I don't have to completely believe it - I can toss around the idea...

--I love knowing that I am shifting my energy this way

--And I'm not working all that hard, am I?

--It is so great to simply be myself when I want to

--And to start to let myself release (breathe) let go (breathe) and relax

--I can allow myself to be more and more free!


Author's Bio:

Hello, I'm Nancy Polites, LCSW, EFT CERT-1, AAMET ADVANCED PRACTITIONER.  I am a Life Coach, Psychotherapist and EFT Practitioner.  I have had a love and passion for teaching people to use EFT for all of their unwanted feelings and life problems, including anxiety, phobias, fears, worry, guilt, traumatic pasts, physical pains and aches, to name just a few.  I have been practicing EFT for 15 years and my clients attest to its wonders and ease of use.  I believe, each of us is capable of becoming the person we were meant to be so I team up with my clients to make that happen for them.  I'm also a yoga instructor,  a certified geriatric case manager  and run therapy groups at a children's psychiatric hosptital.  I am a founding member of FEFTA (Florida EFT Assn), NASW, AAMET and on the Board of Directors of CCAN (Children's Catastropic Assistance Network). 


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Leelah Saachi
Posted June 22, 2012 10:31 AM

Simple, elegant, effective. Just letting things be - and they change :-)


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