Releasing Ex-Husband Trauma Regarding Visitation Rights

NLP, Color Healing, Aura Reading and Hypnotic Meditation With EFT

By Suzanne Zacharia

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"Gina" (not her real name) was having a really stressful time with her ex-husband. She has to see him regularly, because they have a young child for whom Gina has visitation rights. He has been displaying his "psychotic" side again, and Gina was at her wit's end. On a scale from 10 to zero, the latest outburst and threats from him gave her an intensity of 9.

Gina started tapping on the incident. The first thing to do was using a bit of NLP to tap on it in a more dissociated way. So a lighter name was given to the incident, calling it her husband's "hissy fit" Statements used included "Even though he had this hissy fit..." and "Even though he had this temper tantrum...". These were interspersed with tap-and-talk, where Gina was telling the nasty parts of the story as she was being tapped on continually. This releases the energy disruption caused by the incident. The number of intensity fell to a 6 out of ten, then a 3, followed by a 1 1/2, and finally a zero, with Gina giggling and laughing at the thought of her controlling ex-husband having a mere hissy fit. It was a comforting frame I which she now viewed him and his erratic behavior.

Next, Gina wanted to have her chakras balanced, as she had been told that this needed balancing. On palpation of the chakra in the aura, three chakras were found to be out of balance. They were then balanced again with EFT and color healing. Tapping statements included things like "I allow orange healing to my sacral chakra" and "Even though my throat chakra is off-centre...". On further palpation, the chakras were much more balanced, all aligned in the centre and of more-or-less the same distance away from her body. She took color healing homework for her sacral and throat chakra, which consisted of wearing a blue scarf and putting an orange in her vicinity. Gina also took an EFT homework, which was to tap on all the EFT points as she recited the Serenity Prayer, which she likes.

Before leaving, Gina received an 8-minute hypnotic meditation to a paradise beach whilst being tapped on for maximum relaxation. She left with a huge smile.

I like using EFT with everything because it works so effectively. Another reason is that it is very versatile. As in this session, you can combine it with many other healing modalities, such as NLP, color healing, aura reading, chakra balancing, meditation, and hypnosis.


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