Tapping on the Inner Light; A meditation for Depression

By Thomas Burns, EFT practitoner Aamet level 1&2

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Some of the most commonly reported symptoms of depression include lack of energy, feeling low, unable to muster energy to get on with the business of life and sometimes a sense that there is no sparkle or light to life.

We are beings of light, in the sense that we are, at our core, vibrating energy. When we, or our client, is experiencing depression there is a feeling that this light has been shut off, that we are living in a dull, slow, muggy darkness.

As practitioners we use the classic EFT protocols to look for the cause of the depression in beliefs, past conditioning, traumatic residue in the energy system, energetic toxins and so on.

We can also encourage our clients to raise their own inner light level, energy level and therefore change their feeling state through tapping by using an exercise such as the one outlined below.

It's a simple meditation that can be very useful for you or your client during the difficult low trough that very often accompanies a depressive episode.

Enjoy and feel free to copy and paste!

First of all take a seat on a comfortable chair. Find your feet on the floor and close your eyes.Gently put your awareness on your breath following the breath as you inhale and exhale. Do this for a few minutes.

After a few minutes allow the awareness of the breath to slowly expand becoming aware of your physical body.

How you are feeling in this body at this moment? Make note of any areas of tightness, pain, fatigue, lethargy and gently scan the body from head to toe with this awareness as you continue breathing. Allow yourself to become aware of external sounds, smells, letting the attention expand naturally.

After a few minutes allow the awareness to go deeper into the muscles, tissues, organs and blood stream. You may see feel or know that your awareness is going deeper. Keep anchored in the breath and let your awareness sweep deeper and deeper into your body. Do this for a few minutes, relaxing into the exercise and giving up any sense of wanting to accomplish anything during the exercise.

Now let your attention drop into the cells of your body. You may see an image of these cells, your light cells, your body of light. If you don’t see an image or feel anything, just allow yourself to know that there are billions of cells all with your unique DNA, blinking in and out of existence every second, all for your benefit, working on your behalf, all without question, this web of interconnected cells, this matrix of light energy. Focus on the image of one cell, one in a billion. Make the image large and resonant, this building block of your life. Now gently begin tapping on yourself, Karate Chop first then following on with the other points.

Infuse this one cell with as much light, warmth, energy and love as feels right for you now. Take your time, tapping each of the points, turning on the Inner Sun, in this one cell, your inner light.

When you feel ready, let yourself imagine the infused light of love and harmony moving to your other cells. Use an image,feel it, or just know it. Let this image gently expand through your whole body, this whole body of pulsing light.

Keep tapping as you keep with the image, allowing it to get as bright as feels right for you here in this moment. Allow yourself to feel that warmth, that love, that effortless light.

Stay with the breath and the image for a few more moments. As you come back to yourself in the present moment let yourself thank the light within. Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

Do this exercise once daily, preferably in the morning, as this helps you to attune your energy field to the light of day.


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Author's Bio:

I’m an EFT practitioner, based in Dublin, Ireland.  I have been tapping now for three years and I’m certified to AAMET level 2.  I love what this simple flexible technique can accomplish in peoples’ lives.  I work with clients one on one, in group work and over the phone.  I specialize in pain and illness, relationship and abundance issues.  But I’ll tap on just about anything… 


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