A Consideration of Freedom

Using EFT to shift into a new paradigm

By Helen Bressler

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Hi everyone,

Since we are in the shadow of July 4, it seems an opportune moment to ponder what freedom is all about. Like success, wellness or even development, freedom is individual, experienced on a very personal level and only we can determine the meaning it has for us.

Taking this a step further, only we can judge where we deem ourselves to be within the definition we give to it. Basically, we could ask ourselves: ‘what does freedom mean to me and how free or constrained do I feel right now and why?’

Of course these two questions can do a number of things. They ignite thought processes about what really matters to, and what is really wanted by the individual. Additionally, they often bring up resistance, fears, doubts and even resentments and regrets.  

So why am I saying all of this? Well, ultimately we all want to feel free. Free to live within a value system that is meaningful to us. Free to live beyond the constraints of upbringing, limiting beliefs, disempowering thoughts and small ideas. Free to dare to dream our dreams and even realize them. And most
 of all, free to feel self worth, deserving, happy, inspired.

Unfortunately many of us are unconsciously reacting to past hurts, upbringing, out dated ideas and self doubts. Furthermore, we unwittingly bring these into the present on a continual basis. As a result, we continue to act from a place that is both limited and limiting; and act out of a sense of doubt, fear and lack as a result. Instead of standing large in a world as adults, declaring our unique talents, enlivened by our sense of adventure, excited by the day; we cower into limited perspectives, afraid to show our talents for fear of ridicule or out of a sense of self doubt or unworthiness. We compromise  ourselves to fit into the world and wonder why we often experience disappointment, confusion and discontentment.

Many psychologists have researched human development and there are numerous perspectives on personality and developmental theory. However, there is a common thread that links these theories together: that as
 humans, our personality is pretty much set in our early years. So what does that mean? Well, it means the  patterns that determine how we act and react on a fundamental level have been laid down in our formative years, often before the age of 5, or thereabouts.

Of course biological theorists include genetics and physiological processes in determining, or influencing personality. Nevertheless, the greater part of our patterning is set below the surface of our conscious mind. So that although we believe we are consciously making decisions and reacting or acting out of choice, in reality what is often occurring is that we are reacting from the child within us. The scared three year old, the hurt five year old, the tantrum-addicted two year old.

Did you know that emotional freedom techniques (EFT) can efficiently reach these patterns? As the name suggests, effective tapping has the potential to reach the beliefs, hurts, anger and fear; and to release or erase them. This promotes a freedom beyond the once limiting and limited that held us bound as scared, angry, upset children, trying to act in a world of adults that often doesn’t make sense. As we release the layers of the onion, dissolve core issues and resolve our grievances, we begin to feel freer, more aligned with our adult selves, more congruent with that higher aspect of ourselves. Simply put, we begin to mature, and to step up to the plate as adults, giving of ourselves to the world.

Furthermore, EFT can help us align more with our purpose, free us of past resentments, regrets, doubts and hurts to embrace a more confident, more assured future that is congruent with our values and our talents. More importantly perhaps, EFT can help us stay more present as our past no longer dictates our future. And when we free of our past conditioning we become more attuned to the present; and miracles really do begin to happen. We become more peaceful, more clear and certain. More confident.

As the 4th July celebrations begin to fade take a moment to ponder the words of this newsletter. Take a moment to consider where you find yourself right now and think for another moment about where you really would like to be. It is your right to experience joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment. EFT is a marvelous tool that can help you in your journey.

As a personal development coach and certified EFT practitioner I am dedicated to helping people find their sense of purpose whilst discovering their potential. When you step beyond the limitations and into a whole new paradigm of possibility you not only experience more freedom, you may experience more clarity, calm and happiness. Life improves, relationships are smoother; you feel more uplifted. 

Whether you begin [or continue] the steps to discovering your freedom with me or with another practitioner/coach, taking that first step is perhaps the second move. The first is recognizing where you are and deciding to take it.

Between this July and July 4th next year why not begin to use EFT daily. Perhaps start with the personal peace procedure, contact a practitioner/coach; and dare to give yourself to the world rather than compromising yourself to fit into it.

You are blessed always,


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Author's Bio:

Helen holds a bachelor’s degree with suma cum laude honors from Oxford Brookes University and is certified in EFT and Professional Coaching. Helen is also a registered nurse and ordained minister. She has over two decades of experience in the area of self-development; and works with individuals, groups and couples with great success.

Her wealth of experience and knowledge make her invaluable in the area of self-development. She is widely renowned as a self development expert and transformational coach and has helped hundreds transform their lives.

Helen uses EFT to diminish trauma, blocks and disempowering beliefs which get in the way of discovering or achieving what we really want. Furthermore, she optimizes growth and facilitates direction. She helps people improve relationships and health, clear emotional baggage, reduce stress and unleash potential. She creates tailor-made sessions that perfectly suit the needs of her clients.

Clients have reported feeling happier, healthier, more peaceful and more aware of their life purpose as a result of working with Helen.

Helen co-authored '101 Ways to Enhance Your Career' and has had countless articles published both electronically and in paper form. As part of her own continuing development she is currently working towards her license in
marriage and family therapy.


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