Busting The Beliefs That Limit Us:

Are You Safe? Do You Deserve? Is It Possible to Change?

By Ruthi Backenroth, MBA, EFT Cert 1; AAMET EFT Level 2

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Our limiting beliefs keep us stuck: I can't; I wouldn't be safe; I don't deserve: It's not possible; life is hard; I am so sensitive; I will never get better; I need to be in control, and many more.

Limiting Beliefs are about fear. Something bad happened. We learned a lesson and made a promise to avoid that scary feeling ever again. Then we start to think and act in small and narrow ways. Some of us develop aches and pains or a feeling of being stuck.

Limiting beliefs are our truths. We don't even think to tap for it. It's like being a goldfish in a fishbowl. The fish can't imagine the world consisting of anything beyond his gallon of water. When we are stuck in our limiting beliefs that constrict us, that's our comfort zone.

If you have a limiting belief, ask yourself how true it is for you, rather than how awful the belief makes you feel. You are probably comfortable in your belief, like the fish in the fishbowl. Emotionally you don’t yet know that you have a wealth of choices.

For example, I asked my client, “Is life supposed to be hard?” He said, “That’s not an issue because it doesn’t get me upset.” However, he rated it as a 10 for being true. “Well, life is supposed to be hard.” We tapped on that.

At the following session he reported that he and his wife had made a decision to start paying someone else to take care of the pool instead of doing it themselves. He didn’t see the connection, but I, and maybe you, can appreciate that some his “Life must be hard,” may have been resolved :)

What is your limiting belief, and how did you start to believe that? As you begin the following tapping sequence about not feeling safe, you do not need to think about your specific story, if it's too painful. You can decide to simply tap 'mindlessly' while you read this. Are you willing to mix it up a bit, and find a way to believe, to truly believe, something larger about yourself and your world?

I find the following steps to be helpful for letting go of limiting beliefs:

1. This reminds me of something
2. I saw something
3. I heard something
4. I felt something
5. I realized something
6. I made a decision
7. Things are different today
8. Is there a better (different) way to look at (think about) this?
9. Can I feel safe now?

And here is the sample script:

Even though I have a story about not feeing safe, I accept myself
Even though I learned to feel unsafe, I won't think about it until I am ready to do so
That's my choice
Even though I saw something, I accept myself
Even though I heard something, I accept myself

• I saw something
• I felt something
• I saw something
• I felt something
• I heard something
• I felt something

I wish I could separate what I saw from what I felt
I wish I could separate what I heard from what I felt
Even though I felt something, I am OK today

• I saw something
• I felt something
• I heard something
• I felt something
• Imagine being able to see something and feel peaceful
• What does it feel like to hear something and feel relaxed?

Even though I realized something, I was doing the best I could at the time
Even though I realized something, and I made a decision, I needed to protect myself
Even though I made a decision, I can change my mind today

• I realized something
• Something happened
• And I made a decision about myself
• And about my ability to cope
• And about my safety
• That was how I coped then
• I did not have the resources I have now
• I am a different person now
• I would make a different decision today

Even though I didn't feel safe, I choose to feel safe now
Even though I didn't feel safe, things are different, I am different, and I can be safe now
Even though I didn't feel safe, I can look at the big picture, with my maturity and experience, and feel a measure of safety.

• Feeling safe
• Not feeling safe
• I am still in danger
• From what?
• Maybe I can feel safe now
• I choose to realize that times have changed
• I choose to realize that I have changed
• I choose to know that I have the resources to protect myself
• To get the help I need
• To be safe
• To be safe
• To feel at peace
• To feel relaxed
• Knowing that I can be safe

• Even though I saw something,
• And I heard something,
• And I felt something,
• I choose to accept myself.


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