The Saver

EFT and the 8 Money Archetypes

By Alina Frank, EFTU and Matrix Trainer, EFT CERT-I

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The Saver

Do you find yourself saving over 20% of your income per year? Do your friends and co-workers refer to you as penny pinching or frugal? Do you spend less than 3% a year on having fun or contributing to charitable organizations? If this sounds like you then you may be a Saver. That's good, right? Aren't we all supposed to be savers? Most Americans would be better off saving more and so would our planet, right? Well, if it impedes on your quality of life, if you find yourself hoarding, or fearful about the future then the answer is no. Savers can be hyperanalytical, future focused, obsessive and stressed. Savers live in fear of the future and feel trapped by thoughts about not having enough to relax and take it easy in order to enjoy their lives right now in the present moment. Many of my clients that have the Saver archetype running their lives have clear memories of one or both parents being critical of wasteful spending. They often have memories of parents being excessively frugal, many having been survivors of the Depression. Tapping on these past memories will allow you to live your life with more joy and peace. Like with all the archetypes, finding balance is the key to being successful and feeling content with the relationship you have with money.

KC: Even though I really can't spend on things that are just fun and feel frivolous, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I am afraid that my hoarding is really about fear of not having enough, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though there is a part of me that really believes that if I save enough I can feel safe and secure, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Head: I'm scared of not having enough down the road
Third Eye: what if I don't have enough for retirement
Eyebrow: and feel stressed out over most purchases
Side Eye: I feel this pressure to always be watching my expenses
Under Eye: I like delayed gratification
Under Nose: and don't feel I can freely spend
Chin: I am scared to relax and let go
Collarbone: But does all this fear help me to live in the moment?
Underarm: How can I live more at peace with my life today?
Top of Head: I can try saving a little each month as a spending account
3rd Eye: I can discover what my true passions are
Eyebrow: I can feel good about spending on worthy causes
Side of Eye: What if I begin to discover who I really am aside from my money
Under Nose: I can start by appreciating who I am and what my money can do today
Chin Point: I choose to connect with people more
Collarbone: that feel they need those things to feel whole
Underarm: I choose to feel more relaxed about my money
Top of Head: I choose to heal from those moments that made me
feel that my money wouldn't last or the times others thought
spending was foolish. I choose to be more conscious about that fear
that prevents me from enjoying all life is offering me right now



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Alina Frank Matrix REimprinting and EFT   trainer and coach. Host of Tapping into Health, Wealth and Freedom on WBLQ NY, RI, CT. www.tapyourpower.net


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