The Pleasure Seeker

EFT and the 8 Money Archetypes

By Alina Frank, EFTU and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, EFT CERT-I

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Is your focus on "living life in the present" moment? Are you impulsive in your purchases? Do your debts exceed your assets? Are you a sucker for those options that allow you to buy now and pay later? Does Retail Therapy work for you , at least momentarily? When you have extra money are you likely to blow it on things that aren't exactly necessities? Do you save less than 5% of your income?If this sounds like you, then you probably have the Pleasure Seeker playing around in your finances.

Similar to the #7 on the Enneagram or Caroline Myss's Hedonist, the pursuit of pleasure is almost a compulsion. You finding distractions to avoid emotional pain, and can have a tendency towards addictions. There is nothing wrong with spending money to have fun. The problem arises when it happens in the extreme and there is a general disregard for how some of this type of spending will affect you down the road in the form of the proverbial hangover. Two of the main underlying issues in Pleasure Seekers are depression and anxiety. When these issues aren't addressed then the cycle of spending will cause all kinds of problems including conflict with your spouse and your inability to save enough to live a comfortable retirement.

To find a healthy balance with this archetype, awareness is key. Before you go and spend, use EFT to get to the root of what you really are avoiding by spending. Ask yourself what is happening in your life that you'd rather not feel. What is the underlying stress that hounds you until you spend? With every manifestation tool I have taught I always make sure the participants understand that what they really want isn't the car, toy, new home, a huge cash reserve, but the feelings they evoke. Once you get that, you'll no longer feel the constant need for endless consumption.

KC: Even though I would rather spend money than to feel pain or discomfort , I deeply and completely love and accept myself.Even though I feel that living life for today is most important to me and saving feels fruitless and boring, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.Even though I don't want to look at the pain behind my spending, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Head: When I think of curbing my desires for spending money on things I like
Third Eye: I feel awful
Eyebrow: I want to buy things that make me feel good
Side Eye: Treating myself (and others) is something I really enjoy
Under Eye: Thinking of changing this makes me feel terrible
Under Nose: I don't want to focus on the future
Chin: I am scared to even think about it
Collarbone: Seeking pleasurable experiences and things has always made me feel good
Underarm: But what about the debt, the fights with my spouse, the endless consumption?
Top of Head: That really doesn't make me feel free or good either.
3rd Eye: What if I could have a balance?
Eyebrow: What if I begin to pay closer attention to what drives me to spend in the first place?
Side of Eye: Can it be that the "thing or experience" is not really what I am after?
Under Nose: What if I really want the good feelings I'll get when I get it?
Chin Point: I choose to pay more attention to what those feelings might be
Collarbone: Perhaps I will feel better and better on a more consistent basis when I go for those feelings in other ways
Underarm: As I work on these feelings and tap out the negative ones from making these changes
Top of Head: I will gain fulfilment in knowing that I can budget for my future and feel more at peace.


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Alina Frank EFTU and Matrix REimprinting Seattle Alina Frank is a Matrix Reimprinting and EFTU coach and trainer. She is also the host of Tapping Into Health, Wealth, and Freedom heard on WBLQ in NY, CT, RI and the web. For more information about workshops or sessions please visit http://www.tapyourpower.net


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