The Big Lie

By Pamela Powers, CCHT, EFTadv, Reiki Master Teacher, Touch for Health

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In the Chinese culture and the study of the 5 elements and acupuncture, the 12 meridians (invisible channels of energy running up and down the body where acupuncturists place their needles to release blockages) are named after organs of the body and two processes.  Core emotions are embedded in each one. When we have an experience, it doesn't go willy nilly into the body. Fear goes to the kidneys, shame to the spleen, anger to the liver, etc.  One of the meridians is name for the large Intestines, and the emotion/feeling the Chinese attribute to it is 'defective'. They believe we came in like defective merchandise and there's nothing to be done about it. 

Now, 'defective' isn't a word we'd normally use for a person. We may feel we 'aren't enough', or 'not good enough', or 'different', or we have self esteem issues or some other sensation, but 'defective' is more or less foreign to our way of thinking. As I evolved my consciousness about it, I felt that we came in ok, but there was someone in our lives who picked, picked, picked, until we felt defective....and in many cases this is true, but there's more....

In Chinese astrology, there is a "Time of Day" Wheel, where each meridian is strongest for a two hour period of the day.  If we superimpose the Chinese wheel over the western astrology wheel, we find that the Lg. Intestine meridian overlays 90% of our sun signs.  Somehow, it moves along with the sun, and only those born in the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter have a different meridian/emotion from which they emanate.  So, the majority of us have self esteem issues to conquer in this lifetime. As I worked with this, I realized that people can come in with baggage that makes them feel on the outside looking in. 

Then, as it started to evolve in my mind, I realized persons of color deal with this, gay people deal with this, and, if we extrapolate it even further, women deal with it, too. It comes down to, if we aren't white males, we are 'defective'. When we start to examine it, in this patriarchal society today, white males are the only ones who sort of get a pass.  Everyone else can feel inferior and / or inadequate, ie 'defective' in various guises just because they aren't wealthy, white, male and heterosexual....and thse guys probably constructed this because of their own feelings on inadequacy.  I'm in no way a radical feminist, it's just how the idea kept evolving til I got to this place with it. 

I was blown away by actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson of the "Modern Family" tv series, when the cast was on "The Actor's Studio" with James Lipton. Lipton asked them, "when you to to the pearly gates and meet God, what would you want Him to say to you?"....and there were some flippant answers, and I was thinking of something funny....and Ferguson said, "to those who said you weren't welcome here, they were wrong"...blew me away!  As a white female, I have 'defective' issues, but nothing even close in comparrison to this. 

So, there is this "Big Lie" that permeates our society.  There is this pervasive energy that we have not even tuned in to beneath everything we do.  As I wrote this script and tapped on it myself, a few days later I 'saw' in my mind's eye, a concrete wall crumbling and falling to the ground.  a few days later, I had a dream about a baby chick running around...a "new birth".  Then, a few days after that I dreamt I was going down a street from my childhood, and on both sides of the street there were houses boarded up with "foreclosure" signs on them.  I thought that was a bad dream 'til I broke it down and realized these were old thought forms (structures) that weere set "for closure"....They weren't alive and affecting me anymore. Last night I dreamt I was walking into a new, bright office, with many rooms, and a hallway going 'into the future' it seemed.  Some rooms were empty, some had desks and books, some had people in them.  I was thinking it was a bit big, but we could work with it.  I wonder what the next dream will show me?...2/4/12: The 'next dream' is I'm at a restaurant and I look up and I've poked a big hole in the ceiling with what must have been something like a tree branch.....I'm aghast...it's funny how 'bad dreams' are really good.  When I awoke I realized I've poked a hole in the finite ceiling...I've broken through!

Let's see what what the script will do for you:

In EFT, we address the negative first, root out those beliefs that hold us back, and then move it into the positive. So, I've 'double downed' here on the negatives, to get down deep and under, in order to bring them up. We express this 'defective' energy to varying degrees under various guises and this script can bring up thoughts we didn't know we had in order to release it. So, even if you don't feel it to the degree stated here, just tap on it for a few days and see where it leads you, and adjust the script accordingly.  

KC:  Even tho the Big Lie of my life is that I came in defective and there's nothing that can be done about it, I deeply and completely love and accept and forgive myself. I forgive myself for my contribution to it....I forgive others for their contribution to it..This is merely a physical manifestation of a blocked emotional issue and I love myself, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too much to allow it to continue one second longer. 

Tap x3 at these points:

TH: on subterranean levels, I believe I came in defective

BE: nothing anyone can do about it

SE: nothing I can do about it

UE: just the way it is

abv/below lips: nothing I can do about it

CB: just the way it is

5 finger tips to 5 finger tips: I'm defective merchandise, that's my belief

clap wrists: I'm not valuable; I accept it, I accept it, I accept it. That was the lie. 


TH: defective, that's me

BE: it creates "always something"

SE: always something wrong

UE: never can be totally healthy

abv/below lips: because if you're defective you have to maintain defective

CB: if one thing peaks and starts to wane, then something else has to take its place

5 fingers: always something...always something...always something...wrong

clap wrists: always something i'm worried about....always something....wrong


TH: maintaining defective

BE: it's exhausting

SE: maintaining defective all this time in its various guises

UE: it's exhausting, it's exhausting, it's exhausting

above.below lips: how much more time I would have if I wasn't constantly maintaining defective

CB:  what would I be able to do and abe able to accomplish if I wasn't maintaining defective?

5 fingers: all that time...all that time and potential opening up for me...all that time

clap wrists: maintaining defective....time to let that one go. 


TH: Lie of my life I'm defective. I heard it, I believed it, I accepted it. 

BE: I wasn't perfect, whole and enough

SE: I was defective

UE: no one would want me

abv/below lips: I had to take what was given

CB: I had to expect less

5 fingers: I've always had to take less

clap wrists: because I am defectve

------insert own story here ---

TH: Even tho when I was ________ this happened_______________________________


and the belief I was left with was ___________________________________________'

BE: I deeply and completely love and accept myself

SE: Love and accept and forgive _______________

UE: it was just the way it was back then

abv/below lips: they may have not even realized what they were doing

CB: but I felt it down to the tips of my toes

5 fingers: ________________________(reiterate the event0

clap wrists: but it was a lie. 


TH: Lie of my Life

BE: I believed it and built my life upon it

SE: 'always something' wrong

UE: never enough

abv/below lips: not good enough

CB: never good enough

5 fingers: lie of my life

clap wrists: based my entire life on it


TH: Lie of my life

BE: I believed it and built my life upon it

SE: 'always something' wrong

UE: it's exhausting keeping up defective

abv/below lips: exhausting x3

5 fingers: exhausting x3

clap wrists: what more I could accomplish if I wasn't focused on this?


Tap: "Lie of my life: defective" x3 at each point


TH: I choose again x9

BE: I change my mind x9

SE: I am the game changer x9

UE: I am Sacred Space x9

abv/below lips: I am as a drop of water in the ocean is to the ocean

5 fingers: I contain ALL of the whole in microcosm

clap wrists: I am The Gift...I am the Gift....I am The Gift...I am God in microcosm, I accept it, I accept it, I accept it. 


TH: this shift happens....safely, gently, kindly and easily...x3

BE:  I have a fundamental right to be Me, and be accepted for being me in all my glory. Happy, hale and healthy. I claim myself as Sacred Space!


* A personal story would be like a friend who had an older brother, and when she wanted to do something he did, her parents would tell her no.  WHen she pressed it and asked "why?" they'd say, "you're the girl".

Another would be a father said to his daughter "you're a good kid. no demand for good kids, but you're a good kid"....a double whammy.  

A third example, is a girl who was adopted at age one, who had a birthmark on her forehead and a gap between her teeth...."but we took you anyway" she was told.

....and those are just the lighter ones, altho no less damning. 



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Author's Bio:

©Pamela Leigh Powers, CCHT, EFT-adv, Reiki Master Teacher, Regenesis Intern, is the author of "Chinese Power Animals - Archetypes of Transformation" relating the Chinese animals to the meridian system.  She lives in Benicia, California, north of San Francisco. email  plp@acumindeft.com and website: www.acumindeft.com




Posted January 20, 2012 08:45 PM

Marvelous- thank you so much. This dovetails perfectly with what I'm working with on many levels! I'm looking forward very much to tapping through this script.


Pamela Powers
Posted January 21, 2012 12:22 AM

Thanks so much for your kind comments, Felicia...it's always good to hear! Pam


Francis Xavier
Posted January 21, 2012 08:59 AM

Dear Pamela, I read your article with interest and although I don't think I've ever thought of myself as defective I was taught as a child that I was a sinner and as such not perfect.
However I seem to have a lot of confidence in myself. Unfortunately it hasn't translated into achieving many of my goals. But I know where the trouble lies and I am currently tapping on the family legacy where it originated.
On the flip side of not feeling adequate or defective I will tell you a story.
Many years ago (early 70's) I was working in a sugar mill in north Queensland Australia. The normal proceed during morning tea break was to sit together at a large bench in the mill. One day one of the tradesmen said to me (right out of the blue). "The trouble with you is that you think you're better than us"
My reply (again out of the blue) was: "I don't think it mate, I know it."
So where did that come from?
As you can imagine there was stunned silence at the table. And to this day I wonder why I answered that way.

Francis P. Xavier


Pamela Powers
Posted January 21, 2012 10:47 AM

Thank you for your comments. Sounds like there is a part of you that never believed what you were taught!


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