How EFT Released A Recent Trauma

Tapping on a client lying down

By Suzanne Zacharia

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"Yasmin" (not her real name) was suffering from a traumatic event which happened some weeks ago. She helped a neighbour with money she could not afford to lend, which the neighbour promptly wasted on drugs. But Yasmin needed that money. She then asked a friend to intervene, and the neighbour decided to teach her a lesson. He planted a small amount of drugs in her home, which he put in an envelope and pushed through her front door, called the cops and accused her of dealing. Yasmin came back home to find the police waiting for her. They found the envelope and took her to a police cell.

Yasmin told me all this whilst I was tapping on her, as it was clearly very intense. To make her ordeal worse, her father went to the Police station and told them to keep her there. Luckily, the police, some of whom knew Yasmin, stood up for her against her father's abuse. Yasmin paid the last of her meagre savings, got help from a relative, and finally paid a lawyer to release her. However, she now has a criminal record and no more funds to do anything about it.

After about 10 minutes' tapping, I asked Yasmin for an intensity for the whole incident. It was 8 out of ten. She said she felt it in her neck and shoulders. So we tapped something like "Even though I have this event in my neck and shoulders..." and did a visualization similar to EmoTrance, where the energy is allowed to dissipate and find its way out of the body. Within 5 more minutes, the event was zero.

I checked by asking her to imagine herself in the police cell. That was a 2 or 3. She said she had heard stories of women in South Africa being raped in prison by the guards. So we tapped something like "Even though I have this prison cell feeling..." and within minutes, this was down to zero too.

We tapped on other aspects too, like the father part of the event (Yasmin has very abusive parents), money troubles now that she has paid out her last cent on the lawyer and lost the money lent to the neighbour, and lack of loving or support from her parents, who could well afford to help her if they wanted to. We calmed the situation as much as we could before running out of time on Yasmin's limited lunch break, and she left my clinic with a skip in her gait, skipping towards the lift.

Yasmin had a different version of EFT from the usual, which involved stimulation of points on the head in a continuous fashion whilst lying down, which is especially relaxing. EFT can also help you if you are going through challenging time, like Yasmin is. There is no need to look for childhood root causes whilst releasing a recent trauma, although we did do some work (within the little time we had) on preventing this happening again. Thank you, Yasmin, for allowing me to tell your story, so that others can get help too.


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Posted September 17, 2011 02:00 PM

Thank you, Suzanne, for yet another fascinating article on your use of EFT. I always read your emails and posts here and I always learn something new! Thank you so much.


Posted September 18, 2011 03:43 AM

Thanks, Felicia. And many thanks again to Yasmin.


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