Introducing LiberatingTouch

(Enlightening, Effective, Effortless Freedom Techniques)

By Ranjana Appoo

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LiberatingTouch is the Art of Letting Go for Self Realisation

Nothing in the whole wide world can prevent love blossoming in your heart once you discover that the seed of joy exists and has been planted within you.

The highest Dharma (Responsibility) is the pursuit of Truth, this opens the Heart from which pours the wisdom of Love and Peace.

When we come into our personal power, we also become true to our SELF. Then, we won’t feel the need to control anyone, as the TRUTH need not defend itself.

LiberatingTouch combines the alchemical process of connecting to the Higher Self, developing awareness, practising meditative inquiry, and utilising touch to transform and integrate profound healing.

Knowing the SELF (God Realisation) is the endgame of LiberatingTouch.

LiberatingTouch, is a combination of Ancient wisdom, common sense, the energy healing methods practised by ancient cultures (for eg. Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Ayurveda) as well as the methods of transformative inquiry developed by the ancient mystics and philosophers. Many ancient cultures and shamanic traditions believe that we all have an “energy body” and that energy flows through this body as rivers of vital life force. They believed that when this energy flow is out of balance we experience illness, suffering, pain. By combining this understanding of energy with self inquiry, self investigation and self knowledge we can heal the mind and illuminate the immense power of the Heart.

LiberatingTouch is a dynamic heart centred process that blends EFT with Jin Shin Jyutsu, common sense with explorations in subtle energy, investigations into the way the mind stores suffering and the Transformative Power of Love. LiberatingTouch is a way of undoing suffering, confusion, judgement, pain, fear, lack of confidence, trauma, and the many wounds of the mind so that you can experience and share Truth, Love, Joy, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Compassion and Peace. It has been described as the practical path of Love & Truth (LT).

LiberatingTouch is an art that can help anyone to progressively step into their Truth and discover their innate power to heal themselves in all areas of life, to discover the inborn happiness and to realise the magnificence of the SELF.

Quite simply LiberatingTouch, like classic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) entails tuning into whatever is creating disharmony or distress in your life, getting to the core of it through awareness and inquiry while at the same time stimulating various locations on the face, chest and fingers thus balancing the body’s energetic field and healing mental and emotional resistance, blocks and suffering. LiberatingTouch has the additional components of Connecting to the Higher Self, Touch with Awareness, Breath Awareness, Meditative Inquiry, Intuitive Listening, Story Telling, Understanding Dreams and Metaphors, Sketching, Music, Movement, Creative Visualisation, Eastern Philosophy, and experiential knowledge of the forces that shape us.

Below is a LiberatingTouch® Sequence for Experiencing Freedom in the present moment

1.      Pay attention and investigate, “what am I attached* to in this moment?” What am I holding on to? Clinging to? Feeling needy about? What is upsetting / affecting me? What am I resisting/ avoiding/ in conflict about?

*In this context an attachment is anything that is causing stress (suffering) in your life

This step is for meeting whatever is troubling you. Rub your chest area (Tender area) gently, while articulating all that you feel attached to at the moment...and then firmly touch all the energy balancing locations (illustrated) while tuning into the related the body-mind sensations. For example: This turmoil about my finances, annoyance with my parents, shame about my weight, guilt, sadness about my addiction, worry about my children - feels like a mental fog,  discomfort in my tummy,  this pain, this frustrations, this irritation, constriction in my chest.

2.      Creating Space (Detachment) around this energy, this experience

Touch the energy balancing locations while repeating the following phrases and feel free to play with these, until you feel you are detached from the issue. You may need to do this a few times, receive deep insights and you will know when this step is complete as your breath will deepen and you will feel a sense of calm. To get the most benefit in this step use the Infinity exercise as well.

Rub your chest area (Tender area) gently while saying, this energy, this experience of________, I allow myself space to breathe and simply BE with this now, I allow myself space to breathe and notice my reactions to this attachment. I give myself some space to breathe. I allow some space for clarity and understanding. Then while touching the other points you can repeat the following: This energy, this experience, the origins of this, space to breathe, to simply Be, allowing detachment, allowing awareness, allowing truth, calmly observing, meeting all my feelings and thoughts about this with compassion, creating space for release and clarity.

3.      Willingness and Allowing Completion and Integration

What would happen if I was willing to experience this? What would happen if i allowed this experience to complete? How can I realign with the Higher Self (Presence) to understand and transform this story?

Rub your chest area (Tender area) gently, while articulating, “What if this experience is temporary, what if i can in this moment open myself to this experience? What if I do not have to fix or change this? What if I can simply breathe and open my heart to this? What if I could see this experience through the eyes of the Higher Self? What if I allowed myself to be present to this experience without pushing away or being drawn into it? What if I could be in the centre of this and be open with all my heart? What if I let go all resistance and embrace all my fears with compassion?”

Then hold the areas illustrated while repeating, “I align my vibration with the Higher Self, I accept all my resistance, confusion, disappointment, fears and limitations, I release these to the best of my ability now, I relinquish my fears to the Higher Self, I am willing to allow myself to experience this energy, I am open to the infinite possibilities of Truth. Let this experience, energy complete now. I allow completion, understanding and integration.

4.      Open to BEing Love, Truth, Freedom

Rub your chest area (Tender area) gently, while repeating, I am open to BEing, open to freedom, open to Love, open to Truth, Let this body-mind be flooded with the vibration of light.

·        Hold the little finger, inhale and exhale, and repeat, Letting go of the weight of all my effort, allowing all possibilities now, Allowing Effortless Transformation

·        Hold the ring finger, inhale and exhale, and repeat, Letting go of the deep sadness, releasing tension, stress and body-mind constriction with my breath

·        Hold the middle finger, inhale and exhale, and repeat, Letting go of anger and frustration, opening to deep peace now

·        Hold the Index finger, inhale and exhale, and repeat, Letting go of my many fears, healing the mind and releasing the power of a creative and courageous Heart

·        Hold the thumb, inhale and exhale, and repeat, Letting go of anxiety and stress, I am open to new and unexpected insights and inspired action

Place your fingers in the centre of the palm and once more become aware of your breath, and repeat 3 times, Open to BEing Love, Truth, Freedom, so it is, it is so


Check in, how are you feeling now? You can do this as many times as you want to experience a deep level of detachment, inner connection, possibility and profound love. The aim of this is to develop contentment and constant integrated awareness.



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Author's Bio:

RanjanaRanjana is an inspired and sensitive wholistic health professional. She is a LiberatingTouch®, EFT and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator. She is also an AAMET Trainer of Trainers, Artist and Health Researcher. She has devoted her life to experiencing and sharing peace, delight, beauty and harmony. She has travelled extensively and lectured in Fine Arts. Ranjana also succeeded in overcoming chronic health challenges and so dedicated herself since 1995 to the study of nutrition, complementary therapies and holistic health research. She compiles a free quarterly newsletter to share valuable health information. She is dedicated to the journey of Self-Realisation and meeting all of life with openness and love. She continues to paint and write.


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