What's The Magic Word???

By Pamela Powers, CCHT, EFTadv, Reiki Master Teacher, Touch for Health

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When we first started to learn EFT, we were focused on the tappinig, sending the intent of our words through our system to remove blockages. We were instructed to say, "I deeply and completely love and accept myself"...sometimes we threw in "forgive" as well...and tap, tap, tap. 

As I've progressed in EFT, the word "accept" has come to stand out as the 'magic word'. Remember as a child, we were asked by adults, "what's the magic word?" and we'd say "Please"...and voilå, the door opened to ice cream or some other wonderful thing we wanted. 

"Accept" seems to be the adult word that triggers magic. To accept everything just as it is, even if we don't like it.....just accept it, and changes take place. For in acceptance, we let go and stop gnashing at the past. 

The Universe has sent me a number of 'acceptance' statements in the last couple of months. 

A fortune cookie on Face Book said, 

"Accept what you cannot change, and you'll feel better"

Hmmmmm...when you get down to it, we can't change the past. We say we can't change others, and that's true, but we can change ourselves and then our outer world changes...EFT Master, Rue Hass, gave us that. 

Next, Stefan had a saying from the humanist psychology founder, Carl Rogers, in his recent email to us: 

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am,

then I can change."

That's the crux of EFT..."Even tho I have this....headache...I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself"...tapping, "this headache' all around. 

Acceptance is the key word that opens the door to change. For when we aren't accepting, we get a vice-like control over what we're going to accept and what we aren't. Acceptance is the opposite of control and denial in this instance. The meridian is the Bladder and the archetypal animal is the Monkey; where the spectrum of emotion goes from control/denial to acceptance. We need to have faith and trust...and accept. 

Some people say that muscle testing isn't 100% accurate, and it isn't...and it's because of the Bladder meridian. In Touch for Health, which teaches muscle testing in relationship to the meridians, we arch the foot out to the side, and then the Tester tries to bring the foot around and down, to test the range of motion of the peroneus muscle. That's a Bladder muscle (a muscle that's been tested as being connected to the bladder), which goes down the back of the leg and into the foot. My teacher said, "This rarely happens". The peroneus holds strong regardless of a positive or negative statement. 

Well, it rarely hapens because it's the only muscle/meridian that isn't a lie detector. If we surrogate another muscle in the arm for the peroneus and make simple statements, "My name is ___________"...tests strong. "My name is Gwendolyn", and if that's not your name, if you are a controlling personality, it will stay strong, too..."My name is Harry"...strong.  "I am the OctoMom"...strong.  If you've experience trauma in the past that you don't want to touch again, when you muscle test surrogately with another muscle, as each word is uttered, you'll feel the arm getting tighter and going up instead of down. Even if you aren't a super controlling person, it can mess up your testing. It just naturally likes to take issue with things!

The peroneus muscle and the bladder meridian go into control; they go into denial...it's part of the trauma pattern. It's going to handle this muscle testing thing and not give you your truths. Even in simple statements, it's going to try and tell you that muscle testing is a bunch of hog wash because.... "See?  The test stays strong no matter what you do...so don't try to get to the heart of your issues, I (bladder muscle) won't cooperate, so why do it?" Even if coming to terms with your issues is the most important thing you want to do, if your subonscious doesn't want to, it will supersede it. 

If we aren't muscle testing, but simply saying an EFT statement that strikes a denial cord with the bladder meridian, it will react similarly in our thought patterns. We won't be able to get the issue to change. 

When we move into it's opposite, acceptance, we 'allow' the peroneus to tell us its truth, we allow the body to tell us its truth, and then at some point, it will test accurately. 

Another acceptance statement that recently crossed my path from the EFT Universe site is:

"Anything in life that we don't accept will simply make

trouble for us until we make peace with it." Shakti Gawain

Sometimes we have deep trauma with other people. Can you say, "I accept ____ just as s/he is??? Can be very hard to say if they've transgressed against us. "Even tho ___________ did ______________, I accept him/her just the way s/he is"...ooooooh. Seems to go against the natural order of things. Seems like you're absolving them of their guilt. Seems like it's the last thing you want to do. Seems like it's saying, "you're right and I'm wrong". So, when you say, "I accept you, I accept you, I accept you, just as you are"...what comes up for you? Use those feelings to process the anger into acceptance. i.e.:

"Even tho, _____________, my father, said 'if you agree with me you're right, if you disagree with me you're wrong', and that became my mantra, and so I hesitate to disagree with people, believing I must ultimately be wrong...I accept him, I accept him, I accept him, just as he was"....all sorts of things come up. 

Whatever your statement would be, it churns up a lof of 'stuff'. Use those feelings, emotionally and in your gut, to process the issue. 

"Even tho I don't want to accept him; even tho that statement stunted my growth, gave him control over me, and so I didn't participate actively in life as I should have, I..." grrrrr...(maybe through gritted teeth) "I accept him anyway. I accept him just the way he was."

Then tap on whatever comes up. whatever irritates you about it.. whatever angers you about it. If it's too much of a trauma, don't try to do it yourself, but seek an EFT practitioner to work with you to get you through it. 

Animals in the wild don't have trauma. If they survive, they get up, literally shake it off and go on their way, never to be affected by it again. Humans don't do this. "Acceptance" can be our "shaking it off" process. 

Because of this new awareness, I started working on this idea and then someone on tv reminded me of that age old axiom we learned in school:

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction:

...so then, isn't getting mad and gnashing about it the natural order of things? Isn't it wrong to suffer in silence; to stuff it???

If helps if we can stand aside and view it as if we're the adult and the transgressor is a 4 year old child and their rantings and ravings can't affect you, and may even bemuse you. But, if we tap on acceptance..."even tho you are rude and arrogant, I accept you, I accept you, I accept you" and walk away from it and tap for awhile, that need to react in an opposing fashion will subside, and then you can let it go, for ultimately,

"It's not what happens, it's our reaction to it"  PLP

when we don't come back with an equal and opposite reaction...when we can tap for acceptance, the the dynamic will change for the better.

"Even tho I don't want to accept you. Even tho that's the antithesis of my being, I'm going to do it anyway. I accept you, I accept you, I accept you...I fake it until I make it....I plant the seeds, even tho I don't believe it now....I accept you, I accept you, I accept you....for in accepting you, I accept me."

copyright 2011, Pamela Leigh Powers, all rights reserved. . 


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©Pamela Leigh Powers, CCHT, EFT-adv, Reiki Master Teacher, Regenesis practitioner in training,  is the author of "Chinese Power Animals - Archetypes of Transformation" relating the Chinese animals to the meridian system.  She lives in Benicia, California, north of San Francisco. email  plp@acumindeft.com, and website: www.acumindeft.com



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